God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 21 Recap

The second master of the Qin family was worried about whether Qin Zhi and Qin Yao were doing well in the military camp, and Qin Wentian where he was. Although the Qin family had already raised troops, many people in the Qin family had no news of many obstacles, saying that sooner or later the Qin family would get back this round.

Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei came to see Qin Yao secretly. Yi Wuwei went out to check the wind and asked her where Qin Zhi was and how she would become the daughter of Prince Xiao Lu. Qin Yao wanted to say that Qin Zhi should have come with her, but Xiao Lu said that there were so many people in the palace that he stayed in the inn. As for why she became Xiao Lu’s female family, let Qin Wentian not bother and let him stay on the nines. Huaneng cultivates to avoid the limelight.

She also said that Prince Xiao Lu treated her very well, and she also promised that if Xiao Lu helped him rescue his father and grandfather, she would marry away and go to Xueyun Country. Yi Wuwei heard it and came in, saying that she could not marry him, and Qin Yao asked Qin Wentian to go out first. He said to Yi Wuwei that they were inappropriate and rejected him. Said that she was responsible for Yi Wuwei, and left after speaking.

Yi Tianjiao said to Yi Heng that Ye Wuque had determined that the two entourages around Mo Qingcheng were Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei. Yi Heng asked him to deal with Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei on the hunting ground tomorrow, eradicating them together, Yitian Jiao said that the matter of the hunting ground is best handled by Luo Qianqiu. But Yi Heng said that Luo Qianqiu was a member of Xueyun Kingdom after all, and that Prince Xiao Lu was very ambitious, and asked him to beware of Luo Qianqiu. But because of Mo Qingcheng Yiheng still handed the matter to Luo Qianqiu.

Bai Qiuxue knew that Ye Wuque had discovered Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei and wanted to report the letter, but Ye Wuque threatened her that if you dare to disclose this, she and her father would be in danger.

Yi Wuwei told Qin Wentian that he heard Yi Tianjiao say that his foster father and grandfather were locked up in Heibao Prison. The two plan to do it tomorrow. Mo Qingcheng came and said that Yi Heng planned to marry Princess Yiling to Xiao law. Qin Wentian wanted to tell Qin Yao about this, but Mo Qingcheng stopped. Had to tell Qin Yao during the hunt tomorrow.

Xiao Lu told Qin Yao that he promised to marry Yi Guo only as a stopgap measure, and said he was sincere.

Mo Qingcheng found that Ou Chen and Ye Wuque acted a bit strange yesterday and asked them to be careful. Ou Chen came over to ask Mo Qingcheng to go hunting, and said that an assassin had broken in, so he wanted to come in and check, but Mo Qingcheng said that no one had broken in and stopped him. After Ou Chen left, Mo Qingcheng said that he felt that they had all been discovered, and asked everyone to be careful.

Ye Wuque used the pretence of many beasts around the Black Fort to protect Qin Yao. The hunting began, Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian, Yi Wuwei did not catch up with them. Yi Heng knew that Ye Wuque took Qin Yao to Heibao Prison, and Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei also followed Mo Qingcheng in and out.

Qin Wentian and the others planned to meet Qin Yao first, but they ran into a monster on the road. Mo Qingcheng asked Yi Wuwei to find Qin Yao first, and they arrived later. After the fight, Qin Wentian was slightly injured, and Qin Wentian suspected that the royal family wanted to kill Yi Wuwei.

Ye Wuque, Bai Qiuxue and Qin Yao also met the monster. Ye Wuque wanted Qin Yao to die at the hands of the monster and left by himself. Bai Qiuxue wanted to save her, but was stopped by Ye Wuque. Qin Yao was attacked by the monster, but fortunately he was rescued by Yi Wuwei. In order to prevent Xiao Lu from discovering their plan, Yi Heng asked Xiao Lu to see him.

When Ye Wuque was about to do something against Qin Wentian, the ghost wolf stopped him, saying that Qin Wentian still had something the holy monarch wanted but he hadn’t taken out, and he could not die yet, and warned Ye Wuque not to do something against Qin Wentian.

Separated from Ye Wuque, Bai Qiuxue was going to go back to rescue Qin Yao, but met a monster. When she met Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng, Mo Qingcheng rescued Bai Qiuxue. At this time, Ye Wuque also came, and Qin Wentian asked Mo Qingcheng. Go first. After the two of them fought, Bai Qiuxue and Qin Wentian took the opportunity to escape. Ye Wuque wanted to chase them, but champion Hou asked him to go back quickly, so they stopped chasing them.

Mo Qingcheng came to the gate of Heibao Prison and found many guards.

When Xiao Lu was discussing with Yi Heng, he said that he had something to do with Qin Yao, and Yi Heng asked him to go to the hunting ground to find Qin Yao.

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