Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 10 Plot

His wife and daughter died tragically, and the frustrated Zhang Haifeng resigned. He wanted to tell others that he had lost Qiao Xin and Duo Duo more than once, but every time God gave him a chance, he couldn’t grasp it. Zhang Haifeng is no longer interested in knowing where he is wrong. If this is destiny, then only accept such destiny.

After the funeral, Zhang Haifeng went straight to the Oumo Flower Shop. At this moment, he no longer thinks about any evidence, Zhao Binbin always goes to Oumo to buy flowers, it must have something to do with the boss. Zhang Haifeng simply took out the picture of the murderer directly in front of Sun Xiaomeng, Zhao Binbin. Sun Xiaomeng pretends to be calm, asking three questions. Zhang Haifeng doesn’t matter. As a father and husband, as long as he is determined, he can avenge his wife. As long as Sun Xiaomeng has a message, he will wait for Zhao Binbin to appear in the old house tonight.

Unexpectedly, the person who came in the middle of the night was not Zhao Binbin, but Liu Yuqi. Zhang Haifeng knew in his heart that Liu Yuqi was afraid of involving Sun Xiaomeng. It’s like seeing Zhao Binbin in a gallery, but still lying to the police, so that Sun Xiaomeng will not be implicated. Liu Yuqi’s requirements are not high, Zhang Haifeng can catch Zhao Binbin anytime after tonight.

If Zhang Haifeng agreed to give him one night, Liu Yuqi could only give him a secret, why Zhao Binbin must kill him. Zhang Haifeng may never think of this reason. It is not Zhao Binbin who wants to kill him, but Sun Xiaomeng. Both Liu Yuqi and Zhao Binbin are protecting Sun Xiaomeng, but using different methods.

After successfully persuading Zhang Haifeng, Liu Yuqi did not stay in the old house and continued to wait for Zhao Binbin’s arrival. He drove back to Luteng City and called Uncle Jiang to book two tickets immediately. He and Sun Xiaomeng want to leave Luteng City as soon as possible, and something big will happen soon.

At this time, Zhao Min also found a clue. In a theft case in a chemical plant that year, the quality inspector Sun Chen stole the cash from the safe in the factory director’s office to raise money for his seriously ill daughter Sun Xiaomeng. During the interrogation, Sun Chen repeatedly claimed that it was the money lent to him by the factory manager Li Lan, not the money in the safe. All kinds of signs indicate that it was Li Lan’s guard who stole himself and blamed Sun Chen. However, only Sun Chen’s fingerprints were on the safe key.

When the police arrived, the safe door opened wide, and Sun Chen was still convicted. After being released from prison, Sun Chen died in a car accident in 2005 and Sun Xiaomeng was sent to the orphanage. Zhao Binbin and Sun Xiaomeng grew up in the same orphanage, but the old principal said nothing. Zhao Min suspects that someone has concealed the truth. No one else can do it except Liu Yuqi, who has hands and eyes open to the sky.

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