Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 9 Plot

Because his father took drugs, Zhao Binbin became a punching bag every time he was addicted to drugs. Good friend Sun Xiaomeng sees it and feels pain in her heart. But except to wipe the blood from his face, there was nothing else to do, only to comfort him again and again. Because the two have been together in the orphanage, the relationship is extraordinary. But Zhao Binbin deliberately hid this experience, until one day, someone sent a group photo of the orphanage to the hospital.

When Zhao Binbin saw the photo, he rushed to the gate and saw Liu Yuqi as expected. Liu Yuqi had long hoped to have such an opportunity to have a good chat, and had many questions to ask. But Zhao Binbin is different, except for Sun Xiaomeng, he is not interested in other people’s lives. In his life, his greatest wish is that Sun Xiaomeng can live an ordinary life, even if he is no longer in Sun Xiaomeng’s memory. For this reason, Zhao Binbin warned Liu Yuqi not to go his own way anymore, and it is better not to figure out some things.

In order to take care of his daughter these days, Zhang Haifeng relaxed his investigation of Zhao Binbin, and missed the meeting between Liu Yuqi and Zhao Binbin. His wife Qiao Xin is still lukewarm, and her daughter has just given birth to some good feelings, but now it is gone. It was one night on the hospital bench, and Zhao Min called early in the morning. With guilt, Zhang Haifeng rushed back to the police station.

The autopsy results have come out. The bones found in the old house are indeed Zhao Binbin’s father Zhao Lei, who died 4 years ago. There is no major trauma on the surface of the body, but it can be seen that Zhao Lei had a long history of drug abuse. Zhao Lei used to be a sales clerk in a state-owned commercial bank, and has not worked since he was laid off. His wife died young, and neither of the couple had anything to do with the chemical plant.

Records show that Zhao Binbin is an orphan adopted by Zhao Lei from the orphanage. Zhang Haifeng and Zhao Min immediately went to the orphanage to find out the situation. From the old principal, they learned that Zhao Binbin was an abandoned baby. He was abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage when he was a few months old, so there was no contact information for his biological parents.

The orphanage didn’t get any useful information, and Zhao Binbin’s idea of ​​killing related personnel in the chemical plant for his parents’ justice was difficult to establish. The police turned their heads to investigate Liu Yuqi, an entrepreneur with deep roots in Luteng City, but he has always kept a low profile. It doesn’t look like the kind of person who does bad things to make money.

Zhang Haifeng felt a headache. Two years later, in 2019, it was indeed Zhao Binbin who killed him, but now he can’t find any clues. In fact, it was Liu Yuqi who made the trick. Liu Yuqi went to the orphanage first and found that Sun Xiaomeng and Zhao Binbin were good friends in the orphanage. As a donor, he asked the principal not to disclose the relationship between Sun Xiaomeng and Zhao Binbin to others. Naturally, the old principal would not mention this to the police.

Zhang Haifeng wanted to find out the cause of Zhao Lei’s death. Zhao Binbin, who was standing opposite him, certainly understood what he meant. Zhao Binbin still smiled faintly, neither admitting nor denying it. Zhang Haifeng asked a more direct question, why must he kill himself before he would give up. Zhao Binbin was taken aback, then returned to a smiling face. After kindly reminding Zhang Haifeng to take an umbrella when he went out tomorrow, he went back to the outpatient hall.

The next day was when Duoduo was discharged from the hospital, one day earlier than originally planned. It was drizzling and there was a car accident at the exit of the hospital. Zhang Haifeng’s car was crowded in the convoy and moved slowly forward. Suddenly, a dumping bucket on the side of the road fell, and the rain that had accumulated overnight hit Zhang Haifeng’s car. The weight of tons crushed the roof of the car, and the people in the car were killed instantly. Zhang Haifeng, who temporarily went to the nurse’s desk to fetch the pictures that were left behind, ran out of the inpatient building and saw the horror in front of him.

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