Man in a Veil – 비밀의 남자

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This drama tells the story of a man with seven-year-old intelligence after an accident, the love and desires of two women surrounding him, and those facing dreamlike miracles on the thresholds of death.

Lee Tae Poong (Kang Eun Tak) has the intelligence level of a seven year old after an accident. Meanwhile, Han Yoo Jung (Uhm Hyun Kyung) is a person with a happy personality that dreams of becoming an announcer. But because her is family is poor she has to let go of her dream and start working to provide for her family. She also deals with the guilt from her twin sisters wrongdoings.

After a childhood accident, Tae Poong’s development is stunted. He’s caught between two sisters, warm-hearted Yu Jung who waits for Tae Poong, and Yu Ra, Yu Jung’s twin sister who is completely different from her and uses Tae Poong for her own desires. This drama follows the intriguing story of a man navigating the challenges of love, life, and the occasional miracle.

Man in a Veil – 비밀의 남자
Also known as: Other name: Bimilui Namja, A Secret Man, bimileui namja, The Secret Man, Man Behind Secret
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Director(s): Shin Chang Suk
Writer(s): Lee Jung Dae
Country: South Korea
Episode(s): 100
Broadcast: KBS2
Release: Sep 7, 2020 – Jan 22, 2021
Starring: Kang Eun Tak, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Lee Chae Young, Lee Shi Kang, Eru

Categories: Korean Drama, TV Series

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