Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 8 Plot

Zhao Min and He Shengjie made a special trip to visit Liu Yuqi’s company, while Zhang Haifeng went to the Oumo flower shop, thinking that his daughter bought flowers in the name of contacting Sun Xiaomeng. From their separate statements, they confirm each other. Basically sure, the two went to the University City Studios to watch a movie on the evening of May 8.

But Liu Yuqi left the cinema in front of his house not going to the university town, and never gave a reasonable reason. Zhang Haifeng also discovered that when he mentioned Zhao Binbin, Sun Xiaomeng showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, and then denied knowing Zhao Binbin.

Although he didn’t ask for any clues, He Shengjie noticed that the ticket purchase record provided by Liu Yuqi was exactly the same as that of Zhao Binbin in the theater and seats. Only the time was different. Liu Yuqi was one time earlier than Zhao Binbin. Zhao Min felt that Liu Yuqi was lying, and after contacting Zhang Haifeng, he did not come to a reliable conclusion. Du Chaoyang has awakened after the rescue, because the murderer was wearing a mask and could not recognize his appearance. It can be said that the clue was interrupted.

At this time, the bureau called and a corpse was dug up from the old house. Zhao Min and He Shengjie went to the University Town Studios to learn more, and Zhang Haifeng turned around and headed to the old house. The body has been buried for many years and has become dead bones. Zhang Haifeng glanced at the bones, then looked around. Zhao Binbin’s old house is opposite, and the bright flowers on the windowsill are obviously just changed.

Zhang Haifeng walked into the old house and chatted with the neighbors of Zhao Binbin and his family. The old people still remember the Zhao family of three, his wife died early, and her husband Zhao Lei and his son depended on each other. Seven or eight years ago, Zhao Lei suddenly disappeared, and Zhao Binbin said that his father went out to work. Since then, no one has seen Zhao Lei again. Zhao Binbin also went to his father afterwards, and he didn’t miss it. In the neighbor’s impression, Zhao Lei hadn’t worked much since the family moved in, and seemed to be out of touch with the chemical plant.

Zhang Haifeng was a little disappointed. Just when he wanted to leave, he heard someone knocking on the window. Looking up, it was Zhao Binbin. Zhao Binbin could not see the slightest tension on his face, so he generously invited Zhang Haifeng into the room and took out his father’s dental treatment record, without worrying that the bone outside was what his father meant. Zhang Haifeng gave the medical record to his colleague at the scene of the investigation office, and he had to rush back to accompany his daughter to the exhibition.

Because of work, Zhang Haifeng missed the charity art exhibition that his daughter was participating in. When he arrived at the exhibition venue, he received a call from Qiao Xin and Duoduo passed out and was in the emergency room of the hospital. When he arrived in the ward, Duo Duo was out of danger.

Qiao Xin called Zhang Haifeng outside the ward and pointed to the child in the other ward. That child was Xiao Liang, a brain tumor patient, and a good friend of Duo Duo in Qizhi class. Because nurses often tell Xiao Liang to take medicine obediently, mom and dad will come to see him. So Xiao Liang gave the medicine to Duo Duo, hoping Duo Duo’s father would come back to accompany Duo Duo.

Qiao Xin didn’t blame Xiao Liang, she blamed Zhang Haifeng. The divorce thought that had just been put down rose again, and Zhang Haifeng was speechless.

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