Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 7 Plot

Fu Jiliang and Li Lan have intersections, and this has been confirmed. While protecting Li Lan, the careful Zhao Min found an unremarkable paper crane mark on her license plate. It is unknown who painted it. Similarly, the same mark was found on Fu Jiliang’s teaching materials. Zhang Haifeng analyzed that the murderer intentionally left a mark after stepping on it, which should have a certain meaning.

Zhang Haifeng, Zhao Min and He Shengjie went to the chemical plant to investigate. The factory has been suspended for many years and has basically become a wasteland. A person suddenly appeared in the deserted factory building with a deformed appearance, which shocked the three of them. When the man saw an outsider, he ran away. Zhang Haifeng and the three people followed behind and came to a farmhouse. Before Zhang Haifeng could speak, the aunt in the house drove the three people out of the yard without saying a word.

After knocking on the door for a long time to explain her intention, the aunt opened the door cautiously. Speaking of chemical plants, the aunt is bitter. A few years ago, the fields no longer grew seedlings. People from the county have seen it and said that governance will take many years. Many people have left the village to go out to work. The aunt’s son has been ill since he was a child and cannot do without people, so he had to stay. Later, the chemical plant closed down somehow, and no one knew the reason.

Zhao Min took out Fu Jiliang’s photo, and the aunt had no impression. Zhang Haifeng noticed that there was an old newspaper on the wall with a report about pollution from a chemical plant, so he asked Zhao Min to take it with his mobile phone. Zhang Haifeng asked if there was anyone surnamed Zhao in the village. The aunt thought for a while, and indeed there is no family surnamed Zhao.

Back at the factory, Zhao Min read the report again. Among them, it is said that the clinical reagents produced by chemical plants are substandard, and deliberately low cost to occupy the market. As an accountant in the factory, Fu Jiliang must know about it, and Changning Trading Company is responsible for the sales. Since the production is substandard, it is likely to cause chemical pollution. After much deliberation, Zhao Min felt that the murderer should be the victim of factory pollution. The problem is that Zhao Binbin, the biggest suspect in Zhang Haifeng’s mind, is not related to this matter.

At this time, He Shengjie found out that Du Chaoyang, the legal representative of Changning Trading Company, operated a gallery in the city. Zhang Haifeng asked people to go to protect immediately, maybe Du Chaoyang was the next target. When the police arrived, they only saw Liu Yuqi. The owner, Du Chaoyang, was stabbed in a coma in the next room, and he naturally became a suspect. Uncle Jiang, Liu Yuqi’s driver, didn’t dare to neglect, so he quickly called Sun Xiaomeng to find a way together.

In the interrogation room, Liu Yuqi did not hurriedly tell the story. Du Chaoyang intends to transfer the gallery and has made appointments several times. Liu Yuqi was free today, came to the gallery, and signed the transfer contract. When I was about to leave, I found that the Rubik’s Cube that I was always playing with was in the gallery halfway through, so I asked Uncle Jiang to return to the car first, and he came back to look for it by himself, and then the police rushed in.

Zhang Haifeng mentioned Zhao Binbin’s name abruptly. Liu Yuqi scratched his eyebrows, seemingly casual, but Zhang Haifeng knew that he was hiding his inner anxiety. The more casually he denied it, the more proof he knew Zhao Binbin.

The chat records on Liu Yuqi’s cell phone proved that Du Chaoyang made an appointment with Liu Yuqi. Gallery surveillance also showed Liu Yuqi and the driver entering and exiting, as well as pictures of Du Chaoyang being assassinated. In the picture, Du Chaoyang yelled in one direction. He was instructed by Li Lan and asked if he was from the village before he was stabbed in the abdomen and fell to the ground. It can be seen that Du Chaoyang did not know the murderer, and Liu Yuqi’s suspicion was eliminated. The strange thing is that when Liu Yuqi entered the gallery for the second time, how could he not see the murderer, or even hear anything. Various doubts indicate that Liu Yuqi may know the murderer.

Zhang Haifeng felt that he couldn’t ask Liu Yuqi again, so it was better to put it back and investigate slowly. At exactly this time, Sun Xiaomeng came to the bureau as a family member. As soon as he saw Sun Xiaomeng, Zhang Haifeng remembered that Liu Yuqi and Sun Xiaomeng were also in the studio on the night that Fu Jiliang was killed. This seems too coincidental. And where Du Chaoyang was assassinated, there were also embers from burning paper cranes. It seems that the murderer was inextricably linked to the chemical plant pollution incident.

In the evening, Zhao Binbin returned to his home where he never lived and replaced the flower pots on the windowsill with the flowers he had just bought from the flower shop. No one knows how much hope this pot of flowers can bring to him. In the gallery during the day, Liu Yuqi ran into him. However, the police are late, and it can be seen that Liu Yuqi did not reveal a word.

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