Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 6 Plot

The video on the phone is only a back view, and he is wearing a windbreaker, and he can’t even see his figure. Zhao Binbin returned the phone to Zhang Haifeng, willing to repeat the plot in detail to prove that he had not left during the movie. Zhang Haifeng had nothing to do with the cunning opponent in front of him. At this time, Zhao Min opened the door of the interrogation room and called him out.

The driving record of the commercial vehicle has been obtained, and there is a frontal image of the windbreaker passing by, not Zhao Binbin. Zhang Haifeng couldn’t figure out how Zhao Binbin went from the studio to Luteng University without being discovered. At present, Zhao Min can only be asked to send someone to protect Li Lan secretly to prevent accidents. Zhao Min increasingly did not understand Team Zhang’s thinking in handling the case. First, he wanted to investigate Zhao Binbin for no reason, and then he wanted to protect Li Lan who was unrelated. Between Zhao Binbin, Fu Jiliang and Li Lan, there is no clue to follow.

There is indeed no evidence to prove that Zhao Binbin was a vicious murderer, so he had to sign the transcript and leave. Zhao Binbin also wanted to ask Zhang Haifeng if there was any misunderstanding between the two before saving Duoduo. Zhang Haifeng couldn’t answer this question, and he didn’t want to answer it. Before Zhao Binbin left, he left a very meaningful sentence. There are some things that I don’t understand, so it’s better to just let it go. There seems to be something in the words, but it doesn’t explain much.

Zhao Min continued to conduct in-depth investigations on Li Lan and found out that he was 53 years old, a local, and started as a chemical factory. Later, because of too much pollution, he changed to import and export trade and currently runs a food trading company. Some time ago, the person who claimed for trouble in Zhongshan Square was related to the pollution of Li Lanyuan Chemical Plant. Zhao Min wanted to use this as a breakthrough to check whether Li Lan had any other illegal acts. However, Zhang Haifeng wanted to focus the investigation on the relationship between Li Lan and Fu Jiliang, bringing these two unrelated people together. Zhao Min really didn’t understand what Zhang team wanted to do.

Zhao Min still intends to investigate the case according to his own ideas, so he and He Shengjie go to Lei Qiang, the leader of the disturbance that day. Lei Qiang’s evaluation of Li Lan was extremely poor. He and many people in the village suffered from various strange diseases because of the pollution of Li Lan’s chemical plant. Not only did Li Lan not admit the claim, he also called for a thug.

Zhao Min took out the picture of Fu Jiliang, and Lei Qiang recognized at a glance that it was an accountant in the former chemical plant. Zhao Min blinked. He didn’t expect Team Zhang to be so fascinated, even this was expected. Fu Jiliang is an external accountant at the chemical plant. He used to enter and leave the plant with another person. Lei Qiang couldn’t remember another person’s name because of the age.

And this time, by the river bank, Zhao Binbin agreed to meet Liu Yuqi, the boyfriend of the goddess Sun Xiaomeng in his heart. Liu Yuqi, who is in charge of Ruoda’s group company, seems to be considerate to Sun Xiaomeng, the owner of the flower shop, but behind his back is a prodigal swinger. He knew that Zhao Binbin often went to the flower shop and sent someone to investigate. Calling Zhao Binbin tonight, he accidentally showed the engagement ring on his finger. Zhao Binbin was not angry, but sneered. He knew exactly what Liu Yuqi was doing. Liu Yuqi also knew that what he was doing was accompanied by danger, but he didn’t care.

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