Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 44 End Plot

The housekeeper took out the application form Huang Zili gave to the embassy. Campbell learned from the embassy that his son Edward also had a son. They took Mumu’s hair samples and compared Edward’s hair samples in advance. Zili insisted on letting Edward come to the negotiation, but the butler was hesitant to speak, seemingly unspeakable, she reminded Huang Zili to think about it, and then took Campbell away first.

In dialects, Huang Zili Hemumu, when I met Campbell and the housekeeper at the door, I learned the whole story from Huang Zili in detail. Huang Zili worried that Campbell would forcibly take Mumu away because his hukou book did not specify his harmonious relationship. , Dialect advised him to relax, the law will protect their father-son relationship.

The butler came again and brought a huge amount of cash and a small bag of diamonds as compensation. Huang Zili did not let go. The butler gave in again and promised Huang Zili to go to Europe with Mumu and let him work in Campbell Company. Huang Zili still disagreed, butler Huang Zili still refuses to go to the law for anger. Immediately afterwards, Campbell went to the embassy, ​​district, city and neighborhood committee staff to persuade Huang Zili. Finally, Dean Li was used. They went to the house to persuade Huang Zili to hand Mumu to Campbell, but they all failed. And back.

The dialect persuades Huang Zili to have a good talk with Campbell. If they really resort to the law to fight for custody, Huang Zili will not be able to win. Mumu does not want to go with his grandpa, but only wants to be with Huang Zili.

After get off work, the dialect and Huang Zili met Mumu from school, and then went to eat. Campbell had been chasing after him in the car. He was very moved by seeing Huang Zili and his dialect as a family. That night, Campbell came to his house alone to wait for Huang Zili, and sincerely apologized to him. Campbell claimed that he had not eaten dinner yet and invited Huang Zili to eat with him. Huang Zili took him to the Suzhou-style small restaurant. Campbell thanked him. Huang Zili raised Mumu, he poured himself and drank a lot of alcohol in one breath.

Huang Zili wondered why Edward didn’t come to find his son. Campbell had to admit that Edward had passed away seven years ago. He rebelled since he was a child and gave up inheriting the family business and chose to study medicine. However, he died unexpectedly in an avalanche during an international rescue. Qing was also hospitalized in the accident. Campbell only recently learned from the embassy that Huang Zili was looking for Mumu’s biological father.

Only then did he know that Edward had married Zhong Qing and had children. Campbell became more and more excited when he talked about it, and finally burst into tears. He pleaded with Huang Zili. Understanding the heart of an old man who has lost his son, and returning Mumu to him, Huang Zili does not want to be separated from him. Campbell wants to ask Mumu for advice.

Early the next morning, when Huang Zili got up, he heard Campbell Hemu happily chatting. Only then did he know that Campbell sent him back to Mumu who was drunk last night and bought a lot of toys for Mumu. Huang Zili saw Mumu and Campbell having fun. Very happy, with mixed feelings in my heart, I immediately decided to pick up Mumu at the same time after school this afternoon, whoever Mumu is willing to go with, the other person must give up.

When school soon arrived, Campbell came to the school gate early, and Huang Zili rushed there. The two of them stood at the door together. Mumu ran to Huang Zili without hesitation, shouting “Dad” in his mouth. Campbell was not reconciled. He took out a Transformer from the car to Mumu, and invited him to get more Transformers in the car. Campbell took out the wedding photos of Zhong Qing and Edward and told Mumu the story of his parents and the history of the Campbell family.

Campbell tried to persuade Mumu to go to Europe with him. Mumu just wanted to be with Huang Zili. He resolutely got out of the car and ran directly to Huang Zili. Campbell watched Mumu leave with Huang Zili, and couldn’t tell. Sorrow and grief. Huang Zili and dialect brought Mumu home, and found Zhong Qing and Edward’s wedding photos in Mumu’s pocket. They were relatively speechless.

Huang Zili talked in harmony early in the morning, and wanted him to follow Campbell to Europe and receive a better education. Mumu just wanted to be with him. At this moment, Campbell visited, and Huang Zili promised to return Mumu to Campbell. Mumu resolutely refused to do so. Campbell came up with a solution that had the best of both worlds. He wanted to stay in China and find a good partner. He doesn’t need to be separated from Huang Zili, he can often see Mumu, and Huang Zili can’t ask for it.

Campbell offered to send Mumu to school. Mumu opened his schoolbag. Campbell saw that there was a herding flute inside. He learned that Huang Zili’s father Huang Hanmin had given him it. Mumu wanted to go to Guizhou to find Huang Hanmin to learn how to play the flute. Campbell I also want to go with him. Dialect drove Huang Zili to work, and even arranged his suit and tie personally to make him feel refreshed to work. Wang Junyi went out and saw Huang Zili. He jokes that he is Xiaoqiang who can’t kill him. He also urged Huang Zili to marry the dialect home as soon as possible. Before Huang Zili could speak, the dialect agreed.

Dialect suddenly received an urgent task, and she hurriedly bid farewell to Huang Zili. Huang Zili took out the customized diamond ring, regretting not giving it to the dialect earlier, so she had to take a photo and send it to the dialect, use voice message to propose to her, and explain this customized diamond ring It can only be given to one person in a lifetime.

The end

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