God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 15 Recap

Ye Mo and Demon Wolf meet, the cooperation between Demon Wolf and the Ye Family will continue, and the Dark Night Race is also to make their victory fruits come earlier. After speaking, he left, but let the blood wolf stay. Ye Mo felt that the blood wolf was sent by the demon wolf to stare at him, and wanted to make Wuwei beware of the blood wolf.

After Mo Qingcheng returned to Jiuhua Gate, he learned from Fan Lekou that Qin Wentian had left the Jiuhua Gate, so he ran toask Yi Wuwei where QinWentian had gone, and Yi Wuwei told Mo Qingcheng that something went wrong with the Qin family, Chi Millingtian When the wall collapsed, Yi Heng suspected that Qin’s family was full of private pockets. Qin Wentian’s foster father and grandfather have been detained by Yi Heng, and at the same time he sent Ye Jiajun to destroy the Qin Family in Tianyong City. Mo Qingcheng said that it was impossible for the Qin family to betray the Kingdom of Dayi, so he went to Tianyong City.

Excuse me, Tianwu Xiuluo and Ye Jiajun came after them and almost caught them. Fortunately, Feng Ping rushed to Qin Wentian in time.

Fan Le looked for Centella asiatica, Ruo Huan found the ghost wolf, but was defeated by the ghost wolf. Fortunately, Fan Le came to rescue Ruo Huan in time. Tell Fanle that his master said that killing the constellation elders and setting the lock breath should be the same dark night clan member. When fighting, he paid attention to his moves and exercises. It was indeed a bit different. He was going to the master to report the matter and let him Fan Le went back to rest first.

Ye Mo received a letter from Ye Wuque and learned that Ye Lang had unfortunately died in a fight with Qin Wentian while encircling the Qin family. The angry Ye Mo asked the blood wolf to take people to Tianyong City to assist Ye Wuque. He must kill Qin Wentian and avenge Ye Lang. He also sent someone to the Royal Academy and asked Ye Zhan, the second son of the Ye family, to transfer back.

Mo Qingcheng came to the Qin Mansion and was shocked to see Qin Mansion’s corpses everywhere. After Feng Ping rescued Qin Wentian and healed her, Mo Qingcheng found and gave Qin Wentian medicine. Feng Ping went to help Qin Wentian find some food, and asked Mo Qingcheng to take care of Qin Wentian.

Ye Mo reported Qin Wentian’s killing of Ye Lang to the regent. The regent asked the regent to sprinkle the sea arrest documents, and none of the Qin family could let go, especially Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian wanted to find Elder Mu Qing for revenge, Mo Qingcheng said that he accompanied Qin Wentian to find Mu Qing for revenge, and Feng Ping went with him. The three arrived at the Galaxy Guild and found that there were many Ye Jiajun guarding the Galaxy Guild. Feng Ping said that he knew a secret tunnel leading to the Galaxy Guild. The three people reached the Refining Hall of the Galaxy Guild through the secret tunnel. After reaching the Galaxy Guild, they found that the Galaxy Guild was already empty. Feng Ping said that Guan Yue and Mu Qing had long wanted to seek refuge in the Ye family, and they might have taken the people from the Galaxy Guild to Ye Home barracks. Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian decided to blow up the Galaxy Guild.

Ye Wuque took Ye Family’s Heart Rescue Pill, and his injuries were no longer serious. Mu Qing said to Ye Wuque that he would rate all the disciples of the Galaxy Guild and Tianyong City to obey Ye Wuque’s instructions. Ye Wuqueque went to see the disciples of the Galaxy Guild. There was a loud noise at this time, and it was learned that the Galaxy Guild had an accident. When Mu Qing returned to the Galaxy Guild, he found that there was nothing left that had been bombed. Mu Qing learned that Qin Wentian and Feng Ping Mo Qingcheng had done this. Mu Qing vowed to kill Qin Wentian and Feng Ping, and Ye Wuque sent someone to chase the three of them.

Under Wu Xiulao’s pursuit, the three separated, and the three agreed to meet at the Shenbing Pavilion. At Qin Yao’s request, Yi Wuwei rescued the enchantment. With the help of Lord Yang, the three arrived at Shenbing Pavilion. Mo Qingcheng told Qin Wentian that Shenbing Pavilion helped them. First, because Shenbing Pavilion and Galaxy Guild had always been at odds, we blew up Tianyong City Galaxy Guild. The second is that they have taken a fancy to your refining talent, as long as you produce a god pattern at hand, they will be able to obtain a large number of stars and meteorites.

Ye Jiajun came to Jiuhuamen to capture Qin Yao, but Ruo Huan ran into him and was driven out by Ruo Huan. Qin Yao and Yi Wuwei who came out ran into Qin Zhi who had come to Jiuhuamen to look for Qin Yao. After the three of them went to the inn, they told Qin Yao that they were going to Xueyun Kingdom first. It was his father and third uncle who asked him to inform Qin. Yao’s, they decided to set off to Xueyun Nation. When they came out, they met Ye Jiajun, and the three hurried away. After the escape was successful, he thought he had a way to let them leave the imperial city. Ou Chen bullied Bai Qing again and was discovered by Fan Le.

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