God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 13 Recap

After the Qin family fled, they found that the whole city of Ye Jiajun was on guard. Ye Jiajun had already prepared. The two city guards were replaced by Ye family’s in advance. It seems that the four gates and eight small gates of Tianyong City are all guarded. Going out is extremely difficult, but always hiding like this is not a solution, just thinking that they decided to believe that Qin Wentian went to the Galaxy Guild, the second uncle of the Qin family, let the Qin family go first, and he went to lead Ye Jiajun away.

Ye Wuque learned of Ye Lang’s death under Wu Xiuluo’s notification. Wu Xiuluo said that Ye Lang was killed by Qin Wentian when he besieged Qin’s house, and Ye Wuque was very angry. Mo Qingcheng came to the imperial city, took the prescription to the owner of the only pharmacy in the imperial city, and gave the prepared medicine to the boss. The boss took the medicine and took it to one person, and the person’s condition improved. Bai Qiuxue just happened to be seen outside the doorand learned that Mo Qingcheng had developed an understanding medicine. The pharmacy owner asked Mo Qingcheng where the prescription came from. Mo said he developed it himself. The pharmacy owner said that the prescription was missing something, so he pressed his pulse.

If it looks like it is normal, if you press it again, the pulse will be hollow, indicating that this is the virus deepening, but the appearance is gone, Mo Qingcheng said how is it possible? The boss said that the princess is a warrior monk, and the poison is not invaded. It must be that the princess cannot test the poison by himself when writing the prescription. Therefore, when the medicine is allocated, the patient’s breath is weakened. After the medicine goes down, it may seem to improve. The patient’s spirit and energy will recover. Once the medicine is over, I am afraid that it will return to the original state. Mo Qingcheng asked the pharmacy boss what he should do. The boss told Mo Qingcheng that the medicine should be mainly aimed at removing body temperature. Non-stimulates vital resistance in the body.

On the way to solve the plague, the regent asked the imperial physician of the imperial hospital and learned that the imperial physician was completely ill. One person recommended Mo Tianlin to the regent . There might be a solution to the plague. Ye Mo opposed him. The regent agreed. Mo Qingcheng agreed to let Mo Tianlin come. Mo Qingcheng was studying the formula in the hospital, but was led away by the poison man who suddenly appeared. Bai Qiuxue took the opportunity to peek at the formula. After Mo Qingcheng chased the poison man, he caught him and asked him about the formula. The doctor was unwilling to cooperate and chose to commit suicide. Afterwards, Mo Qingcheng found the plague antidote formula on the poison doctor’s arm.

Qin Jiajun came to the door of the Xinghe Trade Union. Elder Mu Qing wanted to refuse, but saw Qin Wentian suddenly appearing. Elder Mu Qing asked Qin Wentian to worship him as a teacher, and he agreed to take in the Qin family. All the gods made by Wentian will be owned by the Galaxy Trade Union, and Qin Wentian has no choice but to approve for the Qin family.

Bai Qiuxue took the imperfect prescription, boiled the medicine to the servants of the White House, and found it was really useful. Mo Qingcheng told his father that he had found a solution to the plague. Mo Tianlin explained that he would go to the court to return to life, Lord Bai , Returned to the mansion and found that the people in his mansion were all well. Said that thanks to Bai Qiuxue, Bai Qiuxue gave the prescription to his father. Bai Qingsong planned to bring Bai Qiuxue to the court with the prescription tomorrow, and preemptively suppress the Mo family, Yaolang Telling Ye Mo that this plague was his work, the monster wolf said that the Yi Kingdom was supported by the Qin Family Army on the surface, but it was actually supported by the Mo Family and Jiuhuamen. This was the reason why he cooperated with the Ye Family.

White sunny with good food come all the music , he asked Qin asked the day when to come back? Fan Le said he didn’t know, maybe he would be back tomorrow, when Bai Qing had a unicorn spot on her neck.

The next morning, the regent was preparing to hand over the plague to the Mo family for full control. At this time, Bai Qingsong stood up and said that Bai Qiuxue had developed medicine and healed everyone in the White House. The regent Xuan Bai Qiuxue entered the hall. Bai Qiuxue handed the prescription to the regent and tested the medicine in public. The patients who had taken the medicine soon woke up. The regent and the people were overjoyed and said that the plague was saved.

Mo Qingcheng found out that the pulse was wrong. This medicine could not cure the plague at all. It’s just appearance. The King Regent asked whether Mo Qingcheng had developed a prescription. Mo Qingcheng said that the prescription was still being developed. After a dispute between Mo Qingcheng and Bai Qiuxue, the King Regent decided to adopt Bai Qiuxue’s prescription and ordered Lord Bai and Bai Qiuxue to go to the Imperial City in person. Giving.

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