Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 43 Plot

Jia Ting booked a flight to the United States. She sent a message to her parents as soon as possible. Jia Ting suddenly received a call from Teacher Zhang from kindergarten. Teacher Zhang and the children were going to hold a farewell party for Yaoyao and asked Jia Ting to pick him up at 7:30. Yaoyao, after that, Jia Ting sent a message about the dialect to come home in the past two days.

Huang Hanmin and his wife learned about the story of Huang Zili and their dialects. They repeatedly praised that dialect was a good girl. They felt more at ease and wanted to return to their hometown tomorrow so as not to affect Huang Zili’s contact with dialects, and wait until they got married. Huang Ziqiang and Lulu were urged to return to the restaurant as soon as possible. Don’t delay business because of them, Huang Ziqiang had to do it.

Zhong Zhengdao hand-written a pair of “Rescue the Death and Heal the Wound” and asked Dean Li to hang it in his office. Suddenly Zhong Zhengdao felt that he fell to the ground in black. Huang Zili and Huang Hanmin rushed home and helped Zhong Zhengdao on the bed. Zhong Zhengdao knew that he didn’t have much time and insisted not to go to the hospital. He wanted to die at his own home. He also wanted to see Huang Zili and his dialect Xiucheng while they were still in their lives Zhengguo, Zhong Zhengdao persuaded Huang Zili to return to the hospital. The operating table was his job, and Huang Zili agreed to become a doctor.

Zhong Zhengdao was in a daze when he saw Zhong Qing calling him with a smile not far away. He could finally leave with peace of mind. Zhong Zhengdao passed away and closed his eyes forever. Mumu threw himself into his arms and cried loudly. Huang Zili took care of Zhong Zhengdao’s funeral, and took Mumu to the airport to send his parents back to his hometown. Mumu missed his grandfather and mother. Huang Zili promised to send him back to his hometown to find grandparents after the holiday. Dialect suddenly called Huang Zili, and when he heard that his mood was not right, Huang Zili told her of Zhong Zhengdao’s death. Dialect was also very sad.

Wang Junyi took the initiative to negotiate with Wang Junyi. He paid to settle all Wang Junyi’s debts, and asked Wang Junyi to leave Liu Manyu and get his wife and daughter back as soon as possible. Otherwise, sooner or later, Wang Junyi would regret it and he would fall into deep thought. Dialect came to see Jia Ting as scheduled, told her the news of Zhong Zhengdao’s death, and explained that Zhong Zhengdao’s only requirement before his death was to let Huang Zili return to his post, and dialect painstakingly persuaded Jia Ting to tell her the truth. Jia Ting was so judged that she was speechless. She took out a pre-written statement and handed it to Dialect, regretting what she had done in the past, and now all retribution is on her, and the dialect comforted her.

Wang Junyi went home very late. Liu Manyu asked about the results of his negotiations with Wang Zijian. Wang Junyi excused that he did not want Liu Manyu to live with his debts, and he also needed to grow up with his biological father every day. Wang Junyi decided to agree to Wang Zijian’s request and let Liu Manyu consider it carefully. clear.

Hu Jie confessed all the crimes and submitted a backup copy of the case of the deceased who was tampered with. The dialect took out Jia Ting’s statement. She admitted that she heard the dialogue between Huang Zili and Fan Zhipeng, but she still used perjury to frame Huang Zili and accept bribes. All the truth is revealed, and all the evidence shows that Huang Zili was wronged. An Xiaoduo couldn’t help but joking with the dialect, and casually told about the divorce between Wang Junyi and Liu Manyu. The dialect didn’t know when they two came together. I also misunderstood that Huang Zili had Liu Manyu in his heart.

An Xiaoduo accidentally saw Huang Zili customizing a wedding diamond ring in a jewelry store, and heard that the woman’s name was in a dialect. An Xiaoduo suddenly understood that Huang Zili wanted to propose to the dialect. Huang Zili sent a large bouquet of roses to the dialect early in the morning. The dialect told him the great news. After careful investigation by the police, Huang Zili was wronged. He could return to work soon. Huang Zili was very excited and couldn’t help feeling nervous. Embracing the dialect tightly, I feel like I’m dreaming.

After Wang Zijian’s unremitting efforts, Liu Manyu agreed to remarry with him, and they went to pick up his son every day. After a research decision by the hospital’s leadership, Zhang Jian was appointed as the director of the Department of Cardiology. Dean Li also announced the good news that Huang Zi would return to his post immediately and let them work together.

Wang Junyi submitted a letter of resignation to Dean Li, acknowledging his unshirkable responsibility in the medical malpractice five years ago. He did not admit it only because of his self-esteem. Wang Junyi repeatedly confessed his mistake to Dean Li.

Liu Manyu reported to her mother Ding Baozhen the news of her reconciliation with Wang Zijian. Ding Baozhen was also happy for her and asked the family of three to come back for dinner at night. Huang Zili and Lulu brought Lulu to their graves to worship Zhong Zhengdao, and they promised to take good care of Mumu. Today is Mumu’s first day in class at the new school. Huang Zili came off work early to pick him up and bought him a gift. Mumu was very happy.

Huang Zili received a call from Huang Ziqiang on the way and learned that they were going to get married at the end of the year, and agreed to attend on time. Huang Ziqiang asked him to bring his words with him, and Mu Mu also helped. Huang Zili took Mumu home and saw several cars parked at the door of his house.

The bodyguards hugged his grandfather Campbell, who called Mumu. The housekeeper made it clear that Mumu was the sole heir of the Campbell family and Campbell wanted to make peace. Mu brought it to Europe and promised to give Huang Zili a generous remuneration, and gave him a small bag of diamonds. Huang Zili insisted that Mu Mu was his son and no one had the right to take him away.

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