Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 5 Plot

On May 6, 2017, Duo Duo was safe and sound. On this day, a newcomer, He Shengjie, came to the team, whose job was to update the latest database system. He is Zhao Min’s brother, and he is very good at life. The first day he comes, he will invite all the brothers and sisters. At this time, Zhang Haifeng was not in the team, and he was secretly investigating Zhao Binbin, who was intern at the Children’s Hospital. Zhao Binbin seemed to be aware too, and could always feel someone stalking. So after two days of tracking, Zhang Haifeng found nothing, and still had to retrieve data from the new system.

The new system is really effective, and Zhao Binbin who meets the conditions is quickly found. At the age of 25, a native, graduated from Green Vine University, his father left home, and his mother died young. He was admitted to the university with his own efforts and has no bad record. At the foot of Wuling Mountain, Zhang Haifeng tried Zhao Binbin. Obviously, in the dialogue with Zhang Haifeng, he was embarrassed and uncomfortable. What’s even stranger is that there was only Zhao Binbin alone, which means Duo could not see Zhao Binbin murder. Zhang Haifeng felt that this time was different from the previous two.

Zhang Haifeng looked at Zhao Binbin’s information on the computer screen thoughtfully. Zhao Min on the side felt that Team Zhang was a bit weird recently, perhaps because it was too tired to solve the 326 case. Zhang Haifeng also feels that he has invested too much in his work, neglected his wife and daughter, and even forgot about Qiao Xin’s CPA examination. As a remedy, he went to the bookstore after get off work and asked the clerk to recommend a few reference books.

Back home, Duo Duo has fallen asleep. Qiao Xin was a little surprised and moved by the books in front of him, but still produced a divorce agreement. Zhang Haifeng certainly knows that Duo Duo’s current autistic personality is still stimulated by the revenge of the gangster. In order to take care of Duoduo, Qiao Xin has given up a lot of work over the years, giving up his favorite journalist job and switching to a conference. After experiencing the pain of losing his wife and daughter in “Dream”, Zhang Haifeng cherished his current life even more. He sincerely apologized to his wife and would like to prove his love for this family by action.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Fu Jiliang, who teaches at Luteng University, came to the teaching aid room. During class during the day, there was a note in the roll, asking him to come to the teaching aid room at this time. Although there is no signature, but the handwriting is beautiful, Fu Jiliang knows it well. However, the reality is contrary to what he imagined.

The next day, the police received a call from the school, and Fu Jiliang died in the teaching aid room, and the ambiguous note was found in his pocket. The deceased’s throat was cut, and there were ashes left by the burning paper cranes on the ground. Zhang Haifeng was shocked, which was very similar to Li Lan’s death. Without further ado, Zhang Haifeng immediately ordered Zhao Min to investigate Li Lan. He personally went to the Children’s Hospital to question Zhao Binbin.

After seeing Zhao Binbin, Zhang Haifeng did not directly mention the murder. Instead, he claimed that there was a traffic accident near the west gate of Luteng University last night. The surveillance camera caught Zhao Binbin passing by and came to inquire about the situation at that time. Zhao Binbin smiled and admitted that he had been to the university town, but had not passed through Luteng University. I went to the university town at night to watch a movie and showed the ticket stub on the spot. Zhao Binbin is not stupid, and the criminal police do not need to intervene in a traffic accident. Zhang Haifeng reacted accordingly, saying only that the injured person was a friend, so he came forward to help.

The two sides deceived each other, and neither believed what the other side said. Zhang Haifeng came to the University City Studios and called up the lobby monitor to confirm that Zhao Binbin was indeed in the Studio City at nine o’clock last night. However, another couple also appeared on the surveillance, namely Sun Xiaomeng and her boyfriend, the owner of “Ou Mo” that I saw that day.

Zhao Binbin’s ticket stub was 9:15 last night, with 10 seats in the third hall, located in the middle of the last row. Coincidentally, the surveillance in Hall Three was broken. Zhang Haifeng went around in the studio and found that it was not impossible to escape the lobby surveillance from the third hall. There is a fire escape in the inconspicuous corner of the lobby. You can walk out of the fire escape and take the fire ladder to the back entrance of the studio. The west gate of Lvteng University is more than two hundred meters away.

Several cars were parked on the sidewalk from the back door of the studio to the west gate of Luteng University. One of the high-end commercial vehicles was equipped with a driving recorder. On the outer wall of the cinema, there is a probe facing the university. Retrieving the surveillance video that night, a person wearing a windbreaker appeared in the video, but he couldn’t see his face.

Zhang Haifeng had reason to believe that the man was Zhao Binbin. He drove to the Children’s Hospital and saw his wife Qiao Xin and daughter Duoduo coming out of the hospital. It happened that Zhao Binbin was also there, and Zhang Haifeng immediately stepped forward and asked him to assist in the investigation. Qiao Xin also wanted to complain for Dr. Zhao. Zhao Binbin himself had offered to go back to the police station to have a better understanding, but Zhang Haifeng couldn’t ask for it.

In the office, the appraisal report has come out. From a knife-edge point of view, the murderer should be around 1.78 meters. After comparing the handwriting of all the students of Professor Fu, no match was found. Before Zhang Haifeng could read the report, he invited Zhao Binbin into the interrogation room. Zhang Haifeng calmly said that during the broadcast in Hall 3 last night, a young couple had a dispute, which caused the movie to be suspended. Zhao Binbin smiled again, and the third hall was quiet that night.

When he spoke, his expression was calm, as if he had seen through Zhang Haifeng’s tricks. As for why you sit in the last row, that is personal preference and not illegal. When Zhang Haifeng asked him why he had to go out during the movie, Zhao Binbin frowned slightly and denied that he had ever been out of Hall 3. Zhang Haifeng took out his mobile phone, called up the surveillance video of the probe at the back door of the studio, and handed it to Zhao Binbin.

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