Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 42 Plot

Huang Zili and the dialect brought Zhong Zhengdao Hemu back to the original house, Mumu was very happy, and Zhong Zhengdao was too excited to speak, insisting on getting up from the wheelchair and walking in.

Wang Junyi told Liu Manyu about Hu Jie’s arrest. Liu Manyu was dumbfounded. She mortgaged both the company and the real estate, and also used all the family money to invest in Hu Jie’s new project. As a result, she lost everything. Liu Manyu complained that Wang Junyi should not Believing Hu Jie credulously, Wang Junyi was initially upset, and she became even more annoyed by her accusations, and went back to the room with anger.

When Zhong Zhengdao returned to his familiar home, he felt cordial and warm. He limped to the balcony on the second floor, feeling a lot more relaxed. Zhong Zhengdao accidentally saw the news of Zhong Qing’s death in the African epidemic area. He was sad and tears. Mumu rushed to hear the news and humbled him with warmth. Zhong Zhengdao forced his grief and hugged Mumu tightly.

After many tests by superiors, the Municipal Bureau specially approved dialects to join the Criminal Police Team. Director Liao handed over the transfer order to dialects. The dialect was very excited. This was what she dreamed of. Finally, when the day came, Director Liao asked her to go home to tell her parents. The advantage of dialect is reluctant to leave the police station. She finally realized the true meaning of being a policeman through years of hard work. Director Liao was also happy for her.

The dialect confiscated the 100,000 yuan IOU written by Huang Zili to Ge Dayun, and gave the note to Huang Zili, and stated that Lulu reported Ge Dayun, and then the police arrested Ge Dayun. At this moment, Huang Hanmin called to inform Huang Zili that the couple were coming to Suzhou to visit Zhong Zhengdao. They also specifically asked Huang Zili’s girlfriend Liu Manyu to pick them up at the airport. Huang Zili lied that Liu Manyu was too busy at work, and Huang Hanmin insisted Want to have dinner with Liu Manyu.

Huang Zili was forced to be helpless and asked for another dialect to pretend to be Liu Manyu. He resolutely refused to use the dialect and couldn’t stand Huang Zili’s bitter pleading. Feng Shasha voluntarily surrendered to the police station and returned 50,000 yuan to Huang Zili. The boss of the express company pleaded guilty to Huang Zili. He specially reserved the position of director of the distribution station and gave him 30,000 yuan as compensation. Huang Zili finally He was so excited that he reminded Feng Shasha to go to the hospital for review in time to avoid recurrence of heart disease.

Huang Zili brought the dialect, and Zhong Zhengdao Hemu went to the airport to pick up his parents. Along the way, Huang Zili repeatedly told Mumu to call the dialect “Aunt Liu”. Huang Zili received his parents smoothly. The dialect introduced himself as Liu Manyu, but Zhong Zhengdao had already explained the truth to Huang Hanmin and his wife. Huang Zili prepared a large table of dishes for his parents. Huang Hanmin thanked the dialect for helping Huang Zili all the time. He picked up a glass of wine and drank it. Huang Mu asked about Huang Zili’s engagement with the dialect, and they were asked. Confused, Zhong Zhengdao decided to let them hold the engagement ceremony now.

Huang Zili wanted to get the consent of his parents in the dialect to get engaged again. Huang Hanmin explained that all this was arranged by Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Zhengdao already knew that Huang Zili and Zhong Qing agreed to divorce five years ago. Huang Zili will not leave their grandparents. , Dialect also has no regrets and no regrets taking care of this family, Zhong Zhengdao thanked them both for keeping this family, and felt that they were the most suitable.

The dialect admitted that she pretended to pretend to be Liu Manyu to deceive Huang Hanmin and his wife, and that she was not Huang Zili’s girlfriend. Huang Hanmin knew the matter well. Huang Zili repeatedly explained that he and dialect were good friends. Zhong Zhengdao had long seen Huang Zili’s love for dialect. Xiangyue, Huang Zili didn’t speak the dialect because he didn’t want to drag down the dialect. Zhong Zhengdao decided to invite Huang Hanmin and his wife to witness the happiness of Huang Zili and the dialect. Zhong Zhengdao raised a glass to congratulate them, and the dialect did not refuse. The whole family Toast and drink together and happily finish the meal.

Zhong Zhengdao said that he wanted to go back to rest first when he was tired. He asked Mumu to push him back to the house. He didn’t want his parents to worry about the dialect, so he left with Huang Hanmin and his wife and Huang Zili sent her off. The dialect was caught off guard by Zhong Zhengdao’s words. Huang Zili decided to pursue the dialect from today. The dialect reminded him not to go crazy and urged him to go back to accompany his parents quickly. Huang Zili reluctantly bid farewell to the dialect.

Looking at the back of the dialect, Huang Zili immediately sent a message to her, telling her how he missed. The dialect also expressed his lovesickness to him. Huang Zili closed his mouth happily. Mumu wanted to sleep on the sofa with Huang Zili, but Huang Zili couldn’t help but hurried into the house to get the quilt. Zhong Zhengdao couldn’t sleep at night. Looking at Zhong Qing’s photos one by one, Zhong Qing’s advice and concern for him flashed in his mind, and Zhong Zhengdao had mixed feelings in his heart.

Huang Ziqiang and Lulu rushed over from Wuxi early in the morning to take Huang Hanmin and his wife on a trip. The four of them wandered around in Suzhou’s major attractions and took photos. Huang Ziqiang and Lulu hosted a banquet for Huang Hanmin and his wife. Huang Hanmin thanked them The two helped Huang Zili and asked them about Huang Zili’s girlfriend. This time Zhong Zhengdao called them to witness their engagement with Huang Zili in dialect, but the dialect did not admit that he fell in love with Huang Zili. Huang Hanmin was puzzled. . Huang Ziqiang told the love story of Huang Zili and the dialect in detail.

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