Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 4 Plot

Zhang Haifeng woke up with a scream, and Zhao Min, who was driving aside, almost lost control. Zhao Min still kept calling Team Zhang, and the date broadcast on the radio was May 6, 2017. Zhang Haifeng almost can’t remember the 326 case Zhao Min said. I was supposed to go to Wuling Mountain with Duoduo, but how could I be here? It seems that everything is not up to the memory.

It’s hard to imagine myself going back two years ago, but it feels so real again. When I returned home and opened the door, I saw my wife drying her daughter’s hair and preparing to go to bed. The long-lost scene made him reluctant to think about whether it was true or false. He stepped forward to hold his daughter and refused to let it go for a long time.

Since 2017, Li Lan and Fu Jiliang are temporarily safe, Zhang Haifeng focused his thoughts on Zhao Binbin’s motivation and why he woke up again and again. However, due to previous experience, Zhang Haifeng would be afraid of returning to 2019 as soon as he woke up. He called his wife, and then called the teacher, he must confirm that Duo Duo is safe. Originally wanted to pick up her daughter for a sketching class, Zhao Min called and had to go back to the bureau to attend the 326 case commendation meeting and also give a speech on stage.

To be honest, Zhang Haifeng’s memory of the investigation of the 326 Extraordinary Robbery and Murder Case is very vague. He was standing on the stage with a trophy in his hand, feeling it. Zhao Min in the audience felt a little weird, but couldn’t tell what was wrong. As soon as the commendation meeting was over, Zhang Haifeng searched the police system for a person named Zhao Binbin, but the new system had not been updated yet, and no qualified person could be found.

At this time, a warning came, and there was a disturbance in Zhongshan Square. Zhang Haifeng was clever and raised his head from the computer. Duo Duo’s sketching class was in Zhongshan Square, and an unknown premonition rose from his heart. No one answered Qiao Xin’s cell phone, so Zhang Haifeng immediately drove to Zhongshan Square. Sure enough, there was a large group of people in the square holding up signs and making trouble, but they didn’t see Duoduo and Qiao Xin.

After making a few calls, Qiao Xin heard the phone ringing in his bag. It turned out that the place of sketching was changed to Wuling Mountain because of a disturbance. Zhang Haifeng was shocked when he heard that, and wanted to tell his wife not to go to Wuling Mountain. The car had entered the tunnel and the mobile phone had no signal. Just as Zhang Haifeng drove to Wuling Mountain, he caught a glimpse of a man and a woman on the side of the road. That woman was the owner of the Oumo Flower Shop.

With this distraction, the car crashed into the unloading stall of the hotel in front. Zhang Haifeng hurriedly got out of the car to make a payment. The shop owner came out, and Zhang Haifeng was taken aback again. It was actually Qiao Xin’s fiance Xu Yue in the dream. Everything is a coincidence, or fate is joking. Zhang Haifeng doesn’t want to figure it out now, just thinking about saving his daughter. After leaving his mobile phone number, he drove on the road again and went straight to Wuling Mountain.

The signal in Wuling Mountain is not good, and Qiao Xin’s mobile phone is always unreachable. On the way, Zhang Haifeng tried to call Teacher Zhang again and asked Teacher Zhang to send a message. Qiao Xin wanted to accompany her daughter, but Teacher Zhang passed a message, so she had to walk a distance up and call Zhang Haifeng’s cell phone. Duo Duo, who hated the sketch from the bottom of her heart, saw her mother leave, and another drone hovered in the air, and curiosity drove her to run over.

When Zhang Haifeng arrived at the bottom of the mountain, he suddenly saw a group of people at the foot of the mountain, for fear that the tragedy would repeat itself. Fortunately, Duo Duo squeezed out of the crowd, she almost fell into the valley just now, and a kind person saved her. Zhang Haifeng looked over with gratitude, but Zhao Binbin’s face was smiling but not smiling.

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