Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 3 Plot

Zhao Binbin had an old house in the old city. The police went into the house and searched it. There was no one inside. Only a bunch of blooming flowers on the window sill caught Zhao Haifeng’s attention. There is a label on the flowerpot and it was bought at the “Oumo” flower shop. Zhao Min and Zhang Haifeng went to the flower shop, showed the photo of Zhao Binbin to the proprietress, and immediately recognized that they were a regular customer in the shop.

Halfway through the question, the police sent to protect Qiao Xin came to report that Qiao Xin did not accept protection and had left home by himself. Zhang Haifeng, who was still looking at an oil painting in the store, also ignored the investigation. He hurriedly took a taxi back to Qiao Xin’s house and kept making phone calls along the way. After finally getting through, Qiao Xin scolded him. Qiao Xin didn’t appreciate it, she was about to remarry soon, and didn’t want to get involved with Zhang Haifeng anymore and upset her fiance.

When it comes to this, Zhang Haifeng can no longer persist. Because of this, Qiao Xin fell into the hands of Zhao Binbin when he drove back to his fiancé’s house at night. It was too late for Qiao Xin to regret. In a panic, he grabbed the emergency hammer in the car and hit Zhao Binbin in the head, jumping out of the car to escape. But after all, she was a female stream and could not escape the clutches.

Zhao Min asked Fu Jiliang about the situation. If the suspect knew about Professor Fu’s old habit of drinking water when he returned home, he must be an acquaintance. Professor Fu didn’t see the suspect’s appearance clearly, nor did he offend others in normal times. He really couldn’t think of anyone who wanted to harm him. Colleagues at the Children’s Hospital also think that Professor Fu is humble and impossible to grudge with others.

Judging from the police investigation, Fu Jiliang and Zhao Binbin seem to have no intersection. When these clues were gathered, none of them were useful, and Zhao Min was a little annoyed. As for why Zhang Haifeng identified Zhao Binbin as the murderer, she believed Zhang Haifeng had concealed something, but it was not the time to ask.

Zhang Haifeng didn’t understand why Zhao Binbin chose him. What motive did Zhao Binbin want to kill Li Lan and Fu Jiliang. These questions were all pending. Zhang Haifeng went through the file in the police station all night but couldn’t find the answer. At dawn, when I went to the street to eat a bowl of wontons, I didn’t expect Zhao Binbin to dare to sit next to him grandiosely. Without a word, Zhao Binbin took out his mobile phone and placed it in front of Zhang Haifeng. On the screen, Qiao Xin’s hands are tied, and beside him is another homemade bomb that is counting down.

Zhao Binbin doesn’t care about the divorce, it doesn’t matter. Now Fu Jiliang is protected by the police, and Zhao Binbin asks Zhang Haifeng to find a way to get Fu Jiliang out. Zhang Haifeng also wanted to know Zhao Binbin’s purpose, and whether his daughter’s death was an accident. After discussing with Zhao Min, he took Fu Jiliang into the car, and Zhao Min drove behind.

According to Zhao Binbin’s request, Zhang Haifeng first went to Qinghe intersection. He knew in his heart that Zhao Binbin would set up surveillance along the way. And he believes that the final location must be the Peace Building. Therefore, one team first went to the Peace Building to place air cushions and arranged for snipers, while the other team cooperated in creating a fake image that was thrown away by Zhang Haifeng.

Sure enough, Zhao Binbin, who confirmed that Zhang Haifeng was not followed by the police, set the last meeting place on the top floor of the Peace Building. Zhang Haifeng escorted Fu Jiliang to the top floor, and saw Zhao Binbin with a gun against Qiao Xin, just like in his dream. But this time, Zhao Binbin threw a knife over. Zhang Haifeng didn’t use a knife, but pushed Fu Jiliang down from the top floor. Zhao Binbin had no idea. After Fu Jiliang screamed, he fell into the air cushion and was unharmed.

When Zhao Binbin saw this, he said that Duo Duo fell from the mountain and died, which deeply hurt Zhang Haifeng’s heart. Even now, Zhao Binbin is not afraid to tell Zhang Haifeng. Two years ago, Duo Duo accidentally saw Zhao Binbin pushing people off the cliff on the mountain. In panic, will he step on the air and fall down the valley. But he would not say the answer Zhang Haifeng wanted to know most, only as the last mystery in his life. After finishing talking, Zhao Binbin raised his gun and aimed at Zhang Haifeng, and the sniper on the opposite side shot him immediately.

Qiao Xin was saved, and learning the truth about her daughter’s accidental death made her cry. Zhao Binbin was escorted into an ambulance by the police. Before driving, he asked to see Zhang Haifeng. Zhao Min and Zhang Haifeng sat beside him and let the ambulance drive to the hospital. But an explosion turned the ambulance into a ball of fire.

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