Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 41 Plot

Huang Zili has never developed new customers. Ge Dayun was very dissatisfied. He asked him to give lectures at the trade fair and gave him the product information. If Huang Zili can’t sell the products again this time, he will have to leave behind. Huang Zili can only be hard. Scalp agreed, he looked through the information carefully and made a careful comparison with the product.

There was an accident in Hu Jie’s new project. Wang Junyi’s investment money was lost. He has been unable to contact Hu Jie and was desperate. In the end, Wang Junyi got through Hu Jie’s phone call, and Hu Jie was helpless. Dialect always pays attention to every move of the scam gang. Seeing that they are all convened for a meeting, Yan Tao called to inform dialect that the network can be closed tonight. After the task is completed, they can go home. Dialect wants to participate in the closing operation, Yan Tao Disagree, just let her be in charge of monitoring.

Master Xiao Zhu talked eloquently at the fair, boasting about the therapeutic effects of health care products. The customers were very excited and believed in his words, and they all wanted to buy them. Then, Xiao Zhu asked Huang Zili to give customers from a medical perspective. Let me explain, Huang Zili publicly announced that these products are health foods, which have no preventive and therapeutic effects. Xiao Zhu’s publicity is absurd. The customers are filled with outrage, the scene is chaotic, and the fair is forced to stop.

Ge Dayun gave Huang Zili a severe lesson. Huang Zili did not want to make deceitful money without ignoring his conscience. He promised to compensate all the losses. Ge Dayun claimed that the loss was as high as 100,000 yuan, and asked Huang Zili to write the IOU. Before leaving, Huang Zili advised Ge Dayun not to Do something tricky and kidnapping again, or something will happen sooner or later, and Ge Dayun gritted his teeth. Dialect successfully completed the task and returned to the police station. Director Liao first affirmed her contribution in this operation and asked her to take time to report to the criminal police team.

As soon as they met, An Xiaoduo reported Feng Shasha’s case of framing Huang Zili to dialect. They had found Feng Shasha’s whereabouts. Dialect couldn’t wait to see Feng Shasha. An Xiaoduo persuaded her to meet Wei Chao and not always worry about Huang. Self-reliance. An Xiaoduo brought her to see Feng Shasha in dialect.

The dialect exposed her to face that she had a heart attack, framed Huang Zili for indecent assault, and fled with Huang Zili’s advance hospitalization fees, suspected of fraud and defamation. Feng Shasha was so scared that she begged for mercy. She really couldn’t take it. For 50,000 yuan, An Xiaoduo asked her to apologize to Huang Zili and clarify the matter publicly. Dialect promised to help her pay back to Huang Zili.

Dialects came to Jia Ting overnight and asked her to stand up and explain the truth. Don’t emigrate with regrets and guilt. Jia Ting claimed to have had a bad time these years. Dialects made her think about it. Finally, the dialect came to the hospital to visit Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Zhengdao wanted to go home. The dialect promised to let them move back as soon as possible. He also fed Zhong Zhengdao by hand. Mumu cheered happily when he saw the dialect and praised Huang Zili as the best in the world. Dad, the dialect was so excited, he hugged Mumu tightly, reluctant to let go for a long time.

Huang Zili returned to the hospital and saw the dialect fetching water from a distance. He was excited to speak. The dialect revealed to him that Feng Shasha had already confessed the truth and promised to repay the hospitalization fee that Huang Zili had paid as soon as possible. Moreover, the fraud group has been arrested. They will soon be able to move back to Zhong Zhengdao’s house, and Huang Zili is excited from ear to ear, and wants to move home as soon as possible.

The dialect asked Huang Zili to bring Mumu and Zhong Zhengdao to her house for a transition. She went home and lived with her parents for a while. Huang Zili was determined not to move, and she held on to what the dialect said on the day of the business trip. Regarding the relationship with Liu Manyu, Huang Zili repeatedly stated that he has nothing to do with Liu Manyu, just not letting go, and chasing him with anger in dialect.

At this moment, Zhang Jian called to inform Huang Zili. Zhong Zhengdao suddenly fell. Huang Zili and dialect hurried over to check. Zhang Jian was surprised to find that the blood clot in the blood vessel pressing Zhong Zhengdao was gone. Huang Zili was very happy. Dialect suddenly received a video connection from her mother. She hurriedly hid in the hallway to reply. Her parents prepared a large table of dishes and urged her to go home quickly. Dialect had to do so and let Huang Zili prepare things to move at any time.

Zhong Zhengdao was able to walk on his own with the wall, Huang Zili was delighted in his eyes and promised to let him be discharged as soon as possible. As soon as the dialect returned home, Wei Chao greeted her at the door with a large bouquet of flowers. The dialect was very disdainful. His parents were very enthusiastic about Wei Chao. His father persuaded the dialect to accept Wei Chao, but the dialect categorically refused. His father guessed that Huang Zili was in her heart. Keep silent.

My mother prepared a big table dish. My father raised a glass to congratulate her in the dialect. Congratulations on her meritorious service. My mother just wanted to combine the dialect with Wei Chao. The dialect publicly stated that she already has someone she likes in her heart. My mother pressed hard and the dialect admitted it His mother was Huang Zili. His mother disagreed. She had to take care of Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony. His father hurriedly changed the subject. He felt that Huang Zili’s character was very good, and the couple had a fierce dispute when they didn’t agree. The dialect was too disturbing, so I had to cover my face with newspaper.

It turned out that Wei Chao and his girlfriend had an awkward anger and returned to China. On the way home, his girlfriend called Wei Chao to reconcile, and Wei Chao proposed to break up with her and wanted to stay in China for development. Lulu suddenly came to the dialect early in the morning to tell Huang Zili’s experience in Ge Dayun Health Products Company. The dialect took Lulu to Yan Tao to report the case. Yan Tao has received reports from the masses. Ge Dayun and Hu Jie jointly reselled the medical treatment. The equipment, which also engages in false propaganda, has been included in the survey, and the dialect actively asked Ying to participate in this operation to seek justice for Huang Zili.

Huang Zili received the notice from the procuratorate that Zhong Zhengdao’s house had been returned and they could move back at any time. Huang Zili was very excited. Dialect brought colleagues from the Criminal Police Team to arrest Ge Dayun, while at the same time, the police from the Criminal Police Team arrested Hu Jie.

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