Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 40 Plot

Huang Zili pulled out the phone and saved the pictures taken in the playground with them in the dialect. The cheers and laughter were still in his ears, but the dialect was missing. Huang Zili remembered what the dialect had said before he left. He took out his phone card and threw it out. Outside the window, completely separated from the past. Dean Li arranged Zhong Zhengdao in the VIP ward of the Department of Cardiology, instructed Wang Junyi to take good care of him, and also reminded him to handle his relationship with Jia Ting so as not to cause adverse effects.

As soon as Zhang Jian came back, he heard that Zhong Zhengdao had come to the hospital and asked the nurse about his condition. Huang Zili came back dejected. Zhang Jian learned that he had been exposed by Feng Shasha and paid Feng Shasha a 50,000 yuan in hospital expenses. After the company was fired, Zhang Jian gave Huang Zili the 5,000 yuan left to repay the mortgage. Huang Zili politely declined and asked him to help find Feng Shasha’s whereabouts. Zhang Jian has reported the case to An Xiaoduo, and I believe that clues will be found soon . Huang Zili sent Mumu to the kindergarten early in the morning, only to find out that a child in the kindergarten was suffering from hand-foot-mouth disease. The kindergarten was temporarily off and the children went home to rest. Huang Zili had to take Mumu to the customer’s home to promote the product.

Huang Zili took Mumu back to the hospital and saw colleagues and students sending a lot of supplements to Zhong Zhengdao. Zhang Jian called Huang Zili aside and complained that he did not answer the phone in dialects. Huang Zili could not be contacted in other places. Self-reliance did not want to drag down the dialect, and deliberately threw the phone card. Wei Chao suddenly came to the police station to look for dialects and learned that the dialects were not on a business trip. An Xiaoduo came after hearing the news. Wei Chao admitted that he had decided to return to China for development, and regretted breaking up with dialects and wanted to get back to her.

Huang Zili took Mumu to Baoli to work at the company every day and received Master’s sales training. Mumu was sleepy and took a nap on the side. After the training, Huang Zili took Mumu to visit the aunts of the square dance, and also went to some elderly people’s homes to promote sales, but bumped into walls everywhere. Dialect called An Xiaoduo to learn about Wang Hongwei’s situation. An Xiaoduo reported to her truthfully, and told her about Wei Chao’s reconciliation, and advised her to reconcile with Wei Chaozhong. She didn’t want to listen to the dialect, so she hung up before she finished speaking. phone. Immediately afterwards, Dialect called Deputy Director Qi to inquire about the progress of Zhong Zhengdao’s case of defrauding the real estate.

Huang Ziqiang was defrauded of his money by his partner. He was struggling to maintain the restaurant alone. Lulu suddenly came from Suzhou to apply for a restaurant worker. Huang Ziqiang was ecstatic and asked her to be the boss’s wife. Lulu and Huang Ziqiang cleared their suspicions, and As good as ever. Huang Zili went out early every day and returned home every day. He ran around with Mumu. The two people ate and slept together. In a blink of an eye, a month passed, but the result was not satisfactory. Master looked through Huang Zili’s zero sales records, called him to slap him, and introduced him to his client Liu Guixiang, and Huang Zili hurriedly brought Mumu over.

Wang Junyi went home from get off work. Liu Manyu had prepared the food and waited for him. Wang Junyi rushed to her and reported the news that Hu Jie had been promoted to the upstart in the medical industry. Liu Manyu was not interested in this, and just wanted to be a good wife and mother. It’s sweet and warm. When Huang Zili learned that Liu Guixiang was in the garden downstairs, he hurried over to find her. Liu Guixiang was afraid to let Huang Zili go home to meet. He worried that his son Zhao Xicheng would not let her buy health products. Huang Zili gave the products to Liu Guixiang, and Liu Guixiang handed over the money happily he.

At this moment, Zhao Xicheng suddenly rushed to stop him. He recognized Huang Zili as a dialect liar and yelled at him. Many people came to watch. Zhao Xicheng ridiculed Huang Zili and spoke harshly, and forcibly took away his mother Liu Guixiang. Mumu hides to the side and sees this scene, secretly rowing Zhao Xicheng’s car, Zhao Xicheng suddenly becomes angry, and severely teach Mumu, Huang Zili rushes to protect Mumu, fights with Zhao Xicheng, Mumu desperately pulls Zhao Xicheng , He was not allowed to beat his father, Liu Guixiang desperately pulled Zhao Xicheng away.

Huang Zili took Mumu to dinner. Mumu called Huang Zili several times to his father and promised not to make him angry again. The two of them took care of Zhong Zhengdao together. Huang Zili was extremely excited. He couldn’t wait to tell Zhong Zhengdao the news. Zhong Zhengdao has helped Mumu contact an international school and asked him to report to the school tomorrow. Mumu was very happy, but worried that the tuition fee was too high. He felt distressed that Huang Zili was too hard to go to work every day, and asked Zhong Zhengdao to give Huang Zili the money. Independence moved to tears in his eyes, instructing Mumu to study hard. Mumu accidentally revealed that Huang Zili was bullied. Huang Zili interrupted him quickly and took him to dinner.

Huang Zili brought Mumu to the foreign language school to report in the morning. Mumu didn’t want to spend so much money on school, let alone the hard work of Huang Zili. Huang Zili repeatedly stated that the money for school was prepared by Zhong Zhengdao in advance, and Mumu went to class at ease. .

After school, Huang Zili took Mumu back to the hospital and saw Wang Junyi was leading his colleagues to raise donations for Zhong Zhengdao. Huang Zili flatly refused and asked Wang Junyi to return the money to everyone. Wang Junyi repeatedly emphasized that the money was for Zhong Zhengdao Hemu Yes, Huang Zili has no right to interfere.

Wang Junyi embarrassed Huang Zili in public. Huang Zili complained that Zhang Jian didn’t notify him in advance. He didn’t want to live by charity. It was right for Zhong Zhengdao to live here. Huang Zili asked Zhang Jian to pay back his colleagues’ money. At night, Jia Ting secretly stuffed an envelope full of money from the crack in the door. Huang Zili hurriedly chased it out. Jia Ting showed that it was her heart. Huang Zili didn’t need money, and only hoped that she would tell the truth. come out.

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