Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 2 Plot

The first thing Zhang Haifeng did after reacting was to rush into the kitchen to see if the kitchen knife was still there. There are no fewer knives on the knife holder, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. When my heart settles down, I always find something strange. Putting the meal money that the guests left on the table into the cash box, Zhang Haifeng tidied up and planned to go home after closing.

But he looked again, a cold sweat broke out, and a knife was missing from the kitchen knife rack. At this time, Qiao Xin called. Zhang Haifeng knew that she would come to visit her daughter at home without listening, and hurriedly told her not to go out.

If the dream is true, something must have happened to Yunjing Community. Zhang Haifeng ran all the way, rushed past the security of the community, and ran into the underground parking lot. But it was a step too late, Li Lan was already in a pool of blood. Zhang Haifeng chased out the parking lot and saw a man in a hoodie disappearing around the corner. He chased after everything desperately, clinging to it, but still let people run away.

Zhao Min received the alarm and led people to investigate the scene. I learned from the community security that the murderer rushed into the community. Before escaping, the security was called to the police. Zhao Min was confused. There were traces of paper cranes being burned at the scene, and the murder weapon was still left at the scene. The murderer seemed very arrogant. As he was about to investigate the source of the murder weapon, Zhang Haifeng came back and admitted that the knife was in his store. As soon as the security guard on the side wanted to identify, he was stopped by Zhao Min.

It has been almost two years since Zhao Min saw the old captain’s sloppy look now, so angry and funny. But Zhang Haifeng remembered hearing what she said in a dream, and was shocked in his heart. Others could not tell, Zhang Haifeng told Zhao Min that the murderer was Zhao Binbin. Now Zhao Min was stunned, and quickly interrupted Zhang Haifeng. Zhang Haifeng obviously didn’t know the deceased Li Lan, nor the murderer Zhao Binbin, but he opened his mouth to arrest someone, which is too childish. There are only two explanations, either Zhang Haifeng is crazy, or he is related to the murder.

Back in the bureau, Zhao Min ordered someone to investigate the relationship between Zhang Haifeng and Li Lan to see if he could find clues. The identification result came out, and only Zhang Haifeng’s fingerprint was on the murder weapon. All the evidence seems to be detrimental to the former captain. But Zhao Min still believed in Zhang Haifeng, and out of cautious consideration, he had to ask someone to check Zhao Binbin again.

In the middle of the night, Fu Jiliang, who came home from get off work, drank saliva to moisturize his throat. This has been an old habit for more than 20 years. Suddenly I saw a person sitting in the corner. Before he called the police, his legs softened and he fainted. When he woke up again, his hands and feet were tied up in the sewer. There is also a bomb on his chest, and the time on the timer decreases every second.

A camera was installed on the wall of the pipe opposite Fu Jiliang, and the scene was transmitted to Zhao Min’s computer in real time. Zhao Min received an email just now and saw this amazing scene from the email link. The sender had only one request, asking Zhang Haifeng to be on the top floor of the Peace Building within an hour, otherwise the bomb would be detonated.

The police have been monitoring along the way to rule out the possibility of Zhang Haifeng committing the crime. Zhao Min sent someone to find Zhang Haifeng. After watching the video, before he could make a judgment, a manhole outside the police station exploded. While the police force was busy investigating the situation, Zhang Haifeng calmly analyzed the video and found that where Fu Jiliang was in the pipeline, the sunlight from above his head was flickering and there were noisy human voices. He thought for a while, and it could only be the marathon venue, so he asked Zhao Min to take the Peace Building as the center point and check the manholes along the marathon route one by one.

Zhao Min asked Li Ju to agree with Zhang Haifeng to assist in handling the case. Zhang Haifeng couldn’t rest assured, before leaving, Zhao Min asked Zhao Min to send someone to protect Qiao Xin in case of accidents. The police had evacuated the crowd and set a cordon, and finally found Fu Jiliang under the manhole. But there were only five minutes left, and there were many tall buildings nearby. The bomb disposal crew suggested to detonate in the open. Zhang Haifeng couldn’t think much, jumped into the car, and galloped away with the removed bomb. When he reached the river, he grabbed the bomb and threw it out. The explosion sounded, and the water splashed and returned to calm.

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