Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 1 Plot

Zhang Haifeng stood outside the watch shop. Although the cartoon watch in his hand was worthless, it contained feelings for his daughter. Ex-wife Qiao Xin called. Zhang Haifeng was a little impatient. He answered the phone and told Qiao Xin that he would put the key under the floor mat tomorrow, and then hung up.

Since the death of their daughter Duoduo two years ago, the two have been divorced and have rarely seen each other. Qiao Xin took out the key from under the floor mat and opened the door. The room was dirty and messy. Only the daughter’s room was neat and tidy, which made people sad and helpless. Looking at his daughter’s photo, Qiao Xin couldn’t help crying. Today is the anniversary of her daughter’s death. Qiao Xin put a daughter’s favorite white magnolia in front of the photo, wiped away the tears and left.

A man from the police station surrendered and claimed to have killed someone. This person claimed to be Fu Jiliang, with a thin body and delicate features, and wearing Fu big black-rimmed glasses, he did not look like a vicious murderer. But he was eloquent again. At 11 o’clock last night, he stole a kitchen knife from the Pho store, broke the wall and entered the local high-end community Yunjing Community, hid in the underground parking lot, and killed Li Lan. According to his account, the police found the body but did not know the motive.

Before the police interrogator asked, Fu Jiliang opened his mouth and asked for Zhang Haifeng. This request gave Li Ju a headache. Zhang Haifeng is on a long vacation. Who knows whether his mental state can work. But if Zhang Haifeng did not come, the suspect would not speak. In desperation, Bureau Li had to approve.

Zhao Min, the current captain, knocked on the door of Zhang Haifeng’s house, and a stench came on his face. Looking at the unshaven and decadent face of the former captain, Zhao Min’s anger really didn’t hit him. Entering the room, Zhao Min opened the curtains to let the sun shine through the room that seemed to have been in darkness for two years. Needless to say anything else, it will be understood first in the game.

Zhang Haifeng understood that something must have happened, but when he was in the game, he did not know the suspect. Since the knife was stolen from the pho restaurant opened by Zhang Haifeng, Zhang Haifeng couldn’t get rid of the relationship, let alone the suspect even called for a meeting. In the interrogation room, Zhao Min and Zhang Haifeng sat opposite Fu Jiliang to see what tricks he wanted to play. Fu Jiliang said astonishingly that people will die at ten o’clock tonight, and the location is on Mengzhu Road.

Zhao Min wanted to know the details, but Zhang Haifeng was disappointed. After the daughter’s death, the life and death of anyone has no meaning to him. Zhang Haifeng got up to leave. Unexpectedly, Fu Jiliang asked about the time. After confirming that it was past 12 noon, his expression suddenly changed and he burst into tears, denying killing. Such a big change made Zhao Min and Zhang Haifeng confused. Just listen to Fu Jiliang continue to say that he received a call from his girlfriend when he stopped the car at the company last night. A man’s voice came out on the phone and a video of Fu Jiliang’s girlfriend was also sent. Fu Jiliang could only follow the mysterious man’s request, pull out a belt from the trash can in the parking lot, put it on, and then surrendered to the police station. What I explained just now is all according to the other party’s request. The man’s last request was to tell the truth after twelve o’clock. Fu Jiliang didn’t know anything else.

Other things, Zhang Haifeng can be regarded as not heard. But the person asked Fu Jiliang to tell Zhang Haifeng that Duo Duo’s death was not an accident on May 6 two years ago. Zhang Haifeng suddenly became furious, and choked Fu Jiliang’s neck, wishing to get the truth out of his throat, scared Zhao Min hurriedly stopped.

Other police officers rushed into the interrogation room and opened Zhang Haifeng. Back at the office, Zhang Haifeng calmed down and confirmed that the murderer was against him. As long as he found his relationship with the murderer, the case could be solved. At this time, a message came from the technical department that the GPS receiving position on Fu Jiliang’s belt was near No. 72 Mengzhu Road. Unexpectedly, on the way to go, there was a call from the bureau, and Fu Jiliang foamed at the mouth and fell into a coma. Zhang Haifeng pondered for a while, and felt something was wrong. Ask Zhao Min to stop the car, he is going to the hospital.

Sure enough, when Zhang Haifeng arrived at the hospital, Fu Jiliang had already escaped from the rescue room. A phone call came and Fu Jiliang mocked Zhang Haifeng contemptuously. On the operating table in the rescue room is a photo of Qiao Xin tied to a chair. Zhang Haifeng was furious, but Fu Jiliang didn’t care, and asked him to meet him on the top floor of the Peace Building.

And Zhao Min found a male deceased in house 72. Judging from the ID card, the deceased is the real Fu Jiliang. The person who came to the police station to surrender was clearly using his name. It doesn’t feel good to be teased, especially when he learned that Qiao Xin was kidnapped, Zhao Min immediately sent someone to the Peace Building.

At this time, Zhang Haifeng kicked open the access door on the roof. Qiao Xin was tied and half lying on the ground, and the suspect was leaning against the guardrail. He admitted that he was Zhao Binbin and asked Zhang Haifeng a multiple choice question. He took out his phone, and the countdown was on the screen. When the time comes, the bomb on the top of the elevator explodes, and Zhao Min and the police in the elevator will be crushed to pieces. Or you can choose to call Zhao Min to warn, and Qiao Xin will be left on the roof.

Zhao Binbin grabbed Qiao Xin and stood in front of him, holding a pistol in his hand to guard against Zhang Haifeng. But Qiao Xin leaned back hard and was hitting Zhao Binbin’s forehead. Zhao Binbin was caught off guard and shot Zhang Haifeng in the chest. The recoil made him stand unsteadily and climbed over the guardrail. But he was still holding onto the rope, with Qiao Xin tied to the other end of the rope.

A tingling pain came from his hand, and Zhang Haifeng suddenly woke up and found himself sitting in a Pho store. The cigarette butt in his hand was about to burn out, and he was busy patting it out with his notepad. Touched his chest, nothing happened. Look at the shop again, there is no one. But the dream just now was so real, and it was creepy.

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