Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 39 Plot

Huang Zili drove Zhong Zhengdao back to the small hotel. Suddenly received a call from the kindergarten teacher and learned that Mu Mu had vomiting and diarrhea. Huang Zili hurried to drive Mu Mu to the hospital. As soon as he stabilized, Huang Zili sent Zhong Zhengdao back to settle down first, and promised to leave the small hotel to find a house when Mu Mu was discharged.

Huang Zili hurried back to the hospital. He saw Mumu was sleeping soundly, so he hid and called Huang Ziqiang. Huang Ziqiang was drinking alcohol. His partner was a big gambler. He took away all the money and ran away a few days ago. He was raising money to pay the rent. Huang Zili wanted to borrow money from him, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Huang Zili had no choice but to call an unsecured small loan company. The staff promised to give him money in three days, but he had to deduct 10,000 yuan in interest. Huang Zili took good care of Mumu, and hurried back to the small hotel to deliver meals to Zhong Zhengdao. The owner of the hotel urged Huang Zili to pay for the house. Huang Zili bit his head and borrowed money from Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Zhengdao insisted on leaving his savings to Mumu Huang Zili had no choice but to give up for school use.

As soon as Huang Zili went to the hospital to see Mumu, the owner of the small hotel came to call for payment of the room. Zhong Zhengdao had no money and did not know when Huang Zili would return. The boss urged him to call Huang Zili as soon as possible. Huang Zili received Mumu’s discharge from the hospital and received a call from a small loan company halfway through. Because of his insufficient qualifications, the loan application failed to pass, and Huang Zili fell into desperation again. Mumu didn’t want to go back to the small hotel. Huang Zili promised to find a house and move as soon as possible. Mumu wanted to find a dialect for help, but Huang Zili forbade him to speak another dialect.

When Huang Zili came to the small hotel, he saw the boss rushing Zhong Zhengdao to the door. He also repeatedly claimed that the hamster had soiled the bedding in the room and asked Huang Zili to pay 3,000 yuan. An Xiaoduo and the police rushed to the police station when they received the call and wanted to take the boss and Huang Zili to the police station. The boss didn’t want to cause trouble and had to stop. An Xiaoduo didn’t expect that Huang Zili had fallen to this point. Huang Zili repeatedly reminded her not to tell the dialect. An Xiaoduo didn’t know the dialect, so she could only watch Huang Zili drive Zhong Zhengdao away in harmony.

Zhong Zhengdao Hemu was hungry, Huang Zili parked his car in front of a restaurant and ordered food for them. There were only a few dozen dollars left in his wallet. Huang Zili decided to make money first. Zhong Zhengdao took out his salary card and gave it to Huang Zili, but he didn’t know the password, it was the bank card that Zhong Qing gave him. After the meal, Huang Zili brought Zhong Zhengdao Hemu to the bank to withdraw money. Zhong Zhengdao introduced Huang Zili as his son-in-law and Ke Mumu called Uncle Huang Zili. The staff could not verify their relationship and refused to handle any business. Huang Self-reliance had to take them away.

The relationship between Liu Manyu and Wang Junyi progressed rapidly, and the two of them quickly got married and went to take wedding photos. Huang Ziqiang drank his sorrows by drinking, remembering the scenes of the past with Lulu, crying sadly. Huang Zili took out the few dozen dollars he had and bought noodles for Zhong Zhengdao Hemu. He had nowhere to go and had no money, so he had to let Zhong Zhengdao Hemu sleep in the car. The police patrolled here in the middle of the night and hurried to wake Huang Zili. Huang Zili lied to rest here for a while. The police did not notice any abnormalities and drove away.

Huang Zili bit his scalp and called Ge Dayun to go to work in his health care company, and borrowed 10,000 yuan from him. After Zhong Zhengdao finished his rehabilitation training, he came directly to Dean Li. Huang Zili came afterwards, under the excuse that Zhong Zhengdao was in poor health and wanted to be hospitalized for one month. Dean Li approved on the spot and gave Zhong Zhengdao a VIP according to his level. In the ward, Huang Zili finally found a safe place for his grandfather and grandson and asked the nurse to take care of Zhong Zhengdao.

After Wang Junyi and Liu Manyu got married, they went straight back to work and agreed to find time to spend their honeymoon with Liu Manyu. Liu Manyu fully supported his work. As soon as Wang Junyi went to work, he saw Huang Zili doing hospitalization procedures for Zhong Zhengdao, and only then did he know that Zhong Zhengdao was hospitalized. Huang Zili settled down in harmony with Zhong Zhengdao, so he came directly to Ge Dayun to report. Ge Dayun tore the IOU to pieces on the spot, and even called Huang Zili a brother.

Ge Dayun excuses that Huang Zili’s personality is too popular and he is not suitable for being a sales director for the time being. He asked him to start from the bottom salesperson. Huang Zili asked Liu Bo about Lulu’s situation. Liu Bo mistakenly believed that Huang Zili was interested in Lulu. Promised to introduce it to him. Ge Dayun had long guessed that Huang Zili would come to him for help. Huang Zili had already reached a desperate situation when he dragged his family with him. Throwing a piece of bone would attract Huang Zili.

An Xiaoduo asked a good friend of the police station to help investigate Feng Shasha’s case, and when they got the information, they began to investigate closely. Liu Manyu found out in conscience that she sent a message to Huang Zili, admitting that the previous pregnancy was a lie, and that they had no relationship that night. After reading Liu Manyu’s message, Huang Zili felt mixed, and couldn’t help but think of the dialect again.

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