Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 38 Plot

Huang Zili learned that the dialect parents had sold the house and promised to find a house and move as soon as possible. Fang’s father felt that Huang Zili was a good person and agreed to give him a few days of grace. Fang’s mother hurriedly took her husband away.

Huang Zili called An Xiaoduo to inquire about the progress of Zhong Zhengdao’s house deception and wanted to move back as soon as possible. An Xiaoduo explained that he had new clues, but it would take a long time to solve the case. Huang Zili was advised to wait patiently. Zili didn’t explain the need to vacate the house, so he had to call Huang Ziqiang for help, and Huang Ziqiang promised to transfer money to him after the bill was settled at night.

Huang Zili worked overtime to take orders. He wanted to earn more money. When he was tired, he lay down on the stone steps in the park and took a nap. Huang Zili received a new order and delivered him to his customer Feng Shasha on time. Feng Shasha was suddenly flustered and short of breath. Sweaty, Huang Zili yelled several times. There was no one else in the family. He hurried to Feng Shasha for emergency treatment.

Feng Shasha regained consciousness and mistakenly thought that Huang Zili was a pornstar, and quickly opened the live broadcast to expose Huang Zili to netizens. Huang Zili just wanted to leave on a motorcycle, but he couldn’t worry about Feng Shasha. He went back to Feng Shasha’s house again under the charge of being a pornographic maniac. When he saw Feng Shasha fainted in the room, Huang Zili hurriedly greeted the neighbors to call for emergency calls. Take Feng Shasha to the hospital.

Huang Zili got up early in the morning and received a call from Minister Tang of the company’s legal department. Someone reported that Huang Zili was ashamed of a female customer. Huang Zili explained repeatedly, but Minister Tang didn’t believe it at all and asked Huang Zili to go to the hospital to find a female customer to explain the situation. Huang Zili came to the medical doctor. Feng Shasha’s attending doctor was Wang Junyi. Wang Junyi explained that Feng Shasha was in critical condition and needed immediate surgery. He asked Huang Zili to pay for the surgery first.

Minister Tang called Huang Zili and asked him to pay Feng Shasha for the surgery first, and try to minimize the impact. After everything was over, Huang Zili had to do it. He paid a total of 50,000 yuan for hospitalization. Minister Tang saw the video that Feng Shasha posted on the Internet before the accident and determined that Huang Zili harassed the female customer was true. He was furious and called on the spot to fire Huang Zili. Despite Huang Zili’s various explanations, he would not listen at all and insisted. Huang Zili’s actions affected the company’s image.

Huang Zili went back to the ward to see Feng Sasha, only to know that she had entered the operating room. The chief surgeon was Wang Junyi and Huang Zili was waiting outside. Fortunately, Feng Shasha was in a coma, but she was still in a coma and could not recover until three days later. Huang Zili He had to go home first. He called Zhang Jian to explain the situation and wanted him to stare at Feng Shasha. Zhang Jianzheng and his wife chose the room number. Huang Zili could not bother.

Zhong Zhengdao urged Huang Zili to find a house and move as soon as possible, but he was penniless. Huang Zili called Fan Zhipeng. Fan Zhipeng was taking care of his sick mother in his hometown. He was also worried about money. Huang Zili wanted to mortgage the car, but that car The car was worthless, and Huang Zili was forced to find a small loan company because the interest rate was too high and he could only give up.

Huang Zili had no choice but to bite the bullet and borrowed money from Zhong Zhengdao. Zhong Zhengdao made it clear that his money was reserved for Mumu International School and Huang Zili was not allowed to withdraw money. Huang Zili fell into a desperate situation and didn’t know where to go. He paid sister Chen’s salary, then packed his luggage and left the old dialect house. Huang Zili drove Zhong Zhengdao Hemu first to find a small hotel to stay, and then went to buy Zhong Zhengdao’s favorite dumplings Hemu favorite fried rice. At night, Zhong Zhengdao Hemu slept in each bed, and Huang Zili slept on the floor.

Huang Zili sent Mumu to kindergarten early in the morning, then Zhong Zhengdao for rehabilitation training, and finally came to the hospital to find Feng Shasha. Unexpectedly, she was discharged from the hospital. Huang Zili hurried to find someone at home. The female neighbor came out and told Feng Shasha that she had She moved and left, and two others helped her move things. Huang Zili was immediately dumbfounded. The female neighbor recognized him as the takeaway brother who rescued Feng Shasha that day and promised to testify for him. Huang Zili quickly called Minister Tang to explain It explained that Minister Tang would not listen at all because he had been fired from the company.

After Zhong Zhengdao finished his rehabilitation training, he did not see Huang Zili coming to pick him up, so he asked the nurse to push him to the cardiology department to find Huang Zili. Wang Junyi explained that Huang Zili was delivering food and asked him to find him at the food company. At this moment, Huang Zili hurried over. Zhong Zhengdao bitterly questioned Huang Zili. Wang Junyi publicly exposed that Huang Zili had been expelled from the hospital five years ago. Zhong Zhengdao was immediately shocked and asked Huang Zili to make it clear on the spot.

Huang Zili stated that his surgery was very successful, and he did not receive any red envelopes. Wang Junyi wanted to continue to frame Huang Zili, but Zhong Zhengdao yelled him loudly. He firmly believed in Huang Zili’s character and knew that he had been wronged. Zhong Zhengdao felt like he was wronged. The knife twisted, let Huang Zili push him away. Along the way, Zhong Zhengdao said nothing.

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