Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 37 Plot

Liu Manyu drove Wang Junyi home and introduced himself to him. Wang Junyi did not expect that Liu Manyu’s pharmacy was near his home, and there were three chain stores. Wang Junyi was tempted by her, claiming that Huang Zili had talked with the dialect before Zhong Qing died. It’s very close, and they still have contact recently, Liu Manyu feels very sad.

Liu Manyu went home frustrated, but he didn’t expect that her ex-husband Wang Zijian was waiting for her downstairs, struggling to get back to her. Liu Manyu claimed that she already had a boyfriend and forced Wang Zijian away. Wang Junyi came to Hu Jie when he got off work. Hu Jie happened to receive a big project and asked Wang Junyi to help him decide.

At night, Huang Zili remembered the dialect. He tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep, so he turned over the photos they took in the playground. At the same time, she couldn’t sleep in dialect at night. When she opened the photos stored on the computer, she couldn’t help but think of the happy moments with Huang Zili. Because she couldn’t contact anyone with her mobile phone, she could only endure the longing in her heart.

After Jia Ting and Wang Junyi divorced, they were depressed and unhappy all day long. Their parents called from the other side of the ocean to inform her that the immigration procedures of their mother and daughter had been completed. Jia Ting was sad and sad when they came to the family to reunite. Hurry up to find an excuse to hang up. Liu Manyu and Wang Junyi started dating. The two dated frequently, and their relationship became closer and closer.

They went to high-end venues and exchanged cups together, making a happy drink, in stark contrast with Huang Zili, who was busy delivering food every day. Wang Junyi sent Liu Manyu home, and the two reluctantly hugged and bid farewell.

The news that Wang Junyi and Liu Manyu were falling in love soon spread to the hospital. Huang Zili came to the hospital to deliver the food. Zhang Jian reminded him to seize Liu Manyu, or he would be abducted by Wang Junyi sooner or later. Huang Zili repeatedly emphasized that he and Liu Manyu have nothing to do. Relationship, Zhang Jian accidentally saw Huang Zili’s phone in dialect photos, suspected that he was stepping on two boats, Huang Zili defended in every possible way, he was just worried that Liu Manyu would suffer a loss with Wang Junyi.

The more Zhang Jian thought about it, the more things were wrong. He regretted that he had said the wrong thing that day and caused the dialect to misunderstand that Huang Zili and Liu Manyu were boy and girl friends. Huang Zili finally understood why the dialect was cold to him before he left. He severely criticized Zhang Jian and complained about him. Zhang Jian wanted to call the dialect to explain it clearly. Huang Zili didn’t know where the dialect was going.

Jia Ting saw Wang Junyi and Liu Manyu talking affectionately in the office, she rushed in to warn Wang Junyi, Liu Manyu hurried away, Jia Ting warned Wang Junyi not to snatch Huang Zili’s girlfriend, Wang Junyi did not allow her to be nosy and promised to return Give her freedom. Liu Manyu went back to the ward to visit Ding Baozhen, Ding Baozhen urged her to have a good chat with Wang Junyi, but Wang Junyi was at work, so Liu Manyu was inconvenient to bother too much.

Huang Zili came to the department to deliver food. From a distance, Wang Junyi and Liu Manyu drove away talking and laughing together. Jia Ting reminded Huang Zili to care more about his girlfriend, so as not to give Wang Junyi a chance. Huang Zili had no right to interfere with their relationship. Jia Ting insisted that Wang Junyi would not really like Liu Manyu, but did not want Wang Junyi to do anything to harm Huang Zili. Huang Zili heard something in the words, and asked her hard, Jia Ting left without saying anything.

Huang Zili called Liu Manyu aside and reminded her not to be fooled by Wang Junyi, and learn more about Wang Junyi. Then again, Liu Manyu didn’t regret it, she looked for Wang Junyi and complained that Huang Zili was too busy with his business. Huang Zili felt that Wang Junyi was not credible. , Persuaded Liu Manyu to keep his eyes open, Liu Manyu ridiculed Huang Zili and told him to keep his own business.

Zhang Jian heard the conversation between Huang Zili and Liu Manyu, and persuaded Huang Zili not to worry about other people’s affairs, and to find a dialect to explain clearly as soon as possible, but the dialect phone was turned off all the time, and Huang Zili was helpless. Liu Manyu remembered Huang Zili’s words, she had committed suspicion again, and felt that she had no bottom, and wanted to slow down with Wang Junyi and give each other more time to understand each other. Wang Junyi felt it was too late to meet her, so he proposed to her on the spot and wanted to meet Liu Manyu right away. After getting married, Liu Manyu was dumbfounded.

Liu Bo asked Lulu to drink and put sleeping pills in the wine beforehand. Lulu quickly became dizzy and drunk. Liu Bo forced her home. Lulu suddenly woke up and walked away despite Liu Bo’s blockage. Liu Bo was so angry Gritting teeth. Huang Zili called the dialect whenever he had time, but the phone kept turning off, so Huang Zili had to send her a message. Huang Ziqiang was drinking alcohol alone, and suddenly received a call from Lulu. Lulu was crying on the phone. Huang Ziqiang was anxious, but he could only be in a hurry in Wuxi. He called Lulu ten thousand yuan on the spot and asked her to find her first. Place to sleep.

Huang Zili came to the medical doctor to deliver the food early in the morning. It happened to see Wang Junyi getting off work. Wang Junyi ridiculed him and spoke harsh words to him. He repeatedly claimed that Liu Manyu was his fiancée, and warned Huang Zili not to mess with his back. , Otherwise it will never be light.

The dialect parents came to the old house, but Huang Zili’s family of three did not expect Huang Zili to live in it. Huang Zili guessed that the two of them were dialect parents and hurriedly explained that he was a friend of dialects. They only wanted to know the relationship between Huang Zili and the dialect. Huang Zili claimed to be. The dialect helper also introduced Zhong Zhengdao’s harmonious relationship.

Fang’s mother remembered the recent abnormal behavior of the dialect and suspected that he and Huang Zili were in a relationship. Huang Zili defended in every possible way. Fang’s father felt that Huang Zili’s character was good, and the couple started arguing if they didn’t agree with each other.

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