Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 35 Plot

Huang Zili put the last boxed lunch on the table for Wang Junyi, opened the lunch box for him, took the chopsticks apart and put it in his hands, and advised him to eat well and don’t choke. Before leaving, Huang Zili Asked Wang Junyi to give him five-star praise, and promised to take all orders from the doctor in the future. Huang Zili made fun of Wang Junyi’s upcoming promotion to the chief director and reminded him not to do bad things that are conscienceless. Wang Junyi was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but in front of so many colleagues It’s not easy to attack.

Huang Zili had lunch at the entrance of the hospital. Zhang Jian came to give him a bottle of water and wanted to help him find another job. Huang Zili felt that this job was free and he could also free up time to take care of Zhong Zhengdao. Zhang Jian was very distressed. Not knowing how to help him, Huang Zili asked him to order more and give him more five-star praise. Zhang Jian revealed that Wang Junyi and Jia Ting had not eaten because of guilt. Huang Zili was overjoyed in his heart, and left with an excuse that there were orders.

Huang Zili reported to the dialect what had happened in the doctor. The dialect praised him for doing well, prepared a raincoat for him, and persuaded him to drink more water. The dialect gave him a thousand warnings, and Huang Zili was so irritated by her that she couldn’t help but feel jealous. She became more and more like her own mother, Mumu was awakened, and felt that they could not finish talking, so she hurriedly left in dialect. Huang Zili folded his raincoat neatly on the table, feeling warm.

Huang Zili worked hard to deliver food every day, earning a lot of praise and more and more orders. Huang Zili freely entered every department of the medical doctor. He took time to pick up Mumu home, and then began to deliver food again. On this day, he sent a takeaway to the bar and met Liu Manyu in the private room. Liu Manyu hurriedly chased him out and kindly invited him to work in the drugstore. He didn’t want him to continue to do this kind of physical work. Huang Zili disapproved. He felt that the job was very free. He also advised Liu Manyu not to drink too much alcohol and pay attention to his body. Liu Manyu looked at Huang Zili. The confident back is very uncomfortable in my heart.

Zhang Jian mobilized his colleagues to order takeaways to help Huang Zili, and also reported to the union. The union held a meeting for this purpose and decided to give all the takeaways for labor expenses to Huang Zili. Huang Zili was very happy. He learned that the dialect would go on Monday. On a business trip, I suggest that the whole family eat dumplings. Huang Zili took the whole family home after eating dumplings. Seeing Huang Ziqiang had been waiting for them at the door of his house, Huang Zili told him about seeing Liu Manyu.

Huang Ziqiang felt that Liu Manyu felt guilty towards him and persuaded him to accept Liu Manyu’s suggestion. When he went to work in the pharmacy, Huang Zili didn’t want to have any contact with Liu Manyu anymore, and casually talked about the dialect pretending that Liu Manyu talked with his parents. Huang Ziqiang tried his best to match Huang Zili with the dialect.

Huang Zili felt that he was not worthy of the above words. He also needs to take care of Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony. Huang Ziqiang feels that dialects are not worth these, and persuades him to bravely pursue his love, otherwise he will regret for life. Mumu has become accustomed to Huang Zili sleeping under his bed. He urges Huang Zili to go to bed as soon as possible with wistful eyes. Huang Zili throws Huang Ziqiang aside and hurries back to the house.

On the weekend, Huang Zili took Zhong Zhengdao, Mumu and dialects to the playground to play together. The four people talked and laughed like a family and had a great time. Finally, Huang Zili prepared a sumptuous meal on the rooftop. The dialect made Mu Mu call Huang Zili’s father. Mu Mu was embarrassed and refused to speak. Huang Zili hurriedly asked Mu Mu to eat. The dialect asked Huang Zili to reflect on himself. Blaming him for not opening his heart to Mumu and showing his father’s care, Huang Zili asked Mumu to call his mother in dialect, and dialect hurriedly stopped him.

At this moment, Liu Manyu suddenly called Huang Zili for help. Ding Baozhen had a heart attack and was receiving emergency treatment at the hospital. Liu Manyu cried and begged Huang Zili to come over to give her courage. Without saying anything in the dialect, Huang Zili asked Huang Zili to go to the hospital. Zhang Jianlai gave Liu Manyu the operation notice. Huang Zili took the medical record and read it from beginning to end. He learned that the chief surgeon was Wang Junyi. Huang Zili discovered that Ding Baozhen’s condition was complicated and the operation would be life-threatening. He did not agree to perform the operation on Ding Baozhen. Call Zhang Jian aside.

Huang Zili told him about Ding Baozhen’s condition in detail, and asked him to consult an expert before making a decision, but Wang Junyi was already waiting in the operating room, and Huang Zili asked Zhang Jian to persuade him. Wang Junyi excused that Ding Baozhen was in critical condition. He did not agree with the expert consultation and insisted on performing the operation on Ding Baozhen. Zhang Jian had to inform Huang Zili. Huang Zili suggested that an expert go to the operating room for consultation. He also told Zhang Jian to observe the patient’s condition at all times. Liu Manyu was undergoing surgery. Sign the notice.

Huang Zili called Director Yu and reported Ding Baozhen’s condition in detail. Immediately afterwards, Huang Zili called the dialect again and asked her to help take care of Zhong Zhengdao Hemu. Huang Zili had to stay in the hospital and watch him. When the operation was over, he went home immediately and asked the dialect to save him food. Huang Zili was worried, and called sister Chen again, asking her to go back and take care of her home in dialect.

The dialect helped Sister Chen pick vegetables and let Zhongzheng Taoism play chess in harmony. He always played chess with himself in the province, and in harmony with his teacher on the spot. Thanks to Huang Zili for inviting Director Yu, Ding Baozhen’s operation was very successful. Huang Zili thanked Director Yu for his help. Director Yu learned that his current situation was very unsatisfactory and asked him to find time to go to the office to chat.

Zhang Jian saw that Liu Manyu relied heavily on Huang Zili and thought Ding Baozhen was Huang Zili’s mother-in-law. Huang Zili repeatedly explained that he and Liu Manyu were ordinary friends, but Zhang Jian didn’t believe it at all. After completing the formalities, Liu Manyu came back and begged Zhang Jian to take good care of his mother. He also let Zhang Jian see that he and Huang Zili had something to do with him.

Zhang Jian immediately understood that there was something in Liu Manyu’s words. Huang Zili didn’t want to explain more, but wanted to go back to take care of Zhong Zhengdao as soon as possible. , Liu Manyu had no idea, and struggled to keep Huang Zili with her. Huang Zili had to go out and call the dialect.

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