Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 34 Plot

Huang Hanmin called Huang Zili. He first praised him for quitting his job that was abducted and deceived, and encouraged him to lay down his burdens to deliver food. Then Huang Hanmin asked about his girlfriend Liu Manyu’s situation. Huang Zili lied that they were very good Okay, Huang Hanmin didn’t worry and asked him to go home as soon as possible to open the video. The old couple wanted to meet their future daughter-in-law in the video.

Huang Zili was forced to call the dialect for help. After learning that the dialect had just taken Mumu home, he hurried back to explain to the dialect what was going on. Please pretend the dialect was Liu Manyu to make his parents happy. To explain the truth, Huang Zili did not dare to tell the truth, worried that his parents would chase him and Liu Manyu in Suzhou, or force him to go on a blind date again. Huang Zili begged for dialects.

Huang Hanmin called Huang Zili on video, but the dialect had to bite the bullet and fake Liu Manyu. Huang Hanmin and his wife were very satisfied with the dialect. They casually asked about the situation of their parents and welcomed the family to play. Huang Hanmin promised to give her and Huang Zili a scene. Just getting the wedding, the dialect was gradually moved by the amiable old man, so he took a cell phone to chat with them. Huang Zili was worried about revealing the stuff and hurriedly snatched the phone. Huang Hanmin urged Huang Zili to marry his wife home as soon as possible. The dialect severely pinched. After Huang Zili, he groaned in pain.

The dialect took the opportunity to complain to Huang Hanmin and his wife, lied that Huang Zili always bullied her. Huang Zili hurriedly hugged the dialect and showed her affection to make his parents happy. Zhong Zhengdao heard clearly in the room, and he was very uneasy. Mumu came out and saw Huang Zili put his arms around the dialect and couldn’t help calling them loudly. Huang Zili hung up the phone with the excuse of going to cook. Huang Zili thanked the dialect for his cooperation, and the dialect forbids him to lie. Huang Zili hurriedly confessed his mistake with a smiling face.

Huang Hanmin heard the dialect sounds very familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was. His wife felt very kind. He felt that it was not that the family did not enter the house. Huang Hanmin was completely relieved about Huang Zili’s marriage, but he was still worried about Huang Zili. However, he refused to deliver the food. Huang Hanmin dialed the phone in dialect and wanted her to persuade Huang Zili. Huang Zili worried that her father would hear the voice in the dialect, so she asked her to talk to his father in a different voice. Huang Hanmin asked the dialect to persuade Huang Zili, and he agreed with the dialect, encouraging Huang Zili to go out and deliver food.

Huang Zili officially joined the team of takeaway brothers. On his first day at work, his colleague Tong Zi took the initiative to greet him and also taught him the experience of delivering food. Huang Zili quickly received the order, and he gradually entered the working state. Shuttle through the alleys and deliver meals to customers in time. At noon, Huang Zili squatted on the side of the road to eat a box lunch.

Before he finished eating, he came in for a new order. Due to a tire problem, he took the order a little late and was complained by the fast-food restaurant owner. Huang Zili found out that this order was taken by a medical doctor. He wanted to ask a colleague to help deliver it, but it was inconvenient for his colleague to go to another place. Huang Zili had to bite the bullet and return to the original hospital. He put on a mask and didn’t want to be recognized. come out.

Huang Zili took the elevator, turned his back to avoid Zhang Jian, and finally sent him to the nurse’s station of the cardiology department. He saw Zhang Jianzheng and Wang Junyi and others discussing the condition outside the doctor’s duty room. He looked obsessively and felt this. Jing is so familiar, but looking at his current situation, I feel disappointed. The security guard saw him sneaky and rushed him away.

The dialect came to the medical doctor to look for Jia Ting, and I saw Huang Zili’s lonely back outside the gate. He hurriedly sent him a bottle of water. Huang Zili immediately increased his confidence when delivering food. Dialect called Jia Ting to meet, and asked her to tell in detail about the case of Huang Zili receiving red envelopes five years ago. Jia Ting did not dare to admit the report letter she wrote. The medical malpractice was unjustified.

Jia Ting’s perjury led to Huang Zili’s failure to find a serious job for many years, and now he fell to the point of delivering food. Jia Ting defended in every possible way. The dialect accused Jia Ting of protecting Wang Junyi and made Huang Zili suffer the unjustified injustice, Jia Ting was ashamed, and hurried away with the excuse that she had work.

Jia Ting was so embarrassed by the dialect that Wang Junyi forced Jia Ting home to hide his eyes. Jia Ting revealed to Wang Junyi the current situation of Huang Zili. Not only was he unable to gain a foothold in the medical circle, he had to take care of Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony and was forced Delivering food to make ends meet, Wang Junyi gloated and claimed that the report letter was written by Jia Ting. He promised to order more takeaways in the future, and let Huang Zili send it to the department. Jia Ting felt that his approach was too excessive, and the two people quarreled if they didn’t agree. frame.

Huang Zili went to send Mumu to kindergarten early in the morning, and then he started to deliver food. He went to a fast food restaurant and got eleven medical takeaways. The nurse asked him to take him to the conference room. Huang Zili was puzzled. room. Huang Zili opened the door of the conference room and saw that all the medical staff in the general practice were in a meeting. Wang Junyi pretended to greet Huang Zili to come in for a chat. He ridiculed him and asked him to share the food with everyone. Huang Zili had to do it. To everyone in front of you.

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