Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 33 Plot

After eating and drinking, Ge Dayun and Huang Zili left and rushed to the second wine bureau. Before leaving, Ge Dayun repeatedly urged Huang Zili to come to work at the company early tomorrow morning. Huang Zili reported to the dialect that he had found a job at the first time. After the dialect inquired about the company in detail, he was relieved. Huang Zili wanted to find time to invite the dialect to dinner.

Dialects came to the Criminal Investigation Team to report, and Yan Tao repeatedly explained the particularity of the mission. Not only did he need to travel for three months, confiscated all communication equipment, did not allow contact with anyone, but also kept his family and friends confidential. Duo handed over the work, please keep an eye on the case of Zhong Zhengdao being defrauded and Huang Zili being framed. An Xiaoduo saw that she couldn’t let Huang Zili go anymore and couldn’t help but make fun of her. The dialect repeatedly emphasized that she and Huang Zili were pure friendship. , An Xiaoduo didn’t believe it at all, and had to wait and see how their relationship progressed.

I went home with my parents in dialect and reiterated that I would not contact them during the business trip. My mother was worried and told her a lot. My father taught her many secrets of criminal investigation work. Huang Zili came to Ge Dayun’s Baoli to work in the company early in the morning. Unexpectedly, the front desk clerk was Lulu. Lulu hurriedly took him to see Ge Dayun. Huang Zili couldn’t wait to get acquainted with his work. Ge Dayun introduced the company’s products in detail to him and arranged for Huang. Zili gave lectures to customers. Ge Dayun had left beforehand and asked his nephew Wu Bo to show Huang Zili around.

Huang Zili took a brief look at the product and found that the raw materials are very precious. He wanted to go to the factory to have a look at it. Wu Bo asked Lulu to bring the product information. Huang Zili saw from the window that Wu Bo acted on Lulu. Disgusted with Wu Bo, when Huang Zili saw Lulu, he told her about Huang Ziqiang’s going to Wuxi to open a restaurant, and welcomed her to be a guest at home.

Lulu asked Huang Zili to familiarize himself with the video materials of other people’s lectures from the computer. Huang Zili saw a person on the stage boasting about the effectiveness of the product. Customers rushed to buy it. Huang Zili couldn’t stand it, so he turned off the computer Lost. The more things Huang Zili thought about, the more things went wrong, so he asked Lulu about the address of the factory. He found Baolilai’s processing plant according to the address and found that the door was locked. The security guard asked Ge Dayun for instructions and let Huang Zili in.

When Ge Dayun learned that Huang Zili was going to inspect the factory, he was worried that he would find something tricky in it, so he hurriedly took Wu Bo over to see what happened. Huang Zili came to the warehouse and found that the facilities here were rudimentary. Only a few workers were repacking products. He learned from the person in charge that the sales of the products were very good.

He found that these sky-high-priced health care products were repackaged with low-priced supplements, and he immediately understood everything. Ge Dayun came afterwards. Huang Zili saw blood for a while and pointed out that he used low-cost raw materials for the high profits. Ge Dayun repeatedly explained that this move was to ensure greater benefits. Huang Zili did not want to do wicked deeds, and asked Ge Dayun on the spot. When he proposed to resign, Ge Dayun reminded him not to be too idealistic, but to be pragmatic, and Huang Zili resolutely left.

Huang Zili called back to the company and learned that Lulu was off work, but she couldn’t get through Lulu’s phone call. Finally, Lulu shut down. Huang Zili had some concerns and had to drive home first. He was beaten as soon as he walked in. Mu sprayed water all over his body with a water gun. He thought that the water gun bought for Mu Mu in dialect, but Huang Ziqiang bought it for him.

Huang Ziqiang went back to Suzhou to pray for his birthday to Master. By the way, he congratulated Huang Zili on finding a job. Huang Zili had to admit that he had already After resigning, he didn’t want to help Zhou to abuse and do things that hurt the truth. Zhong Zhengdao, dialect and Huang Ziqiang learned the whole story. They all applauded Huang Zili and supported his decision.

Huang Zili told Huang Ziqiang about Lulu’s current situation, and Huang Ziqiang went to Lulu even if he didn’t care about eating. The dialect told Huang Zili’s family of three to say farewells. He repeatedly stated that he could not contact them during the business trip and was reluctant to separate from her. Dialect promised to come back to see them when the work was over. Huang Ziqiang came to the company to find Lulu. Lulu didn’t want to see him, so she hurriedly hid. Wu Bo called security to drive Huang Ziqiang away.

After the meal, Huang Zili sent a dialect to take a taxi. Thanks for her continuous help. The dialect took out a bank card and asked Huang Zili to respond. Huang Zili politely declined. The dialect asked him to find a job as soon as possible, so that he could walk more easily. Huang Independence fully agreed. Huang Ziqiang looked around for Lulu to no avail, and went home to complain to Huang Zili. Huang Ziqiang saw that the dialect was interesting to Huang Zili, and advised him to cultivate the correct result with the dialect as soon as possible. Huang Zili would not allow him to talk nonsense.

Huang Zili went to the second-hand market to sell the car. He wanted to sell it for 30,000 yuan, but the car dealer only bid 8,000 yuan. Huang Zili was angry and stopped selling. He suddenly received a call from Huang Ziqiang. Huang Ziqiang suggested that he use that car to deliver food. Huang Zili felt it was feasible. Huang Ziqiang worried that Huang Zili would not lay down to deliver the food, so he called Huang Hanmin and asked him to persuade Huang Zili.

Huang Hanmin asked Huang Ziqiang about the relationship between Liu Manyu and Huang Zili. Huang Ziqiang casually said that they had broken up. Huang Hanmin also learned from Huang Zili two days ago that the two of them are very good. Huang Ziqiang realized that he had made a mistake and quickly found an excuse to cover up.

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