Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 32 Plot

Huang Zili sent Mumu to kindergarten early in the morning. Mumu greeted his teacher happily. Huang Zili was happy in his eyes and promised to pick him up after school in the afternoon. Director Cao called to inform Huang Zili that Huang Zili had been blacklisted in the pharmaceutical industry, and the entire industry banned him. Huang Zili couldn’t help being surprised. Director Cao sent him an article written by Hu Jie. Huang Zili was criticized on the Internet.

Huang Zili applied for jobs in major pharmaceutical companies, preferring to start from the bottom clerk, repeatedly stating that Hu Jie’s articles on the Internet were malicious slander, but the other party didn’t listen at all, so Huang Zili went to some small hospitals to apply. Being turned away, Huang Zili was not reconciled, and continued to apply for jobs. In the end, he still bumped into walls everywhere.

Since Lulu left, Huang Ziqiang has been depressed all day long. He always yelled at his opponent chefs. The manager ridiculed him and claimed that Lulu ran away with the big money and abandoned him. Huang Ziqiang became angry and angry. I quit my job. Huang Zili came to a pharmaceutical company to apply. The manager was an old friend of Director Yu. He persuaded Huang Zili to admit his mistake to Hu Jie and eliminate the adverse effects as soon as possible.

Huang Ziqiang returned the rented house, packed his luggage and decided to leave the city. He called Lulu goodbye. Lulu said that it was not convenient to call, so she hung up without saying a few words. Huang Zili came to visit Hu Jiexing personally to ask his guilt, but Wang Junyi was discussing with Hu Jie about the pacemaker. Huang Zili pointed out that they had partnered to slander him on the Internet and asked the pharmaceutical industry to ban him. Hu Jie vilified Huang Zili. In the opposite direction, Wang Junyi advised Huang Zili to go to another city for development, and Huang Zili warned them to do it for themselves.

Huang Ziqiang was going to open a restaurant in Wuxi with a buddy. Before leaving, he asked Huang Zili to have a meal. He suggested to report on Wang Junyi and Hu Jie. Huang Zili didn’t want to care about them, but just wanted to live his life. Huang Ziqiang gave away the savings left from the restaurant. Give Huang Zili an emergency. Huang Zili went home very late and saw that the dialect had been waiting for him at the door.

The dialect had heard that he was blocked by the whole industry, and he couldn’t help but sweat for him. Huang Zili was very disgusted with what Hu Jie and Wang Junyi did. After being overwhelmed by these, he vowed to face it firmly and prove his worth with practical actions. The dialect couldn’t help but admire him, shaking hands to cheer for him. Huang Zili went home and found Mumu had a fever and cough, so he rushed to give him medicine for pediatric colds.

An Xiaoduo revealed the divorce of Jia Ting and Wang Junyi to Dialect, and dialect decided to open a gap from Jia Ting. Director Liao wanted to second the dialect to Yan Tao’s criminal investigation team to investigate a real estate fraud case. Naturally, he couldn’t ask for the dialect. Huang Ziqiang quickly settled down in Wuxi. The hotel he ordered was in an excellent location. Huang Ziqiang was full of confidence and wanted to make money. He persuaded Huang Zili to also come to Wuxi to develop. Huang Zili couldn’t let Zhong Zhengdao be harmonious.

Huang Zili considered and decided to go to Ge Dayun’s health care product company. He called Ge Dayun. Ge Dayun was having a meal with a few friends in the industry and invited Huang Zili to have a meal. Huang Zili looked for it according to the address. Ge Dayun solemnly introduced Huang Zili to the friends present, and he was called a brother, and he also introduced his friends to Huang Zili one by one.

Afterwards, Ge Dayun and Huang Zili had a single chat, and thanked Huang Zili again and again for his support, which allowed him to develop from scratch to this day. Ge Dayun introduced the company’s situation in detail. Now he mainly researches and develops health care products for the elderly and invites Huang Zili to do it. Sales director, Huang Zili was worried that he would not be competent. Ge Dayun promised to give him a basic salary of 20,000 yuan plus a generous commission. Huang Zili was immediately moved.

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