Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 31 Plot

The dialect thanked Huang Zili for saving Lao Wang and generously paid for his medical expenses. The dialect firmly believed that Huang Zili was framed and framed back then and he would never accept bribes. Huang Zili expressed his grievances that he had pressed for many years and felt in his heart. A lot of fun. Dialect wanted to purge Huang Zili from the crime, and asked An Xiaoduo’s husband as a lawyer to defend Huang Zili. An Xiaoduo readily agreed.

Huang Zili got up early in the morning and found Mumu was peeing in his pants. He quickly helped him put on clean clothes. He sent Huang Zili a set of bunk beds in dialect. Huang Zili no longer needed to sleep on the hard sofa. He was grateful for his words, Mu Mu Xilai didn’t want to go to kindergarten, so he sent him to work in dialect.

Huang Zili received a call from his taekwondo teacher, and the teacher asked Mumu to come to class. Huang Zili excused that he would no longer take taekwondo after moving. The babysitter pushed Zhong Zhengdao out to relax. Zhong Zhengdao was worried about Mumu, so he went to let the babysitter push him to kindergarten. Suddenly seeing Mumu running out of it, Zhong Zhengdao hurried over to ask the reason and learned that the teacher asked the children to draw a picture. A portrait of Zhang’s mother. The child made fun of Mumu’s mother as a foreigner. He even scribbled his painting without authorization, and Mumu hit the child in a huff.

The teacher called Huang Zili. Fortunately, the parents of the kid who were beaten didn’t pursue it. Huang Zili took Mumu home. Zhong Zhengdao didn’t want to see Mumu be wronged and asked him to return to the International Kindergarten. Huang Zili couldn’t bear it. It costs too much, not to mention that Mumu is about to go to elementary school. Huang Zili doesn’t want to toss any more, Zhong Zhengdao disagrees, and he is angry not to let Mumu go to kindergarten. Huang Zili received an interview call from the pharmaceutical company. He forcibly sent Mu Mu to the kindergarten. Mu Mu struggled desperately. Huang Zili had to take him to the interview.

Huang Zili took the form, and sat outside the office waiting for the number to be called. Mumu sat while drawing. He sneaked into the corridor while he was not prepared and scribbled on the bulletin board. Hu Jie switched to medicine and then set up a pharmaceutical company. Wang Junyi came to him to discuss cooperation and revealed to him that his daughter Yaoyao was going to aristocratic school and needed a lot of money. Wang Junyi also wanted to run for inpatient general, Hu Jie promised to do his best help.

Wang Junyi went out to see Mumu and learned that he was with Huang Zili for an interview. Mumu asked Wang Junyi to call his mother and ask her to come back to see him. When Hu Jie saw them both after get off work, he learned that Mu Mu was Zhong Qing’s son and casually told the news of Zhong Qing’s death. Mu Mu was very angry and firmly believed that his mother would return. Huang Zili discovered that Mu Mu was missing, and hurriedly found him. It was Huang Zili’s turn to interview, and he asked Mu Mu to wait outside with peace of mind.

The interviewer found that Huang Zili’s resume had passed on his experience as a doctor. He suspected that he had deliberately concealed it. The interviewer had received information from Wang Junyi in advance and learned that Huang Zili had a medical accident in the doctor, and was expelled from the hospital for accepting bribes. The interviewer refused to hire Huang Zili because he was dishonest. Huang Zili had to take Mumu to leave and met Ge Dayun, a health product salesman at the door. Ge Dayun now opened a health products company and kindly invited Huang Zili to work in his company.

Wang Junyi drove Jia Ting and guarded at the door of the pharmaceutical company. He saw Huang Zili leaving with Mumu from a distance. Wang Junyi triumphantly admitted that he sent a message to the interviewer and made Huang Zili’s job search fail. Jia Ting regretted the perjury that year. Huang Zili, she could see Wang Junyi’s face clearly, she wanted to divorce him. Wang Junyi didn’t want to get divorced at this critical moment of promotion, but Jia Ting had decided, and the two people had a quarrel.

Mumu lied in bed and cried silently when he returned home. He couldn’t accept the news of his mother’s death. Huang Zili’s persuasive words to him were of no avail. He had to send a message overnight to ask for help in the dialect, and the dialect promised to calm Mumu. Early the next morning, the dialect and Huang Zili brought Mumu to the playground. The three of them had a great time. The dialect saw that Mumu had accepted Huang Zili in his heart, but he was unwilling to admit it. The dialect said Huang Zili a lot. Good words, Mumu promised to be better with Huang Zili from now on, and specifically proposed to let the dialect play with them.

Mumu played for a day, and finally fell asleep with exhaustion. Huang Zili went home with him on his back. The dialect persuaded Huang Zili to give Mumu more time and tried to let him be called Huang Zili’s father earlier. Huang Zili did not dare to expect this day. Dialect encourages and cheers for him. At night, the dialect tossing and turning could not fall asleep. She turned out the photos taken in the playground, remembering the happy moments of the three of them together, and the indescribable warmth of Huang Zili’s back home with Mumu.

Huang Zili solemnly apologized to Mumu, admitting that he was too impatient before, and promised to make corrections slowly, striving for Mumu to accept him earlier, Mumu promised to forgive him, and Huang Zili admitted that Zhong Qing had gone to heaven and never Will be back again, Mumu was crying heartily, Huang Zili took his hand tightly, and remembered Zhong Qing with him.

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