Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 30 Plot

An Xiaoduo gradually realized that the dialect was interesting to Huang Zili. Huang Ziqiang felt that the two of them matched well. He said a lot of good things about Huang Zili in one breath. He firmly believed that one day he would soar into the sky. There was a fierce dispute when the individual disagreed.

An Xiaoduo directly confronted Huang Zili with a dialect, and forced her to ask her about her relationship with Huang Zili. The dialect repeatedly emphasized that lending a house to Huang Zili was a matter of effort. An Xiaoduo saw blood and pointed out that the dialect belongs to Huang Zili’s heart, and the dialect does not allow her to guess randomly , Forcibly drove her away.

Huang Ziqiang came to pick Lulu home after get off work. Lulu wanted to go to dinner with her colleagues. Huang Ziqiang also wanted to go with her. Lulu flatly refused, claiming that her colleagues came to pick her up. Huang Ziqiang had no choice but to give up. He used Jiu Jin to call Huang Zili to match Huang Zili with the dialect, persuading him to seize the opportunity to seize the dialect. Huang Zili did not allow him to think randomly, and hung up the phone before he finished speaking. Huang Zili took out the account book and found out that his monthly income was not enough to make ends meet.

He came to discuss with Mumu and Zhong Zhengdao overnight, and wanted to transfer Mumu to a nearby kindergarten. Mumu refused to agree, so Huang Zili had to say that the previous kindergarten charges monthly fees. 12,000 yuan was too expensive and he couldn’t afford it. Zhong Zhengdao supported Huang Zili’s decision. Mumu still disagreed. Huang Zili proposed a show of hands. Both Zhong Zhengdao and Huang Zili raised their hands and Mumu slammed the door.

Huang Zili brought Mumu to the original kindergarten to withdraw the tuition early in the morning. It is a pity that the head of the kindergarten replaced Mumu, but he still refunded the tuition for that month. Mumu was reluctant to follow Huang Zili to the nearby kindergarten. The head of the kindergarten was afraid to accept foreign children. Huang Zili repeatedly explained that Mumu is Chinese, and took out his household registration book. Mumu refused to cooperate, and deliberately spoke English to Huang Zili. Huang Zili tried his best to speak nicely to the principal, and the principal reluctantly agreed to accept Xiamu. Harmony.

Pharaoh’s body gradually recovered. Huang Zili and the dialect came to see him. Pharaoh’s wife thanked Huang Zili for his life-saving grace and promised to return the operation fee to him as soon as possible. Hou Liang looked at Huang Zili with admiration and took it out from the patient. The miscellaneous pacemaker shows that it was promoted by Hu Jie to the patient. Of course Huang Zili knew Hu Jie, and it was he who planted and framed Huang Zili.

Suddenly, Huang Zili received a call from the kindergarten principal. He learned that Mumu had climbed to the top of the building. He rushed over with Huang Zili and saw Mumu standing on the roof demonstrating. The dialect calmed Mumu and climbed up. To save Mumu, the director of the garden is worried that Mumu will cause trouble again, and wants him to turn away. Huang Zili begged the director to take in Mumu, but the director was determined.

Seeing this in dialect, she hurried to pay for Huang Zili and Hemu first. She and the principal explained that Mumu was emotionally unstable and talked about Zhong Qing’s death in the line of duty. She hoped that the principal would accept Mumu, and the principal agreed to He teacher. Communicate, let Mumu continue to come to school tomorrow. As soon as Huang Zili went home, he gave Mumu a severe lesson. Mumu was not convinced, and Huang Zili struggled with reason. Huang Zili was angry to fight Mumu, and dialects desperately blocked. Zhong Zhengdao did not allow Huang Zili to be rough, and to fight Mumu. Mu called to his room.

The dialect coaxed Mumu to sleep, and Huang Zili comforted Zhong Zhengdao to sleep. He saw that it was too late, so he sent the dialect to the intersection to take a taxi. The dialect warned Huang Zili not to do anything against Mumu in the future, complaining that Huang Zili did not seek Mumu. He agreed to transfer him to another school without authorization. Huang Zili felt that he was a child, but the dialect did not agree with him. He also asked Huang Zili to study child psychology.

Huang Ziqiang couldn’t get through Lulu’s phone, so he had to wait for her at the door of the house. Suddenly he saw a man driving Lulu home and hugged Lulu goodbye. Huang Ziqiang rushed forward without saying anything, and shouted at the man. Called, Lulu desperately blocked and covered the man to go first. Lulu repeatedly explained that the man was the boss of the pharmaceutical company she worked for. Huang Ziqiang did not allow her to be with the scumbag. Lulu ridiculed Huang Ziqiang and left.

Huang Zili went to bed while Mumu was asleep according to the dialect’s suggestion. Mumu woke up early in the morning and saw Huang Zili sleeping next to him. He was annoyed to drive him away. He threatened not to go to kindergarten and went to Zhong Zhengdao to complain. Zhong Zhengdao Did not support him, Mu Mu was very angry, Huang Zili forced Mu Mu to the kindergarten, and then sent Zhong Zhengdao to the rehabilitation center.

Dialect received a call from a kindergarten teacher and learned that Mumu was very unhappy, so she had to call Huang Zili to inform Huang Zili, Huang Zilizheng sent Zhong Zhengdao for rehabilitation, dialect went to kindergarten to pick up Mumu, and persuade Mumu to be called Huang Zili’s father. Mumu was determined not to call, Huang Zili felt awkward and let the dialect give up as soon as possible.

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