Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 29 Plot

Although Huang Zili tried his best to cover up, Zhong Zhengdao revealed that Huang Zili’s renting house was deceived. Huang Ziqiang confirmed to the dialect that the matter was true. He turned his face on the spot and did not allow Huang Zili to think about it. He lived in harmony with Zhong Zhengdao. Here, Huang Zili wants to move out as soon as possible and does not want to affect his life, so that Lulu can go home happily. Huang Ziqiang does not want to get used to Lulu’s stinking problems and insists on letting them live at home.

Dialect reminded of an old house left by his grandparents and asked Huang Zili to bring Zhong Zhengdao to move there harmoniously. Huang Zili couldn’t wait to see the house. Huang Ziqiang felt sorry for Huang Zili and felt very uncomfortable. Dialect explained his interests. Huang Ziqiang only slightly relieved the relationship and agreed to let Huang Zili and the others move.

Dialect went home very late and found that her parents were already asleep. She rummaged through the cabinet and looked for the key to the old house. Unexpectedly, she woke up her mother. The dialect lied that work requires a stay in the old house for a period of time. The mother didn’t think much about it, so she gave the key. Give it to her. I didn’t dare to delay the dialect. I asked an auntie to clean up the old house for a long time. The courtyard was messy and the room was full of dust. The dialect and the auntie cleaned it up after working together for a long time. The dialect was also specially selected.

I bought new furniture, filled the refrigerator with food, and prepared new daily necessities for Huang Zili and the others. Huang Zili and others were picked up by the dialect. Huang Zili was very satisfied. He was grateful for the other dialect. Huang Ziqiang saw that the room was clean and tidy, and he saw that the dialect was carefully cleaned up in advance. Huang Zili did not expect to dialect in his most difficult time. Being able to help, let Huang Ziqiang take Lulu home as soon as possible.

Since Zhong Qing died in the line of duty, Wang Junyi has been depressed and unhappy, coupled with Jia Ting’s bitterness, forced him to resign to accompany his daughter Yaoyao to study abroad, Wang Junyi became even more irritable, and Zhang Jian invited him to a bar to drink. Wang Junyi poured his sorrow through wine and drank a lot of wine in one breath. He didn’t want to go home. Zhang Jian’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail, so he had to leave first. Jia Ting called Wang Junyi to go home early. Wang Junyi was very impatient and had to bite the bullet and go back.

Huang Ziqiang bought prawns specially after get off work. He called to ask Lulu to go home early. Lulu was having a KTV carnival with her colleagues. She didn’t want to go back. Before Huang Ziqiang finished speaking, she hung up the phone. Huang Zili wanted to sleep harmoniously on a bed, but Mumu refused to allow him to sleep on the sofa in the living room and complained loudly to Zhong Zhengdao. Huang Zili had to sleep on the sofa.

Huang Zili slept on the sofa with a sore waist and leg pain, and his neck was still stiff. He groaned, so he had to tilt his neck to dress Mumu, and then push Zhong Zhengdao to the hospital for rehabilitation. Breakfast can only be dealt with in the car. . Police station policeman Pharaoh Wang worked for two consecutive days. He suddenly fainted on the ground due to overwork. Dialect hurriedly called Huang Zili for help.

Huang Zili asked her to call 120 for emergency call, and he gave dialect more than 10,000 yuan to Pharaoh. To pay medical expenses in advance, Huang Zili asked someone to pick up Zhong Zhengdao from the rehabilitation center in dialect, and asked Huang Ziqiang to pick up Mumu at the kindergarten. He stayed in the hospital to pay attention to Lao Wang’s condition.

Since Huang Zili is very familiar with Lao Wang’s condition, the attending doctor Hou Liang asked Huang Zili to help him perform the operation on Lao Wang. Huang Zili returned home to a familiar post again. His heart was very excited. He accompanied his family to send Lao Wang over in dialect. She stood there. Cheer for Huang Zili outside the operating room. After Huang Zili’s full cooperation, Lao Wang’s operation went smoothly. The dialect saw Huang Zili wearing surgical gown for the first time and thought he was handsome.

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