Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 28 Plot

Huang Ziqiang treated Lulu with love and reason, but Lulu didn’t buy it at all. He thought the house was too smelly, so he slammed the door and left. The dialect saw that Huang Zili worked hard to take care of Zhong Zhengdao and wanted to help him. Huang Zili politely declined. The dialect felt that it was inconvenient for them to live in Huang Ziqiang’s house. Huang Zili was helpless. He couldn’t find a more suitable place for a while, so Huang Zili was relieved. No less than Liu Manyu, please take care of Zhong Zhengdao Hemu in the dialect.

Liu Manyu shed tears in sadness. Unexpectedly, Huang Zili would rather stay with Zhong Zhengdao Hehe, regardless of her feelings. Ding Baozhen wanted to get Zhong Zhengdao’s small foreign house, and raised his brows in front of relatives and friends. Seeing that this matter was ruined. Ding Baozhen forced Liu Manyu and Huang Zili to break up. Huang Zili hurriedly came to see Liu Manyu, Ding Baozhen turned him away, lied that Liu Manyu had a miscarriage, forbid him to come to Liu Manyu, from now on he has nothing to do with Liu Manyu, Huang Zili had no choice but to leave.

Liu Manyu saw Huang Zili’s lost back from the window, feeling very uncomfortable, Ding Baozhen persuaded her to cut off her love, leaving Huang Zili at this time is the best result. Lulu didn’t go home in angrily, and she had to change to a big company as the front desk. Huang Ziqiang tried to persuade her, but she was determined, and she hung up before Huang Ziqiang finished speaking. The dialect was heard outside the door. The conversation between Huang Ziqiang and Lulu.

Dialect went out and saw Huang Zili sitting on the side of the road feeling sad, only to realize that Liu Manyu’s child was gone. Huang Zili was very self-blaming, feeling sorry for Liu Manyu, and the dialect kindly persuades him. Huang Zili got up early in the morning, only to find out that Huang Ziqiang and Lulu had quarreled and changed jobs. Huang Zili was very guilty. Mumu wanted to go to kindergarten. Huang Zili promised to send him tomorrow. Zhong Zhengdao suddenly fell from his chair. Zili hurriedly helped him up, only to find that he had finished his medicine. Huang Zili immediately decided to send Mumu to kindergarten first, and then Zhong Zhengdao to the rehabilitation center.

The dean urged Huang Zili to pay Mumu’s tuition as soon as possible. At 12,000 yuan a month, Zhong Zhengdao strongly protested to the dean. Huang Zili couldn’t afford it. He wanted to change a kindergarten to Mumu. Huang Zili took Zhong Zhengdao for rehabilitation treatment. The doctor checked that Zhong Zhengdao’s leg muscle was very atrophy, so Huang Zili gave him more massages and prescribed many medicines that were not covered by the medical insurance.

Lulu came home from get off work and saw that there was no one in the house and the room was messing up. She hurried into the house to pack her luggage, and wanted to go to her best friend Lili’s house for the night. Lulu was wearing headphones and changing clothes, Huang Zili pushed When Zhong Zhengdao went home, Zhong Zhengdao accidentally saw Lulu changing her clothes. Lulu yelled in fright. She hurriedly packed up and left. Huang Zili reminded Zhong Zhengdao not to go to Lulu’s room.

Huang Hanmin called Zhong Zheng Dao’s family. Unexpectedly, the house changed its owner. Huang Hanmin couldn’t get through Huang Zili’s phone, so he had to call dialect to find out the situation. Knowing that Zhong Zhengdao’s house was cheated, he hurried to call Huang Zili to confirm Huang Hanmin reminded Huang Zili to be responsible for Zhong Zhengdao Hemu to the end, and must not escape. Huang Hanmin suggested that Zhong Zhengdao Hemu return to his hometown to live in, so as to reduce Huang Zili’s burden. Huang Hanmin also wanted to ask Liu Manyu about this matter. Attitude, Huang Zili hung up on the excuse of going shopping.

Huang Zili went out and saw Huang Ziqiang and Lulu quarrel at the door of his house. Huang Ziqiang struggled to ask Lulu where she was going last night. Lulu was anxious to participate in the company’s team building. Huang Ziqiang desperately blocked him and Lulu severely criticized him. , Complaining that he shouldn’t call Huang Zili and others to live at home without authorization. Lulu doesn’t want to return to this messy home again. She still thinks that Huang Ziqiang has nothing to do. Let him think about it, and then walk away, Huang Ziqiang looks at Lulu’s back slapped herself a few times, Huang Zili saw everything in his eyes, and his heart was mixed.

Huang Zili regrets bringing Mumu and Zhong Zhengdao to Huang Ziqiang’s home, causing Huang Ziqiang and Lulu to have an awkward relationship. Huang Ziqiang excuses not to block Lulu’s development, and carefully prepared a large table of dishes. That night, Huang Zili checked the renting information online and quickly found a cheap house. He contacted the landlord overnight and agreed to see the house tomorrow. He wanted to take Zhong Zhengdao Hemu and move out of Huang Ziqiang’s house as soon as possible.

An Xiaoduo passed by a black intermediary and saw Huang Zili and Zhong Zhengdao renting a house there. They had a quarrel with the black intermediary. An Xiaoduo hurried over to find out the situation and asked the black intermediary to defraud Huang Zili for the deposit. The persons involved were brought back to the police station. An Xiaoduo reported the matter to the dialect for the first time.

The dialect did not expect Huang Zili to rent a house. She suddenly received a call from Mumu and hurried to the kindergarten to pick up Mumu. Huang Zili then came and the three of them went home together. At dinner, Zhong Zhengdao accidentally revealed that Huang Zili had taken him to rent a house and was almost cheated of three thousand yuan.

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