Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 27 Plot

Since Huang Zili went to work in Liu Manyu’s pharmacy and the business was booming, Ding Baozhen was very happy. Liu Manyu announced that she was pregnant with Huang Zili’s child. Huang Zili was surprised and happy and promised to marry Liu Manyu as soon as possible. Liu Manyu did not want him to continue to live in Zhong’s house, Ding Baozhen Advise Liu Manyu not to rush, and let Huang Zili put Zhong Zhengdao in a harmonious and proper arrangement.

Huang Zili remembered the time he went to the hotel to open a room with Liu Manyu after drinking. Liu Manyu insisted that they had a one-night stand, and Huang Zili had to accept everything. In fact, Liu Manyu’s pregnancy was fake. She spent 200 yuan to buy a urine sample from a pregnant woman for examination. Ding Baozhen complained of Liu Manyu’s recklessness and wanted Huang Zili to inherit the small western-style building from Zhong Zhengdao. It would be good for relatives and friends. Have a face.

Liu Manyu wanted to go to Shenzhen to discuss the opening of a chain store. Huang Zili was worried that she would go alone, so he promised to accompany her. Liu Manyu asked Ding Baozhen to help Zhong’s house. Huang Zili accompanied Liu Manyu to Shenzhen. Liu Manyu introduced Huang Zili solemnly to Mr. Wang and others, and gave Huang Zili the full authority to deal with the pharmacy matters. She wanted to retreat to be a husband and a child. Mr. Wang appreciated Huang Zili very much. Cooperation agreement.

Liu Manyu wants to spend a few more days in Shenzhen. Huang Zili can’t worry about Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony, but he can’t stand Liu Manyu’s entanglement. The two of them had a great time in Shenzhen. A few days later, as soon as Liu Manyu and Huang Zili returned to Suzhou, they heard a shocking news. Ding Baozhen tricked Zhong Zhengdao into donating the small building to Huang Zili. Soon after, he was mortgaged to Wang Hongwei. Huang Zili was shocked when he was sent to nursing homes and welfare homes.

Director Liao listed Zhong Zhengdao’s real estate case as a key investigation. Dialect and An Xiaoduo questioned Huang Zili and Liu Manyu separately. They knew nothing about this matter. Ding Baozhen admitted that she was hiding Huang Zili and Liu Manyu to let Zhong Zhengdao. A gift agreement was signed and the property rights of the small building were given to Huang Zili. She did not know Wang Hongwei at all.

Ding Baozhen felt that the house should have been left to Huang Zili. The dialect suspects that Huang Zili and Liu Manyu deliberately went to Shenzhen on a business trip to hide, so that Ding Baozhen unwittingly deceived Zhong Zhengdao’s house into his hands, and Huang Zili and Liu Manyu were confused.

Director Liao monitored the situation in the interrogation room from beginning to end. He asked Ding Baozhen to see Huang Zili and Liu Manyu. Huang Zili complained that Ding Baozhen should not do such a wicked thing. Ding Baozhen claimed that all this was for Huang Zili, but she really didn’t. Meet Wang Hongwei.

Director Liao, Dialect and others saw the conversation of the three of them and determined that Liu Manyu and Huang Zili had nothing to do with this matter. Ding Baozhen was also the victim, and another person was the one who defrauded the property. The dialect prompted Huang Zili and Ding Baozhen to carefully recall any suspicious personnel who had approached Zhong Zhengdao. They both remembered that the staff member who claimed to be the Sunshine Elderly Caring Volunteer Association visited Zhong’s house.

A careful investigation of dialects revealed that the Sunshine Elderly Caring Volunteers Association did not exist at all. They deceived the elderly in the name of housing for the elderly. A dozen elderly people have been deceived. Director Liao asked everyone to go all out to find out the real culprit. Huang Zili wanted to take Zhong Zhengdao back to Huang Ziqiang’s house in harmony. Liu Manyu asked Huang Zili to go home with her. Ding Baozhen publicly declared that Liu Manyu was pregnant with Huang Zili’s child and made Huang Zili responsible for their mother and son. Huang Zili could not leave Zhong Zhengdao behind.

Harmony, Liu Manyu refused to accept and forced Huang to make a choice. Zhong Zhengdao asked Huang Zili to follow Liu Manyu, Mumu turned his face on the spot, and pushed Liu Manyu to the ground. Ding Baozhen saw this and hurriedly took Liu Manyu away. Huang Zili lied that the small building was being renovated and wanted to take Zhong Zhengdao Hemu to Huang Ziqiang’s house and drove them there in dialect.

Huang Ziqiang cleaned up a room for Zhong Zhengdao and let Huang Zili sleep on the sofa. Lulu was very dissatisfied, so she called Huang Ziqiang aside. Huang Ziqiang explained the situation to her. Lulu couldn’t accept it and moved in at once. With so many people, Huang Ziqiang could only persuade her, and Huang Zili was very upset when he overheard their conversation. Zhong Zhengdao’s fecal incontinence was pulled into his pants, Huang Zili called on Huang Ziqiang to help him bathe. Lulu saw everything in her eyes, she was even more angry, and she slammed Huang Ziqiang, who could only coax her with a smile.

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