Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 26 Plot

Ding Baozhen asked Huang Zili to quit her current job and then went to help Liu Manyu run a drugstore. Huang Zili had to consider repeatedly and had to agree. Huang Zili came to Director Cao early in the morning. Director Cao announced the company’s decision to expel him. Because Huang Zili had no performance this month, Director Cao used all his relationships and failed to keep Huang Zili. Huang Zili came to resign. The director helped Huang Zili win the small truck that the company eliminated.

Liu Manyu asked Huang Zili to be the deputy general manager of the company. She hosted a banquet for Huang Ziqiang and Lulu. Both of them were happy for Huang Zili. At the same time, Ding Baozhen formally came to Zhong’s house and quickly gained the trust of Zhong Zhengdao. She secretly took Zhong Zhengdao’s ID card from the drawer while Zhong Zhengdao was asleep, and then removed it from the drawer while cleaning. After turning out Mu Mu’s birth certificate, Mu Mu saw this scene.

Mumu complained to Zhong Zhengdao and asked him to drive Ding Baozhen away. Ding Baozhen repeatedly explained that he was helping to clean up the room, and Zhong Zhengdao was not suspicious. At this moment, the staff of the Sunshine Elderly Volunteers Association came to help. Ding Baozhen accepted the card and sent them away in a few words. Mumu hid to the side and called the dialect, claiming that an old witch had come to beat his grandfather, and the dialect promised to go over and have a look.

The dialect soon came to Zhong’s house, saw Ding Baozhen helping Zhong Zhengdao massage, and learned that Huang Zili had gone to work in Liu Manyu’s pharmacy. Zhong Zhengdao even praised Ding Baozhen for being a good person and making delicious meals. Huang Zili came home from get off work and learned that Mumu called and called the dialect. Mumu hurriedly called the dialect upstairs, begging the dialect to drive Ding Baozhen away. He saw Ding Baozhen ruining things at home, and the dialect was helpless, she Can’t drive Ding Baozhen away, Ding Baozhen can hear clearly from the stairs.

Ding Baozhen advised Huang Zili not to always let dialects come to his home, so as not to cause discussion from neighbors, Huang Zili fully agreed. The dialect called Huang Zili aside, and asked about him and Liu Manyu. Huang Zili reported truthfully. Ding Baozhen personally came to apologize for Liu Manyu, but the dialect still felt wrong. I wanted to talk to Liu Manyu. Huang Zili persuaded him not to listen to the dialect. Mumu’s words remind Mumu not to call the dialect when there is nothing to do, but the dialect disagrees and ask Mumu to call her anytime.

Ding Baozhen insisted that Mumu had autism and asked Huang Zili to help find Mumu’s biological father. Huang Zili suddenly received a call from Liu Manyu and learned that there were a lot of things in the pharmacy. Huang Zili immediately went to help. Ding Baozhen took the initiative to tell Mumu’s story, Mumu resolutely refused to listen, Ding Baozhen warned him not to sue Mumu in dialects, boasting that she was speaking in this home and threatening Mumu to communicate.

Huang Zili brought Liu Manyu to the pharmacy to inspect the work, and also gave a lot of rectification suggestions to the clerk. Liu Manyu was pleased in his eyes. Mumu hid in the bathroom and deliberately wore a vampire mask to scare Ding Baozhen. Ding Baozhen was so scared that he fell to the ground. Liu Manyu called Huang Zili to his house. Huang Zili learned that all this was Mumu’s tricks and promised to go back and teach him a lesson. Ding Baozhen was injured and had to rest at home for half a month. Huang Zili had to be busy at home and had to go to the pharmacy to work.

Ding Baozhen felt distressed that he was too busy and again asked Huang Zili to help find Mumu’s biological father. Huang Zili did not want to send Mumu. Go, worried that Zhong Qing would not agree, Ding Baozhen bitterly persuaded Huang Zili, and asked Huang Zili to send Zhong Zhengdao to the nursing home, Huang Zili did not agree, Ding Baozhen had to give up.

Huang Zili was so busy at the pharmacy that he had no time to take care of his home, so he asked Huang Ziqiang to come to Zhong’s house for help after get off work. Huang Zili went home from get off work and saw the volunteers come to work at Zhong’s house and learned that they were called by Ding Baozhen.

Ding Baozhen took the initiative to ask Huang Ziqiang to have afternoon tea, repeatedly claiming that Mumu has autism, and asked Huang Ziqiang to email the embassy to help find Mumu’s biological father. Huang Ziqiang made excuses for excuses. Ding Baozhen found it inconvenient for Huang Zili and Liu Manyu To come forward, Huang Ziqiang was the most suitable candidate, and Huang Ziqiang had to agree.

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