Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 24 Plot

Huang Zili wanted to wait for Zhong Qing to return from Africa to go through the divorce procedures. Before leaving, he gave Liu Manyu a wedding ring. Liu Manyu was happy, and immediately sent a message to Huang Zili, asking him to choose another DR ring when he got married. , Confirming that Huang Zili’s love for her is unique.

Zhong Zhengdao forced Sister Li to connect Huang Zili’s video, urging him to go home quickly after get off work. Zhong Zhengdao found that Huang Zili was not wearing a white coat, so he asked him hard, and Huang Zili quickly found an excuse to cover up. After get off work, Huang Zili bought a lot of food and went home. He found that Zhong Zhengdao invited his home to demonstrate in dialects. He wanted to deter him.

The dialect tried his best to defend Huang Zili. Zhong Zhengdao only slightly relieved. Dialect had found out that the two thieves were security guards in the community. Huang Zili took the opportunity to suggest that she did not need her protection anymore, so the dialect had to leave angrily.

The two directors personally came to see Huang Zili and reported Zhong Qing’s death to him. Huang Zili was immediately dumbfounded. The director described in detail the whole process of Zhong Qing’s sacrifice. She was at the forefront of the African epidemic and was accidentally infected by the virus. , Died of ineffective treatment. Wang Junyi saw the news of Zhong Qing’s death on the Internet. He was heartbroken and asked Jia Ting to drive home first. He came to the flowerbed on the roadside alone, feeling sad, and tears could not stop streaming down.

When Liu Manyu saw the news about Zhong Qing’s accident, she and her mother Ding Baozhen were shocked. Zhao Wendi wanted to wait for Zhong Qing to arrange a blind date for her after returning to China. When she suddenly saw the news of Zhong Qing’s sacrifice, she was deeply distressed. Huang Zili asked the dean to transfer Zhong Qing’s pension to Zhong Zhengdao’s account, and wanted the dean to find someone to help take care of Zhong Zhengdao, but there was really no one from the courtyard, so the dean suggested to hire a nanny.

Wang Junyi came to the dean and wanted to continue to complete the project left by Zhong Qing during his lifetime. The dean had to hold a meeting to study it. Wang Junyi had to give up. Huang Hanmin learned that Zhong Qing had died in the line of duty. He called to remind Huang Zili not to get married for the time being. First take care of Zhong Qing’s funeral and take care of Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony. Huang Zili promised to do it one by one.

Dialect once received a call from Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing asked her to help take care of Mumu. She didn’t expect that call would become the final farewell. Dialect was so embarrassed that the burden on Huang Zili’s shoulders is heavier and he has to take care of it. Zhong Zhengdao’s responsibility for harmony, An Xiaoduo suggested that Liu Manyu help Huang Zili share the pressure. At this moment, Huang Hanmin called the dialect and asked her to help Huang Zili tide over the difficulties. The dialect promised.

Liu Manyu could not contact Huang Zili, so he had to call Huang Ziqiang to inquire. Huang Ziqiang asked three questions and didn’t know the whereabouts of Huang Zili. Liu Manyu suspected that he was lying. Huang Ziqiang hung up the phone on the excuse that the restaurant was busy. Dialect reported the affairs of Zhong Qing to Director Liao, and wanted to go to Zhong’s family to help Huang Zili. She suddenly received a call from Mumu. Mumu’s kindergarten teachers praised her mother as a great hero, so she asked Director Liao for leave in dialect. Go to Zhong’s house to calm Mumu.

Dialect went out to see Liu Manyu, Liu Manyu asked her about the address of Zhong’s family, and wanted to help Huang Zili in the past. The dialect felt that her past was inappropriate at this time, and asked her to go home and wait patiently for Huang Zili’s news. Liu Manyu asked her mother to stew her mother in the dialect.

The ribs were sent to Huang Zili. Huang Zili learned that Mumu called to call in the dialect and hurriedly called to block the dialect, but she was already halfway there, and Huang Zili had to give up. Zhong Zhengdao had a nightmare. He dreamed that Zhong Qing would not come back from studying abroad. He was frightened awake and couldn’t calm down for a long time. Huang Zili hurried over to comfort him.

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