Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 23 Plot

Huang Zili just wanted to go to the kindergarten to pick up Mumu, and suddenly received news that Liu Manyu was robbed. Huang Zili wanted Huang Ziqiang to pick up Mumu, but he had a wedding banquet and couldn’t leave. Lulu was also in the Chase class. Huang Zili had to call Dialect for help, let her go to the kindergarten to pick up Mumu.

Huang Zili hurried to the hospital and saw that the dialect had just come out of the emergency room. He hurriedly hid away. After the dialect had gone away, Huang Zili hurried into the house to understand the situation and learned that Liu Manyu was robbed in the basement, thanks to the dialect nearby. During the patrol, she rescued Liu Manyu in time. Liu Manyu called and ordered the pennant, and wanted Huang Zili to send the dialect to the police station. Huang Zili had to bite the bullet and agreed.

Dialect took Mumu home and found that he had caught a cold. Dialect immediately called a nearby pharmacy and asked the clerk to deliver the medicine to his door. The dialect took care of Mumu. Huang Zili didn’t go home until late, and the dialect severely criticized him and told him to give Mumu medicine on time. An Xiaoduo sent a wedding invitation to the dialect early in the morning and repeatedly told her to come to the wedding. An Xiaoduo asked the dialect to accompany her to try the wedding dress after get off work.

Dialect accompanied An Xiaoduo to the bridal shop, and saw Liu Manyu also come to try the wedding dress. Liu Manyu happily showed off that she was going to marry Huang Zili, and the dialect was shocked. Liu Manyu learned from the dialect that Huang Zili had not yet divorced, and immediately called his mother Ding Baozhen to complain. Ding Baozhen angrily reported Huang Zili’s bigamy. The dialect immediately led people to call Huang Zili to the police station and condemned him for bigamy.

Huang Ziqiang and Lulu then rushed to send a testimony to confirm that Huang Zili had been separated from Zhong Qing for five years, and described in detail the emotional grievances between them and the whole process of Huang Zili being framed and framed. Lu also helped, and the dialect learned the whole story and promised to verify the situation as soon as possible.

The dialect turned out Zhong Qing’s information and called her on the spot to find out the situation. Zhong Qing confirmed that what Huang Ziqiang said was true. The reason why they did not go through the divorce procedures in time was to apply for a fund-raising house for Huang Zili. Zhong Qing He promised to go through the formalities with Huang Zili and repeatedly stated that Huang Zili was a kind and good person. Zhong Qing firmly believed that Huang Zili was framed and framed by others. He was a competent and good doctor. He understood the whole story in the dialect and released Huang Zili on the spot. gone. Director Liao reminded the dialect to put down his posture and apologize to Huang Zili. The dialect fell into deep self-blame.

Dialect wanted to apologize to Huang Zili, but he kept not answering the phone. Dialect had to call Huang Ziqiang to explain the situation. Huang Ziqiang hurriedly notified Huang Zili and learned that he was sad by the river. Huang Ziqiang and the dialect came to Huang Zili together, worried that he could not think about it, and the dialect took the initiative to admit his mistake to Huang Zili. Huang Zili didn’t buy it at all. He just wanted to be alone for a while, and the dialect was not allowed to appear in front of him again. The dialect turned around in anger. Huang Zili chased Huang Ziqiang away in a few words. Huang Ziqiang ran to catch up with the above words, repeatedly explaining for Huang Zili, the dialect was not at all concerned.

Zhong Qing sent a message to Huang Zili during her busy schedule and promised to divorce him after returning home. Then Zhong Qing called home. Before Mumu came to pick him up, Zhong Qing was called away by her colleagues. Huang Ziqiang and Lulu invite Huang Zili to dinner after get off work and can’t wait to ask him about Liu Manyu’s situation. At this moment, Liu Manyu called Huang Zili to make amends. Ding Baozhen admitted to reporting him impulsively and asked Huang Zili to come home tomorrow, wanting to face him and admit his mistake, Huang Zili had to agree.

Huang Zili came to see Liu Manyu on time. Ding Baozhen solemnly apologized to him. Huang Zili admitted that he hadn’t made it clear beforehand, which caused such a big trouble. Ding Baozhen persuaded him to go through the divorce procedures as soon as possible, and he was justified in dating Liu Manyu.

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