Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 22 Plot

Mumu quietly came to the Sunset Red Convention and Exhibition Center. He took a handful of nuts and fed the little hamster. He found that the little hamster was gone, and hurriedly searched everywhere. The old people were so scared that they yelled at the mouse and made a mess. Dialect rushed to catch the little hamster in time, Huang Zili recognized Mumu, and he secretly complained.

The product promotion meeting was messed up. The general manager of the medical company severely taught Director Cao and Huang Zili. They neglected their duties and missed the big customer of Xiyanghong Nursing Home. They immediately decided to expel Huang Zili. The dialect desperately spoke well for Huang Zili, and the manager agreed He is no longer held accountable.

Dialects questioned Huang Zili’s harmonious relationship. Huang Zili explained that he was a friend’s child. Mumu lost a little turtle. He splattered and rolled and couldn’t go home. He also complained that Huang Zili didn’t take him to the zoo for Liuyi. Dialect He promised to try his best to help Mumu find the tortoise, and asked Huang Zili to take him to the zoo tomorrow before Mumu was willing to go home.

Sister Li saw Huang Zili go home with Mumu, she hurriedly packed up and left, Huang Zili struggled to stay, she decided to leave, let Huang Zili find someone else. Huang Zili settled Zhong Zhengdao in harmony. He suddenly received a call from Huang Ziqiang asking him to go home to eat together. Huang Zili hurried back to his residence to pack his clothes and daily necessities, and then went home to eat. Huang Ziqiang urged him to go with the past as soon as possible. Farewell to life.

At night, Mumu saw two thieves outside the window. They stepped on it during the day and found that there was only one old man and a child in this house. They pried the window in the middle of the night, but they did not open the window with great effort. Mumu quietly went downstairs. Wake up Zhong Zhengdao, and Zhong Zhengdao tells Mumu to take the mask. Two thieves tried to pry the door into the house, when a ghost wearing a mask suddenly appeared. The two of them were scared away. Mumu hurried to the kitchen to get beans and throw them at the door.

Huang Zili slept on the sofa because he drank a lot of alcohol. He was awakened by Huang Ziqiang early in the morning and hurried back to Zhong’s house. When he entered the door, he tripped over beans on the ground. Huang Zili learned from Mumu that a bad guy had entered the house last night. , But Zhong Zhengdao couldn’t remember anything. The dialect came to send the little turtle to Mumu early in the morning, only to find out that he wore a mask to scare away the bad guys. The dialect went to the window on the second floor to investigate. Sure enough, traces of the prying were found. The dialect asked Mumu to call 110 next time.

The dialect condemned Huang Zili’s resignation without permission and was irresponsible, which almost caused serious consequences. Huang Zili was very self-blame. Dialect decided to arrange police investigations in this community from now on and supervise Huang Zili’s work by the way. Huang Zili complained repeatedly. Mumu was worried that the bad guys would come back and asked the dialect to stay to protect them. The dialect coaxed him back to the room. He wanted to chat with Zhong Zhengdao, but Huang Zili desperately blocked him, and the dialect went straight into the house.

Huang Zili introduced Zhong Zhengdao as a teacher at his medical school. He learned about Huang Zili in school from Zhong Zhengdao in dialect and was shocked when he learned that Huang Zili was his son-in-law. Huang Zili was also dumbfounded. Zhong Zhengdao asked Huang Zili to take out his household registration, their family portrait, and the wedding photos of Huang Zili and Zhong Qing.

The dialect forced Huang Zili bitterly, condemning him for concealing the fact of marriage and going on blind date. Huang Zili repeatedly claimed that he and Zhong Qing had been separated for five years, suspected that the dialect had an occupational disease, and would not tolerate the dialect. He vowed to keep staring at him and urging him. Taking Mumu to the zoo, Huang Zili had to do so. Dialect asked Huang Ziqiang about Huang Zili’s marital status, and Huang Ziqiang lied that he was divorced.

Huang Zili quickly found a nanny and introduced her to her family in detail, and then sent Mumu to the kindergarten. Huang Zili hurried to the company to work. Director Cao had been waiting for a long time, and he worked out a plan to make up for the accident at the product promotion meeting. Huang Zili had to work late and wanted Huang Ziqiang to pick up Mumu, but Huang Ziqiang was very busy in the back kitchen. Huang Zili hurried to pick up Mumu, but he didn’t expect Mumu to call and inform the dialect to pick him up.

The dialect screamed Huang Zili. Huang Zili vowed to deal with the harmonious relationship as soon as possible, but Mumu did not buy it. He scolded Huang Zili as a bad uncle and insisted on letting the dialect send him home. Huang Zili finished the meal, ate with them in dialect, and played toys with Mumu after the meal. He was very pleased to see Huang Zili working hard to massage Zhong Zhengdao. Huang Zili settled down in harmony with Zhong Zhengdao. He was also exhausted and praised him in dialect.

Huang Zili sent Mu Mu to kindergarten early in the morning, and then hurried to work at the company. Huang Zili wanted Huang Ziqiang to help pick up Mu Mu, but Mr. Xu’s friend came to the hotel temporarily to order food. Huang Ziqiang couldn’t leave, Huang Zili could only To pick up Mumu after get off work, he is very busy every day. Liu Manyu called Huang Zili to go home for dinner. He hurried over and left after a few bites of food.

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