Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 21 Plot

Huang Zili hurried over, and Zhong Zhengdao was willing to eat obediently. Sister Li sent Mumu to the kindergarten. After the meal, Huang Zili asked Zhong Zhengdao to finish his medicine and settled him to sleep.

The dialect was listless all day long. Director Liao was anxious in his eyes and encouraged her to cheer up and face the difficulties. The dialect promised her, but her heart was still depressed. She forced herself to cheer and visit Huang Zili’s home. He has moved away. Lulu and Huang Ziqiang are about to go to work. Dialects searched the room to no avail. They asked Huang Ziqiang about Huang Zili’s new address. Huang Ziqiang found all kinds of excuses. The dialect asked Huang Ziqiang to inform. Huang Zili went to the police station to find her.

Zhong Zhengdao took out a group photo of Huang Zili who had just gone to work in the hospital ten years ago, and chatted with Huang Zili about his current job. Huang Zili had to admit that he had left the hospital. Zhong Zhengdao mistakenly thought that he had gone to the sea to make money and was extremely disappointed in him. After giving him a severe lesson, Huang Zili hurriedly explained that he was not in the Department of Cardiology. Zhong Zhengdao was relieved a little bit. He took the notebook he had collected for many years, which recorded more than a thousand operations from his first work to retirement. Let Huang Zili learn more about the details.

Huang Zili pushed Zhong Zhengdao out to relax. Zhong Zhengdao kept showing off to his neighbors that he had a good son-in-law. Huang Zili suddenly received a call from Mumu kindergarten teacher asking parents to participate in a parent-child activity. Huang Zili came to the kindergarten on time and saw Mumuhe playing games through the railings of the gate. He had a good time.

Jia Ting and Wang Junyi discussed that they wanted to send their daughter Yaoyao to the International Kindergarten. Wang Junyi was very impatient and excused that he was busy operating on Zhang Jian. Since Huang Zili’s resignation, Wang Junyi thought he could be the general inpatient, but the leader let Zhang Jian To succeed Huang Zili, Wang Junyi is depressed. Huang Zili came to pick up Mumu, Mumu resolutely refused to go with him, and even yelled at him as a bad nanny. The kindergarten teacher reported to the head of the kindergarten, who learned more about Huang Zili’s relationship and let them go home together.

Today is the fifth anniversary of Jia Ting and Wang Junyi’s wedding. Jia Ting chose the restaurant for their first date. Wang Junyi was late for more than an hour because of the unsuccessful operation. Jia Ting was very angry. He hurried to accompany the smiling face to say good things, Jia Ting wants to send Yaoyao to a primary school abroad and ask Wang Junyi to resign and go abroad for development. Wang Junyi firmly disagrees. If they disagree, they quarrel very hard. Wang Junyi does not want to continue to struggle, so he has to compromise first.

As soon as Huang Zili settled Zhong Zhengdao, he received a call from Liu Manyu. Liu Manyu asked him to go shopping for a wedding diamond ring. Huang Zili agreed to find time to accompany her. Huang Zili was awakened by Mumu early in the morning. Sister Li asked him to send Mumu to a hobby class and also participate in parent-child activities in the kindergarten. Huang Zili had to bite the bullet and go.

At night, Liu Manyu sent a message to Huang Zili, telling him how he missed. Mumu suddenly came down from the stairs and deliberately threw a few balls on the stairs, trying to get Huang Zili to get up in the middle of the night and get slipped. Huang Zili picked up the ball. , Quietly followed to Mumu’s room. Early the next morning, Huang Zili would go to the Sunset Red Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in a product promotion meeting.

Mu Mu wanted to go to the park to play. Sister Li wanted to stay at home to take care of Zhong Zhengdao and let Mu Mu play at home with peace of mind. Mu Mu took advantage of Huang Zili’s absence. The room secretly took his mobile phone, Director Cao called Huang Zili, Mumu took the call, and learned from his mouth that Huang Zili was going to the Sunset Red Convention and Exhibition Center, so he packed his schoolbags and went out quietly, and brought his own. Little hamster.

Huang Zili found that the phone was missing until halfway there. He wanted to go back and get it, but the taxi was already on the viaduct. Huang Zili had to borrow the driver’s phone to call Sister Li. Sister Li looked around and couldn’t find it, but found Mumu When she disappeared, she panicked and called the police immediately. Huang Zili hurried to the Sunset Red Convention and Exhibition Center and learned from Director Cao that Mumu had answered his call.

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