Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 19 Plot

Huang Zili and Huang Ziqiang were drinking in a bar, and they accidentally saw a dialect that was very enchanting. Huang Zili suspected that the dialect had ulterior privacy, so he took the initiative to say hello. The dialect did not want to reveal his identity in front of Yuan boss, so he reminded Huang Zili quietly Hurry to leave, Huang Zili thought she was still stunned by the fact that the speech had hit the venue, and repeatedly apologized to her. He didn’t want to explain more in dialect, but Huang Zili refused to give up.

At this moment, Zhao Xicheng followed the dialect all the way to the bar. He saw Huang Zili entangled in the dialect at a glance, and threatened to call the police. Huang Zili said that the dialect was a police officer. Yuan Boss was so scared that he ran away and was ambushed around. The plainclothes police were surrounded by a group of plainclothes policemen. In a hurry, Boss Yuan hijacked Zhao Xicheng, and then slipped away. Dialect, Yan Tao and others called the Huang Zili brothers to the police station. Huang Zili realized that he had undermined the dialect’s actions and caused suspicion. People escape, he blames himself.

Early the next morning, Huang Zili came to the police station to find a dialect to confess his mistake. Officer Zheng asked him to wait patiently. Huang Zili was worried that the dialect would be punished. Officer Zheng warned him to stay away from the dialect. This time, not only did the dialect be punished, she even served as a criminal policeman. Huang Zili is even more guilty. Dialect later came to remind Police Officer Zheng not to talk nonsense, called Huang Zili aside, repeatedly stated that he would not be angry with him, and sent him away in a few words.

Police officer Pharaoh had a heart attack. Huang Zili hurried back to give him an emergency rescue. The 120 ambulance arrived and Huang Zili was relieved to leave. Liu Manyu asked Huang Zili to eat, and gave him the letter of appointment for signature. Huang Zili promised to take up the post after finishing the work at hand. Liu Manyu took a glass of wine to thank Huang Zili for saving his mother from distress. Huang Zili was very kind but had to drink it up. Personally, the more you talk and the more you speculate.

Zhong Qing returned from the international medical team. Since the plane arrived home very late, Zhong Qing saw his father sleeping soundly from the crack of the door, so he came to see her son on the second floor. Mother and son reunited after a long absence, and the excitement was beyond words. Liu Manyu was in a good mood. She and Huang Zili drank a lot of wine in one breath, and Huang Zili quickly drank too much.

Liu Manyu received a call from her mother early in the morning, only to remember that she drank too much last night and went to the hotel with Huang Zili to open a room. Liu Manyu slept on the sofa all night. Huang Zili woke up in a daze and heard Liu Manyu taking a bath in the bathroom. He was anxious to put on clothes and wanted to leave. Liu Manyu had an idea and lied that the two of them slept together last night. Huang Zili promised to be responsible for her and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Liu Manyu asked him to bring Huang Ziqiang and his wife to the daily birthday party, but Huang Zili had to bite the bullet and agreed.

Huang Zili tiptoed home, but was still caught by Huang Ziqiang. When he learned that he was with Liu Manyu last night, Huang Ziqiang curiously inquired about the details. Huang Zili was responsible for Liu Manyu to the end. Huang Ziqiang urged him to find Zhong as soon as possible. Qing went through the divorce procedures. Lulu overheard their conversation and advised Huang Zili to divorce as soon as possible. Huang Zili has not yet obtained the fund-raising room. Lulu feels that he will follow Liu Manyu in the future and need not care about the house. Huang Zili invited Huang Ziqiang. Going with Lulu to Tiantian’s birthday party, they both couldn’t ask for it.

The more she thought about the dialect, the more annoyed she became. She took the initiative to ask Yan Tao to make amends. She felt that she was not a criminal police officer and was angry to go to work in the household registration department. An Xiaoduo, Yan Tao and others kindly persuaded her. Huang Zili, Huang Ziqiang, and Lulu came to Tiantian’s birthday party on time. Liu Manyu brought her mother and Tiantian to the party afterwards. The two families enjoyed a meal together to celebrate.

Huang Ziqiang posted the news that he was going to meet Huang Zili’s girlfriend in his circle of friends. Huang Hanmin heard this and happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. Everyday’s birthday wish is to spend with his dad. Liu Manyu lied that his dad was on a business trip. Huang Zili was embarrassed. After visiting the children every day, the atmosphere at the wine table gradually eased. Huang Hanmin called Huang Zili and asked him to bring his girlfriend home, but Huang Zili reluctantly agreed.

Tian Tian and the children rob toys and fight, Liu Manyu and Huang Zili hurried over to dissuade them. Unexpectedly, Tian Tian and Zhong Qing’s son Mumu fought, Huang Zili was shocked, Huang Ziqiang and Lulu came afterwards, Zhong Qing said To ease the embarrassment, repeatedly explained that she and Huang Zili were college classmates and colleagues, and Liu Manyu introduced herself as Huang Zili’s girlfriend.

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