Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 18 Plot

Hou Liang repeatedly stated that the hospital’s equipment library was full, and advised Huang Zili not to sell equipment anymore. He lied that there was an operation and wanted to expel Huang Zili. Huang Zili had checked it out beforehand, and Hou Liang didn’t. The operation, haunting Hou Liang, Hou Liang was so troubled, he asked him to find other classmates to sell, Huang Zili turned his face on the spot, ruthlessly criticized Hou Liang, and moved out the incident that he was planted and framed. Huang Zili It showed that the equipment he promoted was very good. Let Hou Liang try again. Hou Liang was speechless by him. He tried his product and ordered a set on the spot.

Huang Zili left in contentment. When he went out, he saw Liu Manyu. Liu Manyu asked him to look at the results of the test. Then he kindly invited Huang Zili to work as a manager of her pharmaceutical company, and he would report tomorrow. Selfish and want to create opportunities to continue to associate with him, Huang Zili hesitates, and Huang Ziqiang encourages him to go to work in Liu Manyu’s company.

Liu Manyu couldn’t sleep at night, she sent a message to confirm whether Huang Zili would come tomorrow, Huang Zili promised, she went to sleep at ease. Liu Manyu made an exception to get up early. His mother cooked dumplings for her and went to the store with her to get some cold medicine for her grandson every day. Liu Manyu drove her mother to the pharmacy. She went directly to the office on the second floor. Her mother chose medicines in the store downstairs. She also asked the waiter about the sales situation. She learned that the single variety of medicines had caused a lot of backlogs. Liu’s mother was distraught.

Huang Zili came to Liu Manyu. Liu Manyu couldn’t wait to introduce him to the dilemma encountered in the store. Huang Zili bluntly expressed his concerns. Liu Manyu admitted that he had a good impression of him, but he would never distinguish between public and private. At this moment, the waiter hurriedly notified Liu Manyu that her mother suddenly fainted. Liu Manyu hurried down to see what happened. Huang Zili briefly learned about Liu’s medical history and gave her first aid.

After receiving a large bouquet of roses in dialect, she chased it out and asked the courier brother. When she learned that Liu Guixiang’s son Zhao Xicheng was sending the flowers, she was shocked by the dialect. She called Zhao Xicheng to express her gratitude and hoped that he would not send them again. Zhao Xicheng repeatedly emphasized There is no other meaning, just to express gratitude.

Huang Zili called the 120 ambulance, and then helped Liu Manyu to take her mother to the hospital. Thanks to Huang Zili’s timely rescue, Liu’s mother quickly turned from danger to safety. She finally recovered and tried to bring Liu Manyu and Huang Zili together. Liu’s mother looked for it. This person Huang Zili urged Liu Manyu to establish a relationship with Huang Zili as soon as possible. Liu Manyu was embarrassed, and Liu’s mother wanted to propose to Huang Zili personally. Zhang Jian is Liu’s mother’s attending doctor.

He asked about the relationship between Huang Zili and Liu Manyu. Huang Zili repeatedly explained that they were ordinary friends and asked him about the fund-raising house in the hospital. Zhang Jian asked him to find Zhong Qing.

Huang Zili saw Wang Junyi accidentally, Wang Junyi sneered at him and left proudly. Huang Zili came to the ward, Liu’s mother asked Huang Zili to associate with Liu Manyu, Huang Zili hurriedly changed the subject. Zhao Xicheng came to the police station after get off work to find a dialect and asked her to have supper. The dialect used to work overtime and wanted to get rid of him. Zhao Xicheng confessed to the dialect that he liked her five years ago, and the dialect persuaded him to give up as soon as possible, but Zhao Xicheng was determined.

Huang Zili came to visit Liu’s mother after work and chatted with her to relieve her boredom. Liu’s mother gradually recovered and she liked Huang Zili more and more. Mother Liu recovered from illness and was discharged from the hospital. Liu Manyu took her home. Huang Zili bought a bunch of flowers to express her congratulations.

Mother Liu once again asked Huang Zili to associate with Liu Manyu. Huang Zili couldn’t bear to refuse. Liu Manyu repeatedly emphasized that they were working together. Seeing this, quickly found an excuse to avoid.

Huang Zili and Liu Manyu left. He called Huang Ziqiang to come out to discuss. Lulu disagreed. When she learned that Huang Zili had just come out of Liu Manyu’s house, she urged Huang Ziqiang to inquire about the situation. At the same time, dialect was ordered to help the criminal investigation team. She disguised herself as a modern girl and went to the bar to investigate the whereabouts of Boss Yuan.

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