Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 17 Plot

Wei Chao came out frustrated. His girlfriend had been waiting for him in the car and learned that he had completely broken off the dialect. His girlfriend was very happy and couldn’t wait to celebrate with him. Huang Zili came to teach Wei Chao severely, calling him a big bastard who was convicted of dialect. Wei Chao didn’t want to entangle too much, and hurried away with his girlfriend.

The dialect shut himself up in the office because he was too sad. Huang Zili called to explain that he was already in the lobby of the police station. Dialect hurriedly wiped away his tears and went out to see him. Huang Zili apologized to the dialect as soon as he met. Dialect felt that he did not do what he did last night. Disturbed Huang Zili’s private life, and asked Huang Zili to prepare his “disciple rule” speech. Huang Zili wanted to get rid of her supervision and promised to prepare the speech.

Huang Zili quickly wrote a speech. He was very satisfied with the dialect. Director Liao came to work and the dialect introduced Huang Zili to Director Liao. On the day of the speech, representatives of the residents of the district attended the meeting. Huang Zili took the stage to speak. He shared with everyone the model story of the dialect. The dialect used his boyfriend’s pigeons for his work many times, which caused his boyfriend to break up with her. Huang Zili did not approve of the dialect’s working methods. , Praised her for her professionalism, embarrassed in the dialect, and forcibly took Huang Zili away.

Director Liao looked for a dialect to talk about her heart. The dialect determined that Huang Zili deliberately exposed her privacy in public and vowed to fight Huang Zili to the end. Director Liao felt that Huang Zili spoke very well. He specifically approved the dialect to take annual leave to handle the relationship with her boyfriend. Huang Zili went home and told Huang Ziqiang about today’s experience. Huang Ziqiang only wanted to know the progress of his relationship with Liu Manyu. Huang Zili couldn’t accept that Liu Manyu was too sensitive.

Director Liao told the dialect father about the breakup between Dialect and Wei Chao. Fang’s mother was worried and hurried to call dialect to confirm, but her phone shut down. At 6:30 in the morning, the dialect got up on time and went out for a morning jog. An Xiaoduo specially brought her breakfast, and analyzed in detail the relationship between her and Wei Chao is brother and sister, and the dialect doesn’t love Wei Chao at all, so the dialect only gave up a little bit and decided to give up vacation , And Huang Zili smashed to the end, An Xiaoduo promised to fully support her work.

The dialect worried that her parents could not accept that she broke up with Wei Chao. They pretended that nothing happened and went home. The parents had already discussed that they would never sprinkle salt on the wounds of the dialect. The two of them calmly made dumplings in the dialect. The dialect promised every week.

After coming back three times, and then lightly reporting to her parents that she and Wei Chao broke up. The parents asked the reason. The dialect had to admit that there was someone outside Wei Chao. The parents were very angry. Instead, the dialect persuaded them, boasting that many people chase her. , And the man sent flowers twice. The parents couldn’t wait to see the man, and the dialect promised to bring them back when the time was right.

Liu Manyu took his son to go shopping, and accidentally ran into his ex-husband Wang Zijian. Wang Zijian wanted to buy toys for his son. Liu Manyu flatly refused and took his son and left. Dialect voluntarily gave up her vacation.

She came to Director Liao to admit her mistake as soon as she went to work. She regretted that she was too impatient and let Huang Zili take advantage of the loophole. The dialect decided to fight Huang Zili steadily and tried to improve Huang Zili. Director Liao recommended her to the criminal police team to help. , Disguised to perform tasks in entertainment venues.

Liu Manyu was left out of the cold by Huang Zili. She did not eat or drink all day long. She regretted that she answered Huang Zili’s phone call that day. Afterwards, she was forced to ask him hard, and Huang Zili was completely irritated. Liu Manyu came to the hospital to consult with a doctor. The doctor suspected that she could get it. Depression, let her go for related tests. After Liu Manyu finished the examination, she accidentally saw Huang Zili come to the hospital to look for Hou Liang. Hou Liang evaded him and asked a colleague to lie that he was on a business trip. Hou Liang hid in the bathroom for a long time and was caught by Huang Zili when he went out.

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