Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 16 Plot

Huang Zili and Liu Manyu talked happily. The more they talked, the more speculation. Huang Zili had stopped drinking. Liu Manyu started drinking by himself. Through Jiu Jin, he admitted that he liked him the first time he saw Huang Zili and offered to be Huang Zili. His girlfriend, he was stunned by Liu Manyu’s straightforwardness, his phone rang suddenly, Liu Manyu saw the note “Broom Star” on the phone, grabbed the phone, claimed to be Huang Zili’s girlfriend, and warned not to call in dialect Call me.

Huang Zili was worried that Liu Manyu would not stop talking, so he hurriedly answered the phone and told him in dialect to go to the police station tomorrow. Huang Zili was very impatient, and he hung up the phone when he agreed. Dialect angrily called Huang Zili’s father, Huang Hanmin, and reported Huang Zili’s current situation to him, and asked him to persuade Huang Zili to send a speech.

Liu Manyu struggled to question the relationship between Huang Zili and the dialect, Huang Zili defended in every possible way, Liu Manyu refused to forgive, and wanted to break the casserole to the end. Huang Zili saw that it was too late, regardless of Liu Manyu’s hardship to stay, and forcibly left her home. Dialect wanted to go to the hotel to find Wei Chao, so she called him first. Wei Chao was taking a bath.

Her girlfriend deliberately connected the phone to let the dialect listen to her and Wei Chao Qingqing I was talking about love. Wei Chao took his mobile phone. Seeing that the dialect had been listening, he was shocked. The dialect suddenly understood everything, and she was angry and turned off the phone.

Wei Chao severely scolded his girlfriend. The girlfriend forced him to clarify the dialect in person. Wei Chao didn’t want to entangle her, so he went out to find the dialect. The feelings that had been in the dialect for five years disappeared instantly. The more she thought about it, the more sad she couldn’t help tearing her face. Wei Chao came downstairs to the dialect house and didn’t answer her phone call. Wei Chao had to take a taxi to the police station. On the way, he called An Xiaoduo to find out.

An Xiaoduo thought that the dialect was with Wei Chao. As soon as Huang Zili got home, he received a call from his father. His father gave him a slap in the face and told him to apologize in dialect early tomorrow morning. Otherwise, the old couple would buy tickets to Suzhou to supervise him. Huang Hanmin also reminded Huang Zili to be good for him. Bringing his girlfriend back in October, Huang Zili had to agree.

When Huang Ziqiang and Lulu saw Huang Zili being scolded, they wanted to invite him out for a late night snack. Huang Zili was not in the mood, and he hated the other party’s accusation against black. When Wei Chao came to the police station, the dialect came out and asked him to go back to accompany his girlfriend, and then left. The girlfriend kept calling Wei Chao to return to the hotel, and Wei Chao had to leave first.

Liu Manyu couldn’t sleep at night. She sent a message to Huang Zili to admit her mistake. Huang Zili was upset and he didn’t want to reply. Dialect received a call from her mother early in the morning and asked her to take Wei Chao home for dinner. Dialect hurriedly found an excuse to shirk her. Mother began to whisper in her heart, suspecting that Wei Chao had changed, and she was not in the mood to cook. When dialect came to work at the police station, colleagues couldn’t help but teased her, vying to ask her for a candy, the dialect smiled and told them to go to work.

Wei Chao came to the police station to find a dialect showdown and repeatedly apologized to her. The dialect complained that Wei Chao shouldn’t bring a new love to stimulate her. Wei Chao repeatedly claimed that there had been problems between the two of them. They had been together for so many years. He felt that My work in dialect is never important, and my parents disagree with them.

The distance between the two of them is heart-to-heart. Even without the current girlfriend, they won’t last long. Dialects complain that he didn’t say this earlier. Betraying their feelings without authorization, the dialect took out the black cat sergeant Wei Chao gave her, and completely broke with him. Huang Zili came to the police station to find the dialect and saw this scene through the railing.

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