Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 15 Plot

Dialect received a large bouquet of roses early in the morning, and she guessed it was sent by Wei Chao, so sweet in her heart. Huang Zili conscientiously read the book given to him by dialect, and the dialect sent messages to understand the progress of the study, and Huang Zili answered truthfully.

As soon as Liu Manyu woke up, he sent a message to Huang Zili, and Huang Zili politely replied “Mr. Liu Hao”. Liu Manyu thought he was busy and inconvenient to interrupt. Huang Zili went to the hospital to see a client. Liu Manyu sent a message to him to meet. Huang Zili lied that he was in a meeting, and the dialect urged Huang Zili to study those books.

He must be checked at any time. Huang Zili could not be disturbed and ignored the other party’s words. As soon as he had time, Liu Manyu sent a message about Huang Zili and asked him to come to the company to meet. Huang Zili was entangled and had to agree to see you in two days.

Dialect came to work at the police station early in the morning and found that the table was full of flowers. An Xiaoduo and his colleagues couldn’t help but joking with the dialect. Director Liao urged dialect to marry Wei Chao as soon as possible. Everyone applauded and celebrated. The dialect sent them in a few words. Going, she smiled brightly with the flowers in her arms, and then took a lot of photos and sent them to Moments.

Unexpectedly, those flowers were not sent by Wei Chao, and she was dumbfounded in dialect. She took out the card in one of the flowers and signed it on it. “ZXC”, she thought for a long time and couldn’t guess who the other party was.

Three days later, Huang Ziqiang was released. He carefully prepared hot pot and Lulu to celebrate. The dialect sent a message to Wei Chao. Wei Chao was very cold towards her. The more she thought about it, the more things she got wrong. She felt that Wei Chao was completely different from before. He spoke like an official business. Dialect couldn’t help complaining to An Xiaoduo, An Xiao Duo thought she was nervous, and promised to help her find out who the sender was.

Huang Hanmin called Huang Zili and asked him warmly. He advised him to get along with Liu Manyu and not to be too critical. Huang Zili felt that he was not worthy of Liu Manyu. Huang Hanmin and his wife refused to forgive him. He urged him to seize the time to determine the relationship as soon as possible and give them one. Grandson. Manyu Liu passed by a coffee shop to take a rest, and accidentally ran into his ex-husband Wang Zijian and his current girlfriend. Wang Zijian offered to meet Liu Manyu’s rich and handsome boyfriend. Liu Manyu lied that the other party had gone abroad on business.

Huang Zili went home from get off work, Huang Zili couldn’t wait to inquire about the progress of him and Liu Manyu, Huang Zili was very impatient. At this moment, Liu Manyu asked Huang Zili to have dinner together on the weekend. Huang Zili lied that there was something to shirk and couldn’t help Liu Manyu’s struggling. He also asked him to meet at home and agreed to cook for him. Huang Zili had to agree. Huang Ziqiang prepared two bottles of red wine and asked Huang Zili to give Liu Manyu a meeting ceremony.

When Wei Chao returns to China tomorrow, he will go shopping in the dialect Yoan Xiaoduo. He specially bought some nice clothes. The dialect also has meticulous makeup. He drove to the airport to meet Wei Chao. His mother wanted them to go home for dinner. The dialect should be with Wei Chao. After eating out and going home two days later, my mother had no choice but to give up.

Dialect arrived at the airport early. Wei Chao saw her and gave her a polite hug. Dialect was busy taking him to dinner without noticing that Wei Chao’s current girlfriend was behind them. As soon as the dialect brought Wei Chao to the parking lot, they received a call from the institute asking them to cooperate with the bureau to make a major rectification action tonight. The dialect had to say goodbye to Wei Chao. Wei Chao was angered and severely slammed the dialect. He was put off by dialects time and time again, and he couldn’t bear it. The dialect was speechless, and he drove away in anger. Wei Chao’s girlfriend then rushed over, and she took Wei Chao away.

Liu Manyu meticulously prepared a large table of dishes, specially changed into a sexy lace tight skirt, Huang Zili came to the appointment on time. After the mission, the dialect wanted to go to Wei Chao to explain. Suddenly received a call from Director Liao, the dialect had to give up. She came to the office to see Director Liao, and Director Liao informed her that she would receive inspections from superiors next Monday and ask the helper to give When the leaders spoke, the dialect immediately thought of Huang Zili.

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