Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 14 Plot

Huang Ziqiang claimed to be Huang Zili’s driver. Huang Zili exposed his lies on the spot and sent him away in a few words. Huang Zili thanked Liu Manyu for his kind words last time, and then Director Wang agreed to purchase the B-ultrasonic machine. This is the same as Liu Manyu. With a little effort, she and Huang Zili talked happily and left contact information with each other. Huang Zi forces can’t wait to report to Lulu about Huang Zili and Liu Manyu’s date, hoping that they can have a successful blind date.

Liu Manyu left beforehand. Before leaving, he invited Huang Zili to visit her pharmacy. Huang Ziqiang offered to send Liu Manyu home. Unexpectedly, she drove a small red sports car. Huang Zili was ashamed of herself. He even felt that he was not worthy of Liu Manyu. Huang Ziqiang disagreed, and tried to bring them together.

Dialect led the team members to learn from the successful experience of other community assistance work. She benefited a lot and decided to start the assistance work with a definite goal. Director Liao fully supported her work. Dialect wanted to use Huang Zili as the first test subject. Huang Ziqiang curiously inquired about the content of the chats between Huang Zili and Liu Manyu. They chatted in full swing.

Huang Ziqiang accidentally ran the red light when he was distracted. Traffic policeman Zhou Bing chased after riding a motorcycle. Huang Ziqiang was frightened and panicked. He didn’t have his driver’s license in his hometown. After it was done, Huang Zili had to change seats with him in a hurry. Zhou Bing quickly caught up, photographed the entire process of their exchange, and took them to the traffic police team for investigation and evidence collection.

Huang Zili lied that he was teaching Huang Ziqiang to train. Zhou Bing didn’t buy it at all. They were detained for driving without a license and running a red light to get them in touch with their family members. They refused to cooperate. Dialect suddenly called Huang Zili. Zhou Bing heard that it was a senior sister, and told her in detail the whole process of Huang Ziqiang driving without a license and Huang Zili’s obstructing official duties. The dialect didn’t want the just-started assistance work to fail, so he rushed to the traffic police team. .

The dialect called out Huang Ziqiang alone. Huang Zili repeatedly reminded him that he was learning to drive and he was not allowed to talk nonsense. The dialect clearly saw Huang Zili and Huang Ziqiang changing seats from Zhou Bing’s law enforcement recorder. Huang Ziqiang insisted on Huang Zili’s teaching. He learns to drive and wants to detain Huang Zili in dialect for running red lights and obstructing official duties.

Huang Ziqiang frightens Liushen without a master. The dialect forces him to tell the truth. He promises to help him plead for mercy. Dialect painstakingly persuade Huang Ziqiang. Huang Ziqiang had to truthfully confess what happened, and also revealed Huang Zili’s blind date. In the end, Huang Ziqiang wept bitterly and begged dialect to help him. He was repaid and detained for three days.

The dialect came to Huang Zili to find out about the situation. Huang Zili downplayed that he was only running a red light and was willing to accept any punishment. The dialect clearly stated that he was obstructing official duties, requiring administrative detention and fines. Huang Zili did not want to lose his job because of this.

The dialect made him confess. Be lenient, because Huang Ziqiang has already explained everything. Huang Zili wanted to leave the traffic police team as soon as possible. He didn’t follow the dialect and forced Huang Zili to talk about the entire blind date. Huang Zili refused to answer. The dialect accused Huang Zili of not being kidnapped by the blind date. Not only did he cheat him online, but also let him. Huang Ziqiang rented a car and pretended to be the driver.

The dialect called Huang Zili’s father Huang Hanmin on the spot and asked Huang Zili to answer it. He had to bite the bullet and answered his father’s call, only to find that the dialect was lying to him. Huang Zili was completely irritated. The dialect discovered Huang Zili’s weakness. He took out books such as “Sanzi Jing” and “Disciple Guidance” to let Huang Zili study hard. Huang Zili categorically refused, and threatened his father with the dialect. Huang Zili had to compromise and take away all the books.

Huang Zili came to see Huang Ziqiang in the detention center and gave him a severe lesson, complaining that he shouldn’t tell the dialect everything, making him completely passive, Huang Ziqiang asked Huang Zili to pay the fine first, and then reported to Lulu that he was safe. Huang Zili went home alone and truthfully reported Huang Ziqiang’s detention to Lulu.

Liu Manyu went home to return to her mother and turned away all her blind date. She was very satisfied with Huang Zili and couldn’t wait to send a message to Huang Zili. Her mother advised her to be more reserved.

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