Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 13 Plot

In order to get rid of the entanglement of dialects as soon as possible, Huang Zili went out early and went back to the major hospitals every day to promote B-ultrasounds, but repeatedly hit the wall. Huang Zili was not discouraged. He would rather give up his commission, but Director Wang still refused to make concessions. When she came to Director Wang, she tried her best to speak nice things for Huang Zili, and then Director Wang agreed to keep the ultrasound machine.

Lulu and Huang Ziqiang invited Huang Zili to eat at the hotel where they worked. Huang Ziqiang enthusiastically introduced Mr. Zhao, a regular customer here, to Huang Zili. He asked Mr. Huang to help diagnose and treat Mr. Zhao’s mother because of a heart disease. Huang Zili didn’t know what this was. They deliberately arranged a blind date, and they learned more about her mother’s situation from Mr. Zhao, and the two chatted very speculatively. Afterwards, Huang Ziqiang and Lulu admitted that Zhao was always the blind date they arranged, and Huang Zili couldn’t help but blame them.

She worked overtime late in the dialect. She called Wei Chao from the other side of the ocean. Wei Chaozheng was having dinner with his girlfriend and hung up her phone without saying anything. Dialect suddenly received a call from her mother. Her mother complained that several of her didn’t go home for dinner last weekend. The dialect promised to go back after she was busy. Her mother hurried to cook glutinous rice balls, and then came home from get off work. Wei Chao told her parents about returning to China that her parents advised her to settle the marriage as soon as possible. Dialect wanted to go to the criminal police team after finishing her work, and then discuss the marriage.

Early this morning, Zhong Qing set off to report to the international medical team. Before leaving, she exhorted Zhang Xiaoqian to give her full authority to take care of the family. Lulu woke up early and prepared a hearty breakfast. Huang Ziqiang tried his best to bring Huang Zili and Zhao together. Lulu helped. Huang Zili flatly refused. Lulu advised him not to be too picky and suggested that he go to the blind date website to find someone. Huang Zili is not interested in this. He is too busy every day and has no time to fall in love. Lulu chases him to see the blind date website, and Huang Zili hurries to find an excuse to leave.

Huang Zili went out and found the phone left at home. He hurried back to get it. He heard Lulu and Huang Ziqiang talking at the door. Lulu felt that it was inconvenient for the three to live together. He wanted Huang Zili to move out as soon as possible. Huang Ziqiang persuaded her Don’t be too hasty, Huang Zili didn’t want to keep listening. He bit the bullet and opened the door to get his mobile phone, and asked Lulu and Huang Ziqiang to help find someone on the blind date website. They didn’t dare to delay, and quickly helped Huang Zili register.

Wei Chao called Dialect and asked around the corner to make a settlement with her when he returned home. Dialect didn’t think much about it, and promised to pick him up at the airport. Huang Zili went home very late. Lulu and Huang Ziqiang prepared wine and food, and asked Huang Zili to select the blind date on the Internet. Huang Zili found that the information they filled out was too exaggerated, and named him “Yushu Linfeng” and took the photos. He was very handsome, and Huang Ziqiang repeatedly claimed that this was only a valid package. Lulu saw that a woman named “Bing Qing Yujie” threw an olive branch to Huang Zili on the Internet, and Huang Ziqiang chatted with him on behalf of Huang Zili.

In the middle of the night, Huang Zili got up to go to the bathroom and saw Huang Ziqiang chatting with the woman in full swing. Huang Ziqiang forced Huang Zili to continue talking with each other. Huang Zili had to do it, and he fell asleep after a few conversations. Huang Ziqiang was worried that Huang Zili would leave the woman in a chat, so he continued to talk with the woman. The woman took the initiative to meet Huang Zili. Huang Ziqiang notified Huang Zili as soon as possible, and Huang Zili complained repeatedly.

Huang Ziqiang and Lulu helped Huang Zili to dress up carefully. They rented a car specially and prepared a bouquet of roses for him. Huang Ziqiang drove Huang Zili on a date. After Liu Manyu and her ex-husband Wang Zijian divorced, her mother registered her on the blind date website and chatted with her husband on her behalf. Liu Manyu came to the appointed place to meet on time. Unexpectedly, the husband was Huang Zili, and they had a relationship.

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