Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 12 Plot

Huang Zili went to the police station to go through the relevant procedures. He wanted to leave after receiving the B-ultrasound. He asked him to fill out a registration form for assistance. From now on, he will be the target of a group of dialects. Until Huang Zili finds a formal job, his life is on the right track. So far, Huang Zili protested strongly. He didn’t need dialect help. He also asked Director Liao to complain about the dialect. The dialect clearly stated that this was arranged by Director Liao, and Huang Zili had no choice but to compromise.

Huang Zili couldn’t wait to find a formal job to get rid of dialect entanglement completely. He called Director Cao to help introduce the company leaders, and Director Cao asked him to start with sales. Huang Zili went home very late. Huang Ziqiang curiously asked what happened. Huang Zili grumbled to him and told him about the dialect to help him. Lulu suspected that the dialect liked Huang Zili, Huang Zili He couldn’t let go of Zhong Qing in his heart because of constant complaints.

Zhong Qing is about to go to Africa to join the international medical team. She came to say goodbye to Zhao Wendi. Zhao Wendi worried that her father and children would not be taken care of. Zhong Qing entrusted her full power to the nanny Zhang’s wife. Zhao Wendi wanted to introduce her partner to Zhong Qing, but Zhong Qing flatly refused. I admit that I haven’t gone through the divorce procedures with Huang Zili, and I want to get a fund-raising house for Huang Zili.

An Xiaoduo found that the dialect had been worrying about her lately, and tried her best to make her happy. She curiously asked about the relationship between her and Wei Chao. The dialect only knew that Wei Chao would stay in the United States after graduation, and had no knowledge of the others. An Xiaoduo worried that Wei Chao would find one. The blonde foreign girlfriend is not interested in dialects. She wants to realize her dream of criminal police.

Seeing that it was time to pay the rent, Lulu knocked on Huang Zili’s door early in the morning and asked him to pay three months’ rent. Huang Zili promised to raise money as soon as possible. Huang Ziqiang complained that Lulu should not be embarrassed by Huang Zili and forced him. Pulled her away. Dialect then knocked on the door. Huang Zili turned her away. The neighbor came back and saw the police come to Huang Zili. Huang Zili didn’t want to be misunderstood, so Huang Zili had to enter the door with dialect.

Huang Zili accused the dialect of not coming to a single man’s house without authorization. When the dialect saw that there was a suspender dress worn by a woman in the house, he asked with whom he lived with him. Huang Zili had to admit that he was divorced and moved to Hetang. The younger brother lived with him. Huang Zili was anxious to go to Anxin Medical Company for an interview, and he dismissed the dialect in a few words.

Huang Zili hurried out and asked dialect to drive him to the company in a police car. Dialect asked him to sit in the back row. Huang Zili didn’t want to be misunderstood as a suspect, and would rather be late than in her car. Huang Zili sent a B-ultrasound machine to the client, so he went to the hospital to find Hou Liang, his old classmate, and asked him to help sell the scanner. Hou Liang agreed to discuss with Corey, pretending to have surgery, and Huang Zili waited patiently outside. At this moment, Huang Zili suddenly received a call from dialect and wanted to visit him at home. Huang Zili made an excuse to go to see a client. Dialect promised to introduce him to community hospitals. Huang Zili lied that the signal was bad and hung up the phone. You have to gnash your teeth.

On the weekend morning, Huang Zili was sleeping late, and the dialect came knocking on the door. Huang Zili couldn’t help but tell Huang Ziqiang to lie that he was not at home and sent the dialect away. The dialect turned around in the room and then dialed Huang Zili’s mobile phone. I found that the phone was charging on the table, and I was angry to wait at home for Huang Zili to return. Lulu and Huang Ziqiang deliberately showed their affection in front of the dialect. They couldn’t stand the dialect and rushed into the bedroom to find Huang Zili.

Huang Zili was so scared that he hid behind the door and was caught by the dialect. Dialect learned the current situation of Huang Zili in detail, and made a transcript. Finally, the dialect warned Huang Zili not to resist stubbornly. She and Huang Zili were ready to fight a protracted battle, and then left in anger. Huang Zili was dizzy and dizzy. , Hurriedly hid in the room to rest.

Dialect was about to drive away, and suddenly received a video call from Wei Chao. Wei Chao was going back for a business trip. He wanted to have a good talk with dialect. Before Wei Chao could speak the dialect, she suddenly received a call from a colleague. She said nothing. Just go to work. Wei Chao’s current girlfriend was very dissatisfied, and urged Wei Chao to have a showdown with the dialect as soon as possible, and wanted to go back to China with him. Wei Chao found all kinds of excuses for excuses. His girlfriend asked him to make a decision early, otherwise he would part ways with him.

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