Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 11 Plot

The dialect was late, so she stopped by Liu Guixiang’s house. Liu Guixiang brought her some sauced beef. Yan Tao and others couldn’t help but tease her and let her be Liu Guixiang’s daughter-in-law. The dialect indicated that Zhao Xicheng had a girlfriend for a long time. An Xiaoduo was very satisfied with her new position. Her ideal was not to be a policeman, but she gradually liked the job and vowed to be a good policeman.

Yan Tao used Jiujin to persuade the dialect not to be burdened with the new job, but the dialect was already Gradually, I fell in love with the work in the community and truly realized the true meaning of being a police officer. Yan Tao praised her high dialect awareness and was sincerely happy for her.

An Xiaoduo specially ordered a birthday cake to congratulate her and dialect for having been a police officer for five years, and several people had a drink. Huang Zili drank too much alcohol last night and didn’t get up late. Director Cao called and smashed his face. Huang Zili hurriedly confessed to him with a smiling face, and promised to sell the B-ultrasound machine today. Cao The director promised to take him to meet with the company’s leaders and try to arrange him a suitable position.

Huang Zili went out with a B-ultrasound machine. He first took a bus, then a small yellow car, and finally came to the private clinic called Daizhongbao in Chengzhong Village. He went directly to the second floor to find The clinic owner Dr. Li Bo, Li Bo gave a live demonstration of the B-ultrasound machine and agreed to buy it on the spot. Huang Zili asked for his medical license to take photos. Li Bo made various excuses. Huang Zili suspected that he did not have a medical license.

At this moment, a man rushed to see a doctor with his pregnant wife. His wife had abdominal pain for half a month and he had bleeding symptoms. Li Bo was about to perform abortion surgery on the pregnant woman without saying anything. Huang Zili felt that something was wrong and persuaded Li Bo to give it to the pregnant woman.

After a comprehensive examination, Li Bo disapproved, and asked the pregnant husband to complete the procedures as soon as possible, threatening not to buy a Huang Zili B-ultrasound machine. Huang Zili caught up with the pregnant husband and persuaded him to take his wife to a large hospital for a comprehensive examination. He was very impatient and forced Huang Zili away.

Huang Zili came to the bus station. The more he thought about it, the more something went wrong, he called the police station to report that Li Bo’s clinic was not qualified to practice medicine. He suddenly found that the B-ultrasound machine had fallen in the clinic and hurried back to get it. He suddenly heard the pregnant woman bleeding heavily. Li Bo and the nurse were helpless, so they had to call the 120 emergency call for help.

Huang Zili analyzed that the pregnant woman was bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy and hurried in to help Li Bo first aid. After Huang Zili tried his best, the pregnant woman stopped the bleeding.

The police and the 120 ambulance arrived. Li Bo insisted that Huang Zili was the doctor of the clinic and had an operation with him. Huang Zili tried his best to defend. The police refused to listen and forcibly took them all away. Li Bo learned that Huang Zili called the police and complained that he was nostalgic. He framed Huang Zili as his partner. He called the police because of the unfair sharing of the spoils. Huang Zili gritted his teeth with anger.

The police called Huang Zili aside. The dialect recognized Huang Zili and asked him to be questioned. The dialect informed him in detail about the whole process of entering the black clinic and promised to find out the truth as soon as possible and return him to his innocence. Yan Tao asked the husband of the pregnant woman to make a transcript. He confirmed that Huang Zili had nothing to do with the black clinic. Thanks to Huang Zili’s rescue, his wife turned to safety. Yan Tao called the dialect as soon as possible, and the dialect released Huang Zili on the spot.

Because the black clinic was closed, Huang Zili’s B-ultrasound could not be retrieved for the time being. He also apologized in dialect. He could only return it to him after the matter was checked. Dialect encouraged him to stop being so decadent. Huang Zili was very unconvinced. , Fought hard with the dialect, and left without looking back. After Zhong Qing’s efforts, the hospital finally agreed to her participation in the international medical team. Zhong Qing was ecstatic.

Huang Zili plans to go to the company tomorrow to clarify the detention of the B-ultrasound. Director Cao called repeatedly to remind him not to be late. Zhong Qing went to the bookstore to buy books on children’s education. Wang Junyi also came to buy books for her children. He congratulated Zhong Qing and wanted to participate in her new project. Zhong Qing agreed to come back from Africa. For this reason, don’t venture to Africa, but Zhong Qing has decided. Jia Ting came to Wang Junyi, and Zhong Qing had left with the excuse.

The dialect learned that the criminal investigation team was hiring, she was eager to try, and went to Director Liao for the first time. Director Liao persuaded her to think about it. She weighed the dialects repeatedly and wanted to wait until the plan at hand was completed. The dialect asked Huang Zili to be listed. Entering the subject, she learned that Huang Zili had an alcoholic nature, and Huang Ziqiang had been trying to help him stop drinking.

After investigation by the Health Bureau, it was found that Huang Zili’s B-ultrasound machine had nothing to do with the black clinic. Dialect received a call from the Health Bureau and agreed to pick up the machine as soon as possible. Huang Zili came to the company early in the morning, and just wanted to explain to Director Cao about the B-ultrasound being detained, he received a dialect call, and Huang Zili hurried to the police station to find the dialect.

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