Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 9 Plot

Huang Zili and Zhong Qing had a big quarrel when they didn’t agree with each other. Huang Zili got angry and filed for divorce. Zhong Qing promised to accompany him at any time, and then slammed the door and left. Suddenly, Huang Zili received a call from a gold shop waiter, urging him to customize a diamond ring. Huang Zili once wanted to give it to Zhong Qing, but now he doesn’t need it anymore. He hangs up the phone on the excuse of being busy.

After returning from a field trip with dialect, I learned that Wei Chao came to Liao Suo and hurried to the office to chase him away. Wei Chao repeatedly claimed that the dialect was not suitable for community inspection work, and suggested that she should be a household registration police officer. The dialect was so angry that she gritted her teeth and yelled at Wei Chao , Liao Suo promised to consider Wei Chao’s suggestion, and Wei Chao hurriedly left when he saw it. Liao Suo thinks that Wei Chaoren is good, and he urges dialect to marry him as soon as possible. The dialect threatens not to marry if he is not a criminal police officer.

Huang Zili cleaned up Zhong Zhengdao’s house and went to the supermarket alone to purchase daily necessities and rice noodle oil. The waiter recommended him dumplings, and Huang Zili bought a bag of each taste. Huang Zili took Zhong Zhengdao home and hired him the nanny Zhang, and then Huang Zili took Zhong Qing’s mother and son home, and the nanny hurriedly picked up the children. Huang Zili packed his luggage and left Zhong Qing. When she wanted to leave, Zhong Qing brought some foreign medical materials to Huang Zili, and wanted to keep him after eating. Huang Zili left with the excuse of going back to accompany Huang Ziqiang.

Zhong Qing looked at Huang Zili’s back, with mixed feelings in her heart. She decided not to go through the divorce procedures first, and wanted to wait until she got the fund-raising room from the hospital and donated it to Huang Zili. Zhong Qing sent a message to Huang Zili to explain the situation, Huang Zili thanks Her fulfillment. Huang Zili took a taxi and left. He accidentally opened the top medical material and saw a picture of Zhong Qing in it. He couldn’t help but think of the scenes when he and Zhong Qing met when they got married. Tears couldn’t stop streaming down. .

Huang Zili came to eat at the hotel where Huang Ziqiang worked. Huang Ziqiang brought him a glass of wine and encouraged him to face the coming days with an open mind. His colleagues suddenly rushed to call Huang Ziqiang away, and Huang Zili poured his own drink. . The dialect came to the restaurant on time for the appointment. Wei Chao ordered a large table of dishes early. They sat next door to Huang Zili.

As soon as they met in dialect, Wei Chao utterly complained that he should not report to Director Liao. Wei Chao said this Everything is for her good. I advise her not to do things in the future to avoid danger again. Dialect is very disdainful of this. He urges Wei Chao to eat quickly and send him to the airport later. Wei Chao reluctantly says goodbye to her and persuades her to go abroad together. After studying abroad, the dialect insisted on staying as a criminal policeman, and promised to get married when he returned to China.

Huang Zili clearly heard the conversation between the dialect and Wei Chao next door. Huang Ziqiang came to deliver food to Huang Zili. Knowing that he knew the dialect, he persuaded him to say hello to the dialect. Huang Zili was unwilling to go and disturb them. At this moment, Dialect suddenly received a call from his colleague Yan Tao and learned that they had caught a few suspects. Ask Dialect to check if there were any thugs. Dialect left without saying anything. Wei Chao could only be patient. wait.

Huang Zili used Jiu Jin to find Wei Chao. He repeatedly praised the dialect and was very dedicated. He sympathized with Wei Chao’s hard work as a family member of the police station. Wei Chao felt the same, so he vomited bitterness to Huang Zili. Do your career well, otherwise you won’t be able to keep women.

Dialect hurried to the bar. Yan Tao asked her to go in and identify those people. She turned around and found no suspicious person. As soon as the dialect sat down, she saw one of the thugs appearing. The person recognized the dialect and was frightened. The companion warned, and then ran away. The dialect quickly caught up with him, and easily subdued him and asked Yan Tao to escort him back to the police station for a picture trial.

Dialect suddenly remembered to send Wei Chao to the airport, but Wei Chao had already taken a taxi to the airport, and dialect could only call him to say goodbye. Zhong Zhengdao refused to eat, and wanted to wait for Huang Zili to eat together after get off work. Zhong Qing lied that Huang Zili was on a business trip in Shanghai, and Zhong Zhengdao reluctantly agreed to eat. Huang Zili slept until he woke up naturally. He went to a private clinic to sell a B-ultrasound machine. The doctor promised to buy the machine. Huang Zili asked him to show his medical qualification certificate to take pictures. The doctor found various excuses.

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