Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 10 Plot

Zhong Qing made Zhong Zhengdao calm down to eat after even coaxing and deceiving, his memory appeared trance again, he asked Huang Zili’s whereabouts again, did not remember when Zhong Qing came back from the United States, but also sent the babysitter away, Zhong Qing said or anything. Only to calm him down.

Huang Ziqiang is diligent and studious. He earnestly studied cooking in the back kitchen. He also went to the front to learn about the feedback of the guests on the dishes. He was reprimanded by the boss and asked him to concentrate on his work. After the maternity leave, Zhong Qing devoted herself to intense work. She was called to the office by Dean Li just after she had an operation. Dean Li congratulated Zhong Qing on the international award for her scientific research project. Zhong Qing explained that this is the result of the team’s hard work. , The hospital decided to reward them.

Dean Li persuaded Zhong Qing to stay in the hospital with peace of mind and give up the idea of ​​going to the international medical rescue team. This is Zhong Qing’s long-time dream. She did not want to give up. Dean Li advised her to think about it and promised to meet all her requirements. , Zhong Qing took the opportunity to ask for a fund-raising room in the courtyard. Dean Li excused that everyone was arguing about it, and Zhong Qing had no choice but to give up. Huang Zili went to sleep until he woke up naturally. He was ready to go, riding a bicycle to sell medical equipment.

Five years later, Huang Ziqiang has been promoted to the head chef of the hotel through his unremitting efforts. He remembered that tomorrow is Huang Zili’s birthday, so he discussed with his girlfriend Lulu to go home to celebrate him. She worked diligently and conscientiously in dialect and successfully seized a new type of drug. She thought she would be transferred to the criminal police team, but she did not expect Director Liao to ask her to be the deputy chief of the community.

The dialect was very disappointed and believed that this was her father’s trick. Director Liao It is clearly stated that this is the decision of her superiors. She has not told her father about this matter. She is determined not to use the dialect. Director Liao persuades her with all his heart and promises to recommend her to the Interpol Team of the sub-bureau. Take office now.

Huang Zili went out early every morning and night to sell medical equipment. He was exhausted when he got home. He wanted Huang Ziqiang to buy him a bowl of noodles when he got off work. Huang Ziqiang refused to go shopping with Lulu, so Huang Zili had to cook his own noodles. Suddenly there was a power outage at home. Huang Ziqiang and Lulu came in with a birthday cake in their hands and sang a birthday song together to congratulate him. Huang Zili was very touched. He had forgotten his birthday. Huang Zili made a wish for both career and love.

Huang Ziqiang and Lulu accompany Huang Zili to KTV to sing. They show their affection in front of Huang Zili. Huang Ziqiang urges Huang Zili to find a girl to accompany him. Huang Zili called several female clients and they all looked for each other. For this reason, Huang Ziqiang ridiculed Huang Zili and persuaded him not to wait for the fund-raising room, so he accompanied Zhong Qing to his old age. Huang Zili heard that the courtyard was preparing for the fund-raising room again, so if he wanted to get it, he would do it with Zhong Qing. Divorce procedures.

Zhong Qing came home from get off work. From the nanny Zhang’s wife, she learned that her father was out of anger and was arguing to wait for Huang Zili to go home to eat together. Zhong Qing lied that Huang Zili was on a business trip. Zhong Zhengdao felt she was lying and forced her to give Huang in person. Zili called, Zhong Qing had to admit that she and Huang Zili were divorced. Zhong Zhengdao didn’t believe it.

Zhong Qing explained that they had not gone through the divorce procedures, so Zhong Zhengdao was relieved. Zhong Qing learned that his son Mumu was sulking in the room, and hurried over to see what happened. The kindergarten asked every child to bring his father to an activity. Mumu had no father. He was very unhappy. Zhong Qing promised to take him to Disney tomorrow. Mumu burst into laughter immediately.

Huang Ziqiang persuaded Huang Zili to put down Zhong Qing and start a new life. Huang Zili wanted to do a good job first, but was not reconciled to live like this. He also wanted to go back to the hospital to work. Huang Ziqiang didn’t want to see him live so alone and urged him to find a female partner as soon as possible. . An Xiaoduo was promoted to the position of chief. She invited her colleagues to drink to celebrate. The dialect went to Liu Guixiang’s house on the way. An Xiaoduo and others had a drink for a while, but the dialect was still late.

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