Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 8 Plot

He complained to Wei Chao in dialect. Wei Chao persuaded her not to be a thankless policeman. He invited her to study abroad and promised to find a police school abroad. He didn’t hear a word in the dialect. He was full of thoughts for Liu Guixiang To be fair, Wei Chao cried secretly in his heart.

Director Yu announced the final conclusion of the investigation team to Huang Zili. He determined that the deceased died due to complications and had nothing to do with the pacemaker. It had nothing to do with Wang Junyi’s imperfect preoperative examination. Huang Zili was not reconciled and wanted to find Doctor Jia Came to confrontation, but Doctor Jia explained to the investigation team that she did not remember that Huang Zili had asked for another consultation. Instead, she revealed that Huang Zili had received 20,000 yuan from Fan Zhipeng. Huang Zili had no evidence to prove that Fan Zhipeng returned the money to him.

Fan Zhipeng was expelled from the pharmaceutical company. Director Yu knew that Huang Zili had been wronged. He was not satisfied with the final conclusions of the hospital and the investigation team. He decided to resign to become a professor at the medical school. Huang Zili blamed himself very much. He hurt Fan Zhipeng and Director Yu. Can apologize to Director Yu again and again.

Huang Zili walked out of the hospital gate in despair and looked back, as if he and Zhang Jian were assigned to work on the first day of the hospital. The two took pictures at the gate, chatting and laughing happily, remembering the past. But things are right now. Zhang Jian came to persuade Huang Zili to talk to Zhong Qing. Huang Zili didn’t want to ask Zhong Qing, let alone Zhong Qing to ask Wang Junyi, complaining that Zhang Jian should not tell Zhong Qing about him.

Fan Zhipeng bought wine and food and came to Huang Zili, and persuaded him not to take it to heart. Huang Zili suffered from Waterloo in his family and career overnight. He didn’t know how to explain to his father. Fan Zhipeng kindly persuaded him. His younger brother Huang Ziqiang suddenly came to Huang Zili. He came to work in Suzhou from his hometown. Huang Ziqiang asked Huang Zili to call his father back. His father knew that Huang Zili had been suspended. Huang Zili had to tell him all about what happened recently.

Dialect took the initiative to ask Director Liao Ying to catch the group of people who cheated Liu Guixiang’s money. Director Liao has sent Yan Tao and others to do so, asking her to appease Liu Guixiang, and persuading her not to hate Zhao Xicheng. The father understood the ins and outs of the matter and complained to Huang Zili for not telling the truth beforehand. He persuaded him to think for the family of the deceased. His father encouraged Huang Zili to cheer up and not to shame the Huang family. He must carefully consider the divorce. Inflicting any harm to Zhong Qing, Huang Zili was moved by his father’s words to tears in his eyes, and he felt a lot more relaxed.

Dialect to see Liu Guixiang after get off work, saw Zhao Xicheng be beaten by three people from a distance, she hurried over to stop, three punches and two feet to subdue the headed person, to take the three of them to the office to record a confession, Zhao Xicheng was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. She was so scared that she ran home, dialect called his colleague Sun Yue for help, but was suddenly knocked out from behind by the thugs who came afterwards, and the three debt-collection thugs took the opportunity to slip away.

Huang Zili invited Huang Ziqiang to eat. The brothers talked while drinking. Huang Zili reminded him to be careful when he encountered problems. Huang Ziqiang didn’t take it seriously. He also made fun of him. He just wanted to make enough money to go back to his hometown to open a restaurant and buy a house to get married and have children. Huang Zili was relieved. Huang Ziqiang took the opportunity to borrow money from him to buy two clothes. Huang Zili learned that he had already applied for a job as a hotel chef and agreed to lend him money.

Zhong Qing learned that Huang Zili had been suspended from the hospital and called him to ask him for help, and promised to ask Dean Li to intercede. Huang Zili didn’t want her to interfere with the matter, and he didn’t want to beg to stay in this hospital. He wants to leave here and start a new life. Zhong Qing heard that there was something in his words and advised him not to confuse his feelings with his career. Huang Zili has made up his mind. Huang Ziqiang learned that he was going to divorce Zhong Qing, but it was a pity that he kept doing them.

Zhao Xicheng rescued the dialect and thanked her for her help. Zhao Xicheng’s relationship with his mother Liu Guixiang eased. Liu Guixiang also agreed to decorate the house and let Zhao Xicheng move in. The dialect was also happy for them. Today is the day Zhong Qing was discharged from the hospital.

Huang Zili came to pick her up early in the morning. Zhong Qing found out that Huang Zili desperately alienated her after she gave birth. Huang Zili complained that she should not go to Wang Junyi to intercede without permission. Zhong Qing only wanted to learn the truth from Wang Junyi.

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