Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 7 Plot

Huang Zili came to the ward to visit Zhong Zhengdao. He suffered from memory loss due to excessive cerebral hemorrhage. He occasionally remembered that Zhong Qing was studying in the United States. He could not remember that Huang Zili was his son-in-law. Huang Zili took good care of him. Zhong Qing was sad when he saw his father like this. The ground was so painful that he hurriedly hid outside the door and cried in a low voice.

Zhong Qing wiped away her tears and returned to the ward. Because she was still in the confinement period and was overworked and took a nap on the sofa, Huang Zili comforted Zhong Zhengdao and persuaded Zhong Qing to go home and rest, but she wanted to stay alone with her father. Huang Zili had no choice but to leave first, so that Zhong Qing could call him whenever he had something to do. He had moved to the dormitory of the hospital, and he could rush over immediately.

Huang Zili went out and saw Wang Junyi. He offered to invite Huang Zili to drink and talk about his heart. Huang Zili did not buy it. Wang Junyi fined himself three cups first, and tried his best to get along with Huang Zili. Huang Zili believed that they were between them. Wang Junyi’s contradiction is irreconcilable. Wang Junyi confessed that he was better than him. But Zhong Zhengdao finally chose him. Wang Junyi was unconvinced and pointed out that Huang Zili was not worthy of Zhong Qing. He was only for the sake of face.

After getting married, Wang Junyi turned to talk about the funny story between them and Zhang Jian during college. Huang Zili gradually let go. Wang Junyi also revealed that Zhang Jian cried like a tearful man on the night of Huang Zili’s wedding. Huang Zili knew that they all liked Zhong. clear.

Huang Zili stayed in the car all night, and received a call from Director Yu early in the morning. Huang Zili came to the office and saw that Dean Li was also there. He brought a report letter and reported that Huang Zili and his classmate Fan Zhipeng were colluding to promote medical equipment. He was still accepting bribes under the public. Huang Zili repeatedly defended that the 20,000 yuan was originally borrowed by Fan Zhipeng for emergency use. He came to pay back the money that day. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, Dean Li announced the decision of the courtyard and told Huang Zili. Suspension processing.

Huang Zili reported to Director Yu in detail about the operation that day. He firmly believed that the pacemaker provided by Fan Zhipeng had no problems. It was caused by the patient’s cardiac conduction system and complications caused by the patient’s own cardiopulmonary disease. Director Yu read the submission by Junyi Wang The medical record did not state this at all. Huang Zili expressed his suspicion that the accidental death was not the operation itself at all, but the lack of indicators for the patient to install pacemakers.

He asked Dr. Jia to notify Wang Junyi immediately. The patient consulted again, but Wang Junyi turned a deaf ear. Director Yu understood the whole story and complained that Huang Zili didn’t say it sooner. Huang Zili didn’t want to cause trouble to his upper body. Director Yu looked through the medical records carefully afterwards. Wang Junyi sorted it out completely and left nothing. In case of mistakes, Huang Zili suggested an autopsy to restore his innocence. Director Yu was worried that the patient’s family would disagree.

Huang Zili came directly to Wang Junyixing to inquire about the crime. He was not in the office and did not answer the phone. Doctor Jia, who knew the inside story, asked for annual leave to go home to rest. Huang Zili was desperate and had to come to Fan Zhipeng to discuss countermeasures. Zhong Qing learned that Huang Zili was in serious trouble and called him. Huang Zili didn’t want her to worry, so she kept not answering the phone. Fan Zhipeng suggested that Huang Zili go to the patient’s family to explain the situation.

Zhong Qing came to Dean Li directly and tried her best to defend Huang Zili. She firmly believed that he would not accept bribes. Dean Li advised her to wait patiently for the decision of the hospital. Zhong Qing urged Dean Li to help with the work of the patient’s family and let them agree. An autopsy on the deceased can restore Huang Zili’s innocence. Dean Li hurriedly called Director Yu to take care of the matter. Director Yu was discussing compensation with the patient’s family. Huang Zili hurried over and offered to talk to his family members. Director Yu reminded him not to be impulsive.

Zhong Qing suspected that Wang Junyi wrote to report Huang Zili. Wang Junyi denied it and said many bad things about Huang Zili. Zhong Qing firmly believed in Huang Zili’s medical skills and suspected that Wang Junyi’s examination before surgery was imperfect, so he asked him to go to Director Yu to explain clearly. Dialect came to the hospital to see Liu Guixiang, but Zhao Xicheng and Liu Guixiang’s mother and son were arguing without entering the door. Dialect hurriedly came in to discourage him, but Zhao Xicheng was forcibly driven away.

When the dialect went out, I heard that Huang Zili’s patient died unexpectedly. The family members of the patient came to Huang Zili to settle accounts. The dialect hurriedly chased after him. In a few words, the family members of the patient were sent away. Huang Zili asked Huang Zili to learn more about what happened. Do an autopsy, otherwise he would not be able to clean up if he jumped into the Yellow River, but the family wanted to send the deceased to the funeral home, Huang Zili was anxious, and dialect desperately blocked him.

At this moment, Director Yu brought Zhong Qing and Wang Junyi to Huang Zili and advised him not to go for an autopsy. Wang Junyi had admitted that the patient’s examination before the operation was imperfect, which caused complications and died. Director Yu called Wang Junyi Go, the dialect reminds Huang Zili to deal with it calmly. Zhong Qing thanked the dialect for helping Huang Zili.

Wang Junyi took the initiative to invite Dr. Jia to have dinner. Dr. Jia knew at a glance that he had something to ask for. Wang Junyi repeatedly confirmed that Huang Zili asked him to have another consultation. Does anyone else know? Dr. Jia admitted that she was the only one who knew about it and promised to keep it secret for him.

The condition is that Wang Junyi must disclose their relationship and marry her as soon as possible. Wang Junyi found all kinds of excuses and promised to fulfill his promise after the storm. Doctor Jia admitted that she and Doctor Hu had seen Huang Zili’s cash received from Fan Zhipeng, and she wrote a report. Huang Zili wanted to fight for Wang Junyi.

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