Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 6 Plot

After the dean left, Wang Junyi saw the call from Doctor Jia and hurriedly went back. Huang Zili was beside him and asked her to learn from Wang Junyi about the examination of the nine-bed patient. Wang Junyi did not allow Huang Zili to interfere with his patient and wanted to be discharged immediately. In dealing with this matter, Huang Zili felt that the patient’s condition was very strange and suggested that he consulted again, otherwise he would have to undergo thoracotomy.

When Wang Junyi was packing his luggage and preparing to leave the hospital, he suddenly received a call from Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing first apologized to Wang Junyi on behalf of Huang Zili, begging him not to sue Huang Zili, and promised Wang Junyi to join her scientific research project. Wang Junyi once again expressed his heart to Zhong Qing and kept saying Said that the case was withdrawn for her face.

Zhong Qing called Huang Zili and advised him to confess his mistakes to Wang Junyi, so as not to affect his reputation and future. Huang Zili knew that Wang Junyi was infatuated with Zhong Qing, and not only spread rumors and seriously injured him, but also asked him in front of the general practitioners. The red egg made him publicly ashamed. Zhong Qing tried his best to defend Wang Junyi. Huang Zili became even more annoyed. He and Zhong Qing had a big quarrel and finally broke up.

Huang Zili was busy off work, so Zhang Jian took the initiative to invite him to dinner and revealed to him that Wang Junyi went back to the office and jumped up and down. He also bet with his colleagues about Huang Zili and Zhong Qing. Huang Zili had long seen Wang Junyi’s sinister intentions and knew him. Still not giving up on Zhong Qing, decided to divorce Zhong Qing, Zhang Jian asked about his marital status with Zhong Qing. Huang Zili 1510 told the story of his marriage with Zhong Qing.

He is Zhong Zhengdao’s proud disciple. He often consults Zhong Zheng Taoist school. Zhong Zhengdao suddenly suffered from cerebral congestion. After he recovered from his illness, the only one who could not worry about it was Zhong Qing. Encourage Huang Zili to pursue Zhong Qing. Zhong Qing also has a good impression of Huang Zili and offers to marry him.

On the wedding night, Zhong Qing found out that she was pregnant, and that she belonged to a foreigner’s ex-husband. Huang Zili was dumbfounded at the time. He discussed with Zhong Qing to find a private hospital to have a baby. That night, Zhong Qing insisted on going back to the hospital to perform surgery on the patient. As a result, the child was accidentally born in their hospital. When colleagues saw that the child was a mixed-race child, they talked in private, which made Huang Zili feel complacent. He had to re-examine his feelings for Zhong Qing.

The dialect came to Zhao Xicheng and once again persuaded him to take his mother home. Zhao Xicheng made it clear that his mother would not live with them. The dialect worried that Liu Guirong would have trouble living alone. Zhao Xicheng tried to throw away his mother’s tatters. As a result, his mother was in trouble. He was helpless. Zhao Xi apologized for complaining about the dialect. He didn’t buy the dialect at all, and turned around in anger and left.

Huang Zili came to the ward overnight to see Zhong Zhengdao. When he saw Zhong Qing accompanying by the bed, Huang Zili drove home silently. What lingered in his mind was Zhong Qing’s ironic attack on him, and Wang Junyi publicly ridiculing him. Huang Zili had mixed feelings in his heart, so he packed up and moved out from home overnight. After returning home from get off work in dialect, she told her mother about the unreasonable things Liu Guirong had done. Her mother persuaded her, and her parents urged her to marry Wei Chao as soon as possible. The dialect had to say about Wei Chao’s post-doctorate, and her parents were no longer reluctant. .

Huang Zili returned to the hospital lounge with his suitcase, and suddenly received news that the nine-bed patient was dying. He hurried over to see what happened. Although Wang Junyi tried his best to rescue him, the old man passed away. His wife was so sad that he wanted to live. Wang Junyi saw Huang Zili coming from a distance, so he put all the responsibility on him. The deceased’s wife came to Huang Zili for the theory, but he was too dizzy because of sadness. Fell beside him.

Director Yu and Dean Li called Huang Zili and Wang Junyi to the office. Huang Zili described the whole procedure in detail. He believed that there was no problem. Wang Junyi insisted that he was treated in accordance with normal procedures, and the responsibility for the accidental death of the patient was attributed to him. When the sequelae of Huang Zili’s operation was reached, Director Yu raised questions on the spot, and Dean Li asked Huang Zili and Wang Junyi to write down what happened separately, waiting for the accident assessment team to make a decision.

Dialect received the alarm and learned that Zhao Xicheng and Liu Guirong had a conflict again. She and her colleagues rushed to mediate. Zhao Xicheng sent her mother an induction cooker and wanted to throw away all the broken pieces. Liu Guixiang desperately prevented Zhao Xicheng from touching anything.

Unless she is dead, bitterly persuasive dialects will not help. Zhang Jian fights the injustice for Huang Zili. Huang Zili firmly believes that there is no problem with his operation, and everything will be discussed after the expert team evaluates.

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